OSHO: Absolutely Free to Be Funny

OSHO: Absolutely Free to Be Funny

Spiritually Incorrect Absolutely Free to Be Funny If I give you a name, perhaps you could give me one of your words of wisdom for each of these people: Mahatma Gandhi. He was the most cunning politician the world has ever known. Adolf Hitler. He was the most idiotic politician the world has ever known. Pope Paul. He should be behind bars. Mother Teresa. It is time for her to jump into a lake. Your followers laugh and yet, with the kind of very unsettling raw statement that you make, you clearly disturb people who see that sort of statement as profane. I love to disturb people, because only by disturbing them can I make them think. They have stopped thinking for centuries. Nobody has been there to disturb them, people have been consoling them. I am not going to console anybody, because the more you console them, the more retarded they remain. Disturb them, shock them hit them hard, give them a challenge That challenge will bring their capacities to the climax. Reverend Jim Jones and his people are really the logical conclusion of Jesus and the Christian theology. Not the logical conclusion of the power of one man over a group of people? That was exactly what Jesus was doing, that is exactly what the popes have been doing that is why I say he is the logical conclusion from Jesus through all the popes and all the Christian theologians. They have all been trying to prove the power, the glory of Jesus, his special-ness and his special connection with God… And if you follow him then you need not worry about the future, he will take care of you. Here I teach people that nobody can take care of you. I am not your savior. I am not going to help you in any way to enter into the kingdom of God, but I can explain to you how we can live here in the kingdom of beauty, love, joy. To me God is a dead word. It is a dirty word, a four-letter word. It is trying to compress what you have been saying for fifty-three years or fifty-three lifetimes into a sixty-minute program, which is almost an impossible task. But we think that we have caught for the sake of our film some of the magic and the tranquility of this experience Good. I hope you don’t mind my saying that I enjoyed the circus and the theater of it as much as maybe that is close to a spiritual feeling, but to me you are truly one of the funniest people that I have ever met. That is right. You have a wonderful sense of humor. And where did you learn such timing? I have never learned anything I just go on doing naturally whatsoever I feel to do. Whatsoever I have to say, I say because I don’t have any obligation to anybody, and I don’t have any commitment to anybody. I don’t belong to any party line. I am absolutely free to be funny, to be shocking. I don’t even bother about contradicting myself, because to me it seems that a man who remains consistent his whole life must be an idiot. A growing person has to contradict himself many times, because who knows what tomorrow brings in? Tomorrow may cancel this day completely, and I am ready to go with life with no hesitation Did you love those contradictions when you were a debater many years ago? I have always loved the contradictions, because for me contradictions have something of tremendous value. They appear contradictions to the intellect, but the deeper you go into them, you will find they are compensatory, they are not contradictions. They somehow depend on each other: if one disappears, the other will not be there. For example, if there had been no British rule in India there would have been no Mahatma Gandhi no possibility. If there had been no Adolf Hitler, forget all about Churchill and Roosevelt and Stalin. Life exists in such a way that it makes contradictions, complementaries. I have always loved Would you be happy then, if some of these people who now follow you wandered off to some other sphere of discovering what is, to them, themselves? I will be happy and I will bless them to go there, because they have come here to seek some truth, some tranquility, some sanity. If they feel they can get it better somewhere else, I will be the first person to send them and help them to go. I have been doing that for years. In fact, I have had to do it in such a way that they don’t feel they are leaving me. Even against their will, I had to bless them and tell them to go. I knew that they loved me, but now their minds were in difficulty; they wanted to go somewhere else, but their love for me had become an attachment I had to destroy that attachment — only then could they go And I have been destroying many attachments. for their sake, because I don’t want anybody to be a slave. Out of freedom they have come to me, out of freedom they should go. And if they want to remain here, out of freedom they should remain here. This is not a concentration camp, it is a meditation camp. Copyright© OSHO International Foundation, Switzerland OSHO is a registered Trademark of OSHO International Foundation

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  1. he is the best and has always been. and not ashamed to love money, e.b.denied that

  2. and he was a help for me in my darkest hour. namastee

  3. so much beauty and he makes me love and laugh, so wonderfull hands he is moving namastee

  4. Osho is love…thank you for all the teaching

  5. Osho would have been a great Stand Up Comedian

  6. All mind and full of ego…I don't see anything spiritual about him…

  7. He is outstanding, amazing teacher but yet somehow really scary man

  8. Pese a discrepar frontalmente con su controvertida concepción del catolicismo este hombre fue y será el amo por muchos años que transcurran.

