No More Excuses

No More Excuses

– Hey, all, it’s David
here from Freedom Founders. I am out here in Huntington
Beach, California attending one of the
Masterminds that I’m a part of. It’s Black Belt Boardroom. I’m a part of a number of Masterminds. Well, why? Because I want to stay relevant. I want to be challenged. I want to be held
accountable to my thinking because my thinking isn’t
always the correct thinking. I want to be in a room
where there’s people that are a heck of a lot smarter than I am that can challenge what I think and challenge me in the right way, challenge me in a good way. Push back when I say, “You know what? “I don’t think that’ll work for me,” or, “You know, I’ve tried that, “and that model doesn’t work.” That’s what Dan Kennedy,
one of my great mentors, would say about excuse-making. When people say, “Well, I can’t do that. “I can’t make that change. “Here’s why it won’t work for
me,” they’re making excuses. Dan says, “Excuse-making
is like a cancer.” It’s something that will eat
you up from the inside out. How do you get away from excuse-making? You start to look at life
by looking ahead and saying, instead of saying, “I can’t do that,” you say, “How can I?” If I want to go this direction, I want to have this kind of life. I want to have this
kind of practice model. I want to be able to go
free from the constraints of having to get up and
go to a schedule everyday. How can I do that? Instead of saying, “Well, I can’t do that. “My financial planner said I
gotta work ’til I’m 65 or 70, “and he or she doesn’t know.” No, stop that. Stop it right now. What the problem is, you
are becoming complacent, and you’re believing
the myths and propaganda of the majority out there, and if you live your life
following the majority, you’re going to have a life
of the average, the mediocre. Nobody got up out of bed
this morning, I hope not, nobody went to school and
learned a career skill or profession to say, “I
just want to be mediocre.” I hope that’s not you. I doubt it’s you. So, if that’s the case,
then why are you settling? Why are you settling? Why are you making up excuses that, and playing the victim card and saying, “Well, this is happening in my industry. “I can’t do this. “This is terrible.” Whine, whine, moan, and complain. Look gang, that’s not going
to get you anywhere. Get over it. Move forward. Get with a tribe of people
that are smarter than you that have your back, like
a board of directors. It’s the best thing that
I’ve done in my life is be a part of a great group. It’s the best investment I’ve made, above all the other education
I’ve had and the education to get to be an expert
clinician technician, a professional practice
owner, architect, engineer, CPA, whatever. That’s awesome, but that
should be a stepping stone to your next. What’s your next in life? How are you going to decide what that is? How are you going to have
a vision for what that is if you’re just inside
your world, your cave, and you never get outside, and you don’t, and you believe what the
industry and the pundits say about where you are and
what you need to do? Quit all that. Stop it right now. If you want to live your best life ever, you need to get outside
the box that you’re in and find your tribe. Find people, a community,
that will help you challenge those self-limiting beliefs and get you to your next level. My hand’s about to wear out here. It’s my third video. I’ve gotta put my other hand on here. So, this is David from
Huntington Beach, California. There, that’s better. Signing off. Remember, always stay
focused on your freedom. I’ll see you next time.

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