On Being Out of Touch With One’s Feelings

On Being Out of Touch With One’s Feelings

An enormous amount of trouble in the world, especially at work and in relationships, is caused by a peculiar phenomenon of our minds: a tendency to be, as we put it, “out of touch with our feelings”. When we first meet this idea, it sounds strange and even a bit insulting. How could “we” not know what “we” are feeling? Of course, we look from the outside like unified beings; we carry one name, and sit in a compact, physical container. The distances between different parts of us aren’t so great. How then could we be so multiple as to have secrets from ourselves? But in reality, there are at least two distinct parts to mental life: a Feeling Self, and an Observer Self. Sometimes the two are utterly aligned, someone asks us what we feel like eating, and the communication between the two selves is clear and immediate, we don’t even notice a lag. we simply answer: “Salmon and Avocado” At other points, it’s far trickier – we’re sitting on the sofa at home after a long day at work and are under the impression that we feel quite calm, and suddenly, an apparently minor remark from our partner arouses us to deep irritation we stand up and start shouting about the unfairness of a host of issues we had until just then unaware we even felt strongly about. Soon, we’ve got a crisis in our hands. Why is it so hard for the Observing Self to report accurately on feelings? Firstly, because we’re afflicted by so many background ideas about the unacceptability of particular feelings. Across childhood, we have instilled in us, so subtly we don’t even notice, strong notions about what are, and are not, permissible things to experience. Traditionally, this might have meant that boys were not allowed to acknowledge that they felt like crying, or that girls weren’t allowed to entertain certain kinds of ambitions for fear of being “unladylike”. We might not have such obviously naive prohibitions today, but other equally powerful ones have taken their place. We may have picked up covert but forceful indications that no decent person, no one loved by their parents at least, could be enthusiastic about making money or unable to cope with work, tempted by an affair or still upset over a breakup three years ago. Furthermore, despite the apparently sexually liberated spirit of the times, the lion’s share of our sexual impulses remains impossible to avow. There is still a great deal we’re not meant to feel, in order to fit our most desirable of categories: a “good boy” or “good girl”. When difficult feelings do threaten to emerge, the Observing Self typically takes fright and looks away. Rather than produce an honest account of feelings, he may go numb, or try to file a report that’s more acceptable than true. “I’m feeling very tired”, instead of “I’m feeling you’ve let me down.” “I’m depressed” rather than “I’m furious”. “That’s absolutely disgusting!” rather than “I’m strangely turned on.” Our problems are compounded by the way that many powerful feelings, especially of upset, envy and frustration, can get kicked into action by apparently very trivial and seemingly nonsensical things in the outside world. For example, we might be thrown into paracosms of envy we find no room to confess to when a friend mentions that a mutual acquantaince has been promoted, or a partner may look away for 3.5 seconds before we’ve entered an explanation about how tricky a work meeting went, and we experience seething indignation and wounded pride that we haven’t got our lover’s full attention. But we say nothing, because to own up to many feelings of upset, involves acknowledging a humiliating degree of fragility. Yet, feelings that haven’t been reported don’t and can’t go away. They linger, and spread their energy randomly to neighbouring issues. Envy comes out as spite, anger over inattention comes out as a remark that the partner is looking “rather fat at the moment.” Though of course, by the time that hurt has manifested itself as aggression, any chances of being comforted are clearly over. Feelings we haven’t got a handle on wreak havoc. They buckle and strain the system We develop pernicious ticks, a facial twitch, impotence, and incapacity to work. Alcoholism, a compulsion to look at porn, most so-called “addictions” are, at heart, symptoms of insistent, difficult feelings that we haven’t found any better way to address. How then might we come to be more skilled observers in correspondence to our feelings? Reading may have rather a large role to play, a great writer is ideally, someone uncommonly patient about the curious, less discussed, and apparently weirder things that float around in the human head. Another move is to ensure that we’ve allocated a lot of time to self-observation. It can look rather self-indulgent to ask for a few hours in the evening, in which there is nothing more apparently demanding to do, than sit and stare out of the window or around the bedroom with a pad and pen on one’s lap. These so-called “idle moments” are when the Observing Self can finally catch up with feelings that might have been too shy, ashamed or harassed to emerge in the rest of the day. They are like church bells we can make out only in the evening when city traffic has died down. Failing to do this can, among other things, ruin our chances of getting to sleep. Insomnia, is the Feeling Self’s revenge. All thoughts that haven’t been properly catalogued in the day. Understanding the serious danger of the gap opening up between “what we feel” and “what we’re aware of” brings another major benefit: We grasp that this issue unnecessarily apply to other people too. Quite often, they will be saying things which are not, in fact, in line with their true feelings. Mean things when they’re feeling vulnerable, perhaps, or arrogant things when they’re feeling small, and will identify that it’s our duty to forgive them for not always managing to be reliable correspondents of their inner lives. It’s not really sinister to think this way of others it’s a kindly move that gives us the energy to lend a second, more compassionate look at behaviour that might initially have appeared simply horribly off-putting. Feelings are frequently far from wonderful, and often, should not be followed. But we should accept that if we ignore, deny, or overlook feelings entirely, the price will always be higher and worse. They will exercise a powerful, malignant, subterranean influence across the whole of our lives. One of the two often overlooked, but key arts of living, is to learn to devote ourselves to correctly labelling and repatriating our own, and others’, orphan feelings.