  9. He can destroy both theists and athiests.

  10. A BRILLIANT MAN. RATIONAL. COMPASSIONATE. SUBTLE. INTELLIGENT. FREE SOUL. I don't think his teaching is suitable for 'BUMB' Americans and Australians
    , though. Hahahahahahaha.

  11. where is the full video

  12. Is the comment section curated?

  13. This is my favorite video, more like it over here!

  14. He is in trans when he talks..his eyes is meditative blink..

  15. he was a great friend to me, and the first person to wake me up…a real giant, a majority of 1.

  16. I still dnt knw tht why osho dislikes mahatma gandhi

  17. The way of osho thinking nobody has

  18. this is very opening
    very wise
    i loved every word
    acutely now i have a new teacher
    his name is osho

  19. Dude just explained dialectic. Not exactly a revelutionary insight

  20. 9:52 For everyone who thought Osho held people against their will…

  21. History will be more kind to OSHO.

  22. He was right about mother Teresa

  23. I like him bcz he always say
    Freedom is the ultimate goal,destroy the attachment
    I HV been trying this ..

  24. Did anyone notice that, he blinked only twice

  25. actually, god is 3 lettered word

  26. This is the greatest thing I've ever seen. Non stop crying

  27. His smile and eyes

  28. He never blinks in this video? Did you guys noticed it too?

  29. mother theresia ? … it is time for her to jump into a lake =) well done. ♡☆ I trust you, I love you.

  30. What beautiful eyes he has. when i see his eyes i feel the power love and resson.

  31. Free to be funny and speaking truth is in alignment with our true nature. Even when joking an enlightened individual will joke while speaking Truth. 🙏🏽

  32. His eyes looks into the soul.

  33. dude you're amazing i love this!

  34. He can destroy any question.

  35. OSHO does make me laugh a lot 😆❤️

  36. I like the talk. I love Osho.

  37. How could he say such thing about mother Teresa?

  38. God is a four letter word?!!!!!!!!!

  39. Fala um Sábio, seres racionais absorvem.

  40. O should is one of the true teachers l have ever encountered. I take his spiritual teaching. You guys never know how much this teacher positively influenced me.

  41. Osho you are very funny!

  42. He said so true about Gandhi. He was the most cunning politician.

  43. Society, Religion, Politicians have ensured that slavery exists. He spoke the truth. Across the globe i think he makes sense in a lot of things.

  44. 그의 한마디한마디에 내 의식이 몰입됩니다. 그의 영상을 보는것 자체가 깊은 사색을 불러옵니다. 사랑합니다. 오쇼

  45. Ohos , es , no se que tiene, no sé lo que me provoca , lo que si sé es que no me hace cuestionarlo …Dios no está en el cielo, Dios está en cada uno de [email protected]

  46. Truly divine………..

  47. i can see a epic video here

  48. Yep. Disturbing and transforming as well.

  49. what to say…he destroyed my unknowingness

  50. He is a double edge sword. He will cut you from all sides and will make you sane person for ever and ever.

  51. Osho is the most Beautiful person in the world.Wow killing eyes and voice.

  52. Greeeeeeeeaaaaaaat!!! 😉 🙂 :-*

  53. He barely blinks eye people..

  54. I love this man. It’s too bad that Sheila ruined his image and teachings. He makes sense completely.

  55. Revolucionario y eso es bueno para salir de este sueño estupido aunque suene fuerte lo que habla habla la verdad

  56. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Out of freedom they remain here… This is not a concentration camp, couldn't have said it better myself.

  57. i love the first part but not the middle part

  58. Thanks for translations❤️🙏🏻

  59. one of the best thinking mind world witness.osho

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  61. Like some of his perceptions.

  62. Jees interviewer is a bit rude

  63. He makes free people and guide them how to live independently

  64. Our generation really needs a man like him.

  65. God is a four letter word…what?

  66. His statement on Gandhi is spot on 👍👍

  67. I totally admire Osho. I don't know a lot about the scandals and stiff, but I have read his books and I listen to him and it's revolutionary

  68. To understand Osho it takes 100 more years

  69. Anyone watching this in 2019?

  70. He is the real deal

  71. One of the greatest 🙏🏻 totally loved my time in Pune 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  72. 1:48

    "Disturb them, shock them. Hit them hard! Give them challenge!
    That challenge will bring their capacities to the climax!"

  73. Freedom to disturb people, would eb a better title for this video.

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  75. god is 3 letter word he made mistake

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  77. I love you Osho!:):):) Thanks for everything.

  78. The most charismatic spiritual man

  79. Wow.. "I am not here to console anybody." Superb saying… Truely eye opening not inspirational. Salute Osho.

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  81. This interview sure was EYE OPENING

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  87. The most POWERFUL and pure Human

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