October Beauty Favorites 2019

October Beauty Favorites 2019

my intuitions telling me to have you
better days what’s up fam welcome back to my channel so today’s video is going
to be in my monthly beauty favorites for the month of October I cannot believe
that 2019 is almost over like I am sweary like it just started but that’s
beside the point so if you would like to see my favorite
I got some haircare I got some skincare and you know I got some makeup then my
favorite products of the month keep on watching and if you do like this video
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Thursday and Saturday so let’s get right into it I have a few hair care items
that I’m going to talk about oh my gosh this first one I have actually been
using it for a while but okay let me tell you what it is first
it is this alternate restructuring bond repair leave in protein cream now it
says it’s a deeply restorative rebonding leave-in treatment for course poorest
severely damaged hair now I received a sample of this in an award beauty box
like back in the day like a long time ago and I like when I use it I could
definitely tell a difference but then I was running low on my sample and so I
like kind of stopped using it like you know when you have a product you really
like and you start to run low on it and you’re like alright let me not use it as
much because it’s almost gone or is that just me if you do that – let me know in
the comments below but so recently I started using it again I’m like I’m just
gonna finish it up and I remembered how much how much of a difference it made in
my hair and like just like the strength of my hair and the smoothness smoothness
of my hair and I was like I have to buy the full size like I know it’s expensive
but this is one of those products that my hair desperately needs and when the
other day I was like putting my hair up in a ponytail and I was like I couldn’t
believe what I was feeling was actually in my hair it felt like so soft compared
to what it usually does and I know that this has like a huge part to do with
that so if you have hair that breaks easily
or it’s just severely damaged and you know you need some protein in rebuilding
I would definitely recommend this so the next product is this bumble and bumble
bee bee glow bond building styler so this polishes and builds bonds for a
healthy glow it says this multitasker does it all smooth provides light hold
protects against heat damage builds bonds cooks tears JK and fortifies to
help prevent breakage for a healthy glow so I received this in an influenster
voxbox but if you didn’t already know I love bumble and bumble in their
products check out my like haircare video here but I I love all their
products and this was not a disappointment
I have mainly been using this if I’m going to be blow-drying my hair because
it does have a heat protectant in it but I did use it a few times and let my hair
air dry and it gives it makes your hair super soft it does kind of give it a
glow and it also does have a light hold which is nice and I’ve just really been
liking this alright so the next product I actually meant to include in last
month favorites but I forgot and it is this pure and Barbie literally obsessed
brightening peel-off mask so it has licorice extract green tea a vitamin B
and ginseng and it says every girl boss deserves a pamper session and this
brightening peel-off mask helps deep clean pores exfoliate away dead skin and
deliver immediate radiance for a healthy looking glow that lasts now I’m usually
like not a big fan of peel-off masks because
I never seem to get it off in like just a few pieces it always seems to be a big
process to get it off and most of the ones I’ve tried like I didn’t really
notice much of a difference by I tried this one and I can actually tell a
difference not to mention that it’s pink glitter I mean the whole Barbie and pink
glitter like maybe I was just biased but okay bad oh and it looks so cool on but
I can definitely notice a difference in my skin after using this and it’s
actually not difficult to come off not difficult to peel off at all
I mean it doesn’t come off like it probably could come off all in one if I
made it like thick enough everywhere I put it down but you know the areas it
doesn’t come off in one piece it’s where it was you know kind of thinner but it’s
a lot easier to peel off then most of the peel-off masks I’ve used in the past
so I’ve really been liking this alright the next product is this wonder Beauty
glow ahead illuminating face oil now another thing I’m usually not a fan of
is our face oil even though I’m dry like and I should like them I don’t know I’m
just not a big fan of face veils but this is not like your like typical face
oil it says bring out skins inter aadience with our illuminating oil light
diffusing optics deliver instant luminosity while they potent blend of
our signature beauty oils and antioxidants help brighten and
moisturize and improve the appearance of skin over time so once again I’m
probably biased because it’s a pink glitter but this does not feel like
anything like an oil at all it actually feels like a Sarah and but it does it
gives your skin like a lot of moisture and like a very beautiful like healthy
glow I don’t I don’t know if this is like just for moisturizing or
it’s like supposed to be a primer to let me look it up so it says it moisturizes
skin and help support elasticity to reduce the appearance of fine lines but
then it also says helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles even the look of
skin tone diminish the appearance of enlarged pores and help retain moisture
help retain moisture so I’m guessing it’s mostly for moisture yeah but I have
really been liking it it’s like the only face oil I’ve ever liked okay so next
what I want oh okay I want to talk about these acne cover
patches now I got these on Amazon I mean there’s so many different brands but I’m
all about what’s cheap and they come in three different sizes so whenever I
would start to like break out or have is it I would wear put one of these on and
wear it overnight and by the morning it had like all of the like white stuff had
come to you know the head so that it either could come off or you could like
pop it and get it out I know it’s really gross I mean some people like that stuff
there’s a there’s something for pop up dr. pimple popper show I have never
