Oakley M Frame Rubber Kit Replacement & Installation Instructions

Oakley M Frame Rubber Kit Replacement & Installation Instructions

Hi, this is Tyler with Revant Optics and I’m
going to show you how to change the nose piece and temple sleeves on your Oakley M Frame. We’re going to start by removing the nose
piece from the lens, and to do that you’re going to want to squeeze both sides of the
nose piece on the inside of the frame towards the center and pull down. The next thing we’re going to do is remove
the lens from the frames starting at the center. You can simply pull down, and it should dislodge
from the frame without trouble. The next thing we’re going to do is remove
the temple sleeve from your M Frames. To do this, I like to grab a little bit of
hand sanitizer and apply it to the end of the arm. What this will do is this will allow the temple
sleeve to slide off a bit easier. The next thing we’re going to do is apply
hand sanitizer to the whole arm, and doing this is going to allow your new temple sleeve
to go on with ease. Alright, so once you’ve installed your temple
sleeves, you’re just going to want to remove any excess hand sanitizer from your hands
as well as the frame. Some hand sanitizer can contain trace amounts
of alcohol which can potentially damage your lenses. After you’ve done that, we’re going to go
ahead and reinstall your lens starting with the outside edges and once those are in you
should be able to pop the rest of the lens into place just following the frame along
the edge of the lens. And from there you can just add your nose
piece to the lens by lining up the groove in the nose piece with the inside part of
your lens here. And there you go, that is how you remove and
install your Revant MaxGrip® Rubber Kit for your Oakley M Frame. If you have any follow up questions, feel
free to send an email to [email protected] and we’d be happy to help. Once you’ve installed your new Revant MaxGrip®
Rubber Kit, we’d love to see a photo of it on social media. Go ahead and post a picture and #RevantOptics
to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. For other helpful videos about Oakley M Frames,
check out our lens comparison video which explains the different style of lenses available
for the M Frame or our collection of replacement videos specific to each lens.

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