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  1. I, just as I'm sure everyone else out there, feel like I'm the most complex person in the world when it comes to my mind and feelings and that nobody can ever understand me. Still I long to find another person who would indeed understand me and be there to offer me support and care. Thinking rationally, however, I know very well that we are all complex creatures and we have much more in common than we think we do. It's ironic and sad that we feel so alone and misunderstood when we're actually going through very similar things. I think if we only believe that we're more similar to each other than we think we are, we're going to come a long way in connecting with each other and not feeling lonely.

  2. 91 people are having a difficult time with their feelings

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  5. Alcohol is the short term answer!

  6. That moment when you're arguing really seriously with a friend and after a while you're like '' wait I don't even really care about this''… it's so awkward how we get wrapped up about things so easily

  7. I love you. I am able to survive my PhD because of you.

  8. thank you for shining some light for future generations and all us the lost children wandering around in "adult" bodies. if this had been produced a decade ago – when i was just graduating highschool – i might not of had as many problems pursuing my ambitions since then. <3

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  10. Made me remember one of the first therapy sessions when it took me one whole hour to figure out that a certain episode of my life had made me feel "sadness". Up until that moment I had been so confident that I knew what feelings were, it's easy to say "they're crying therefore they're sad". But it was like a blind man saying the grass is green and the sky is blue.
    I remember going back home in shock. The fact that I hadn't been able to recognise such a simple, basic human emotion without a therapist challenging my thoughts for an hour had been truly shocking. After that many things started making more sense, my lack of empathy as well.
    I'm still not done with learning, but now, with my newly acquired sadness and anger, life feels much fuller!

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  19. I offer an alternate explanation. People are often unaware of a feeling because of a neurological problem. There simply isn't always a working path between different parts of the brain. Part of you may feel something strongly enough that other people watching you are aware of your reaction and you aren't at all. Perhaps this is related to depression, or other psychiatric problems. Perhaps this is a problem men have more often than women – but it's a real problem.

  20. I'd also like to suggest that I get the impression that older people are less aware of their feelings than younger people, especially in men. Perhaps there's some form of neural degeneration with age.

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  23. Acknowledging feelings means you have to acknowledge reality and most people are terrified of acknowledging how truly miserable they are because it brings up existential questions of what's the meaning and why are we here? People that commit suicide aren't crazy…they're just too honest

  24. I hate how people can believe they can somehow divest themselves of feeling. Wanting to rid feelings from yourself is a manifestation of fear. You hear songs that talk about how so and so got hurt and now no longer feels anything. I call bullshit. People get wary when they are wounded emotionally. They pretend that they no longer feel anything and it helps them justify hurting others. A terrible cycle that only maturity and self knowledge helps

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