watched that not one of those people that likes to watch that but I’ve
definitely noticed that these helped when I start to a breakout alright so
the next product I want to talk about is this Becca ultimate coverage 24 hour
foundation and I got this in the color linen so I actually received a sample of
this from Sephora and I wore it a couple times and I got so many compliments and
I really liked aware of it so I ended up buying it so so it’s a buildable full
coverage foundation featuring after 24 hour humidity sweat water and transfer
resistant wear with a natural finish and I definitely agree with all that
I wore this to work and it lasted throughout my entire
it’s definitely a long wearing but it gives you a really nice natural slightly
like dewy finish which I really like it’s hard to find a good like natural
luminous finish foundation that’s actual coverage and can also wear for a long
time so I’ve really been liking this alright so next is I’m going to talk
about this Tarte big ego mascara now once again I might have been biased
because it is bright pink the packaging but I’ve really been liking this mascara
the wand the brush it reminds me of the Marc Jacobs velvet noir brush and I’ve
just really been liking this formula in the brush I’m wearing it today yeah
I’m just gonna stay in the same theme of tart so I also want to talk about this
tart Park Avenue princess chisel palette so contour or bronzing palette I got
this in my box elop looks I believe and so it has to like face like brightening
powders and then it has four different like contour bronzer shades and I’ve
been using this so much I love all of the bronzer shades none of them are like
too dark or too oranjee for me and I’ve also really been liking like the
brightening setting powders I think this would be great to take traveling or if
you’re just really into like bronzing and contouring this is a really good
formula next I want to talk about this hourglass ambient legging blush quad in
ghost now I like whenever I see the hourglass like
holiday pallets come out I think they’re so gorgeous but they always include the
bronzer and it always seems to include one of the
ambient lighting power powders that I already have so I’m like I don’t want to
buy a pallet when I already have the bronzer and I already have the ambient
lighting powder that’s in that pallet so I’m really happy that they came out with
one that was just blushes so there’s two of their like regular blushes and then
two of their strobe blushes one is almost kind of like a highlighter but
we’re just a really light blush but I am so obsessed with me
hourglass blushed formulas I just think they are a great blush formula and I’ve
just been loving this palette because it has like a pink and then I had like an
orangish and it has like a light peach but I yeah I love this formula and I
really have been liking this palette okay so the next product I want to talk
about are these velour they came out with a new collection the fluff and glam
collection and these are in the ones CEO OH
I received this from influencer but these babies are so glam and so dramatic
if you’re extra it’s buck like I am you will definitely love like the fluff and
glam collection and they also sent me the velour lash glue this lash glue is
the bomb like I’ve been using like drugstore lash glue oh my gosh like you
see a really good lash glue makes a huge difference I also want to talk about
this Stila all day liquid lipstick in patina shimmer actually what I’m wearing on my lips
right now oh my gosh this is such the most beautiful color it’s like a rose
shimmer but it goes with like so many different looks I’ve really been liking
it and a few of my favorite soap designs that I created oh my gosh okay
so like not only you know is this okay I I create started and created these
because I wanted it just you know create I wanted to make my own brush cleanser
that worked well and it was you know like affordable because like no I had
never really found like the perfect brush cleaner you know and but these can
also be used as just regular so like I use it to wash my hands I use it in the
shower and so I you know we’ll take some to work and a few of the girls have
bought them and like the other week um one of the girls came to me and she was
like what’s in that so I got kind of defensible I’m like it’s all natural
like why what happened like I thought she had like a bad reaction to it or
something and she was like no girl calm down and she so she proceeded to tell me
that her daughter has struggled with like severe severe acne her whole life
she’s taking her to like three dermatologists she’s tried like every
like product Under the Sun like Proactiv like everything to try and clear her
acne and nothing has worked and she was like she started using your soap and her
acne cleared up she said like she was crying like I almost started crying and
hearing this and I was like are you sure it’s the soap like nothing else has
changed she’s like no it’s the soap I’m like I’m like I couldn’t believe it I
was like I hope this just like isn’t a fluke because like that for that to
clear up her acne which you’ve been dealing with her whole life and gone to
three different dermatologists and now this is working I’m like you know she’s
like it’s been two weeks and the acne is still got a
like oh my god like just that right there made you know making them like I
felt fulfilled like you know no matter how if I sell any or not like just
making like that big of a difference and their life was huge for me um but it’s
also really good for cleaning your brushes and in the shower and washing
your hands so I made this is like a pink and rose gold gradient one in
passionfruit Rose and then well this was a new scent I got it it’s southern peach
oh my gosh it smells so good and then I thought this was really pretty how I did
the gold with like the purple and this is lavender like I don’t know I’m just
weird like everyone loves like lavender oil but I’m just like you know I mean I
like it I’m just not like crazy about it buy at my mom’s like someone requested
lavender oil soap so I did lavender and then this is a cream cheese frosting
pink and purple creation alright guys so those are my favorites of the month let
me know some of your favorite products for the month of October and yeah I hope
you enjoyed this video I will see you guys next time

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