No Man’s Sky FOUNDATION UPDATE v1.1! – Freighter Base!

No Man’s Sky FOUNDATION UPDATE v1.1! – Freighter Base!

what’s up guys welcome back to no man’s sky today I’m going to show you guys how to build inside your freighter but first we have to take care of a couple of things so over here i have a like more storage and things and everything is beautiful and over here is our farming room yes we have farming set up and let’s go ahead and talk to our farmer over here hello there assistant what do you have to say okay he is talking about venom sac and we need some kind of suit to protect us because it is paralyzing just temporarily okay it’s fine we already have a hazmat suit built gravitino orb nice there we go so we have learned a formula to grow one of these plants and if i’m not mistaken gravitino orbs were very valuable if it can put it that way yeah very valuable let’s go ahead and talk to our builder over here i forgot what you needed talk to me little buddy he requires mordite interesting okay i think that is killing of animals which I don’t approve of let’s talk to our geologist Larry over here and see what he wants ok con or candesium of condensium I think that’s what he needed and i think i did see a couple of the planets that do have it so let’s talk to our weapons expert over here and I think he needed daggers yep he needs daggers so I still have to go find these daggers and i think you get them from loot crates yeah i think it’s loot crates or you can trade for them but first let’s see if we do not have anything in our inventory we don’t have enough over there let’s see we have antrium-hmm not to sure let’s see over here no daggers over here and nothing there nope and no but we do have antrium and mordite right there so let’s go back to our builder and see what he has to say if we give him the stuff the good stuff you know the good stuff stuff that makes you high hi-yah alright talk to your buddy ok alright we get you we have mordite for you and what do we get in return decals ok that is something new huh oh look at that that looks really cool maybe we should spend an episode just designing the whole base and putting decals on every wall interesting anything else you have to say you require circuit boards but auto mining ah that would be cool really want to check that out but you require a circuit board and you just told us we need to go see the scientist but yet a scientist requires the one element thingy yeah the element stuff i forgot its name but anyways just quickly want to see over here 55 mordite 143 antrium ok so we still need to learn the circuit board but i think that will come in due time and don’t we have enough to plant the gravitino orb thingy farming oh yes I think we do oh there we go yeah we gotta plant alright cool so we’re going to do is I am going to put a cut in here and go on a little expedition to see if we can if well if I cannot find more elements and resources and those kind of things and then I will bring you guys right back see you guys in a bit and welcome back beeps so I went on a little expedition and got most of the resources as you guys can see candasium can whatever and some volt… orbs or things to create create warp cells or my goodness I cannot talk today alright so mr. larry i have your elements that you need yes enough chitchat I want to give you your stuff so you can give me stuff and it’s not what we really wanted but it’s a new type of blueprint all right do you have anything else to say alright so the new blueprint will be circuit board but we need that venom stuff i will return with the what-you-call-it the venom I don’t know what you need it for but yeah maybe you want to assassinate somebody or something somebody talking crap about you my friend huh anyways yeah dude what’s up let’s see what do you have to say I don’t think you still require circuit boards and the yeah that’s what you actually require and what did you need again mr. weapons expert was it the oh yes you required daggers uh-huh alright that is interesting you still need the daggers i forgot actually to get some oh look our ball is ready there we go we have a ball haha yeah look at that the one of them 8,000 I think costs eight thousand that’s just one alright let’s go ahead and put you in here cool and let’s go over here do some inventory management what there is already a ball here ok let’s go ahead with those things away and it’s more of that element stuff the scientists wanted alright cool let’s go ahead put the ball where it belongs of its other ball friend then we can have two balls that that sounded wrong whoops ok so let’s see warp cell requires antimatter if you want to create antimatter we need the blue element is it an element i don’t know let’s go ahead and craft craft more Oh make some antimatter and then its craft a warp cell ok I kind of craft anymore antimatter but I pressure we can now go ahead and craft a warp cell and send that to our spaceship let’s put these things back and we can probably put this guy back in here as well ok and it’s just sort couple of things out over here put you there put you there put you there and ya okay that’s fine let’s see if this space anywhere to put more things okay you do have space let’s put the zinc in there and that’s cool let’s talk to our farmer once again ok you need some pearls really pearls alright mark it on the map and nothing no coordinates oh you know what guys this is a bug ya this is a glitch in the game yeah I have to go read up on that yeah probably have to go read up on that alright see if I can sort that out yeah but I think we should go to the freighter and look at all the Emerald i have i’ve been collecting a ton of Emeril oh yeah that’s cool alright so what I’m going to do is I’m going to warp to the freighter and then i will show you guys how to build inside the freighter so i’ll see you guys when we get to it Oh what uh-oh what the hell’s going on guys I think I’ve just glitched into our own freighter here I I can’t get out and I cannot warp out again or anything ow just took some damage what the hell’s going on what how did this happen okay okay guys what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna see if I can’t get out of here and then we’re going to dock with the freighter so see guys wanna get out of this mess and welcome back peeps so I escaped after about 20 minutes of fighting but yeah I managed to escape and yeah we’re here finally oh man took a lot of damage alright but anyways we are here in a freighter welcome guys welcome to the freighter I hope you guys enjoy your stay oh yeah okay so first things first I just give you guys a quick tour around here we are in the docking bay i think it can fit about three six nine yeah nine ships or whatever and up here we go to the deck this way alright so if you guys were wondering how to buy a freighter just look for that icon and come and talk to this guy over here and he can make you an offer but I have to warn you these things are extremely expensive i’ve spent about seven million credits on this guy on this freighter and this is the only way to transfer items from your freighter to your ship I know it sucks really does but anyways so this is the captain’s or what do you call it I forgot i can’t remember what this part is the cabin no at the cabin got the deck yes that I think the deck yeah but it looks pretty cool i love it it’s awesome so let’s go to the captain’s quarters so on the upper side opposite side of the deck you will find these stairs yep this way and then you’ll get an air lock system there we go and inside looks like actually normal base oh yeah not much going on though really it’s bit drowsy but you can build in it already do when you once you get inside the captain’s quarters you can just go ahead and press Z on a keyboard and then it would activate the building for you so let’s see if we put one of these rooms here this is how it looks like i don’t know how big of a base you can build inside the freighter but you can build inside the freighter and I think you can make a fully functional base farm and all inside here inside the freighter and travel the Stars ok so as we can see we can place a couple decorations and the terminals and I think if you have a structure on top of the structure then you can build your ladders upwards then you can build up words like double story and all that triple story I don’t know how high and like I said I don’t know how big you can build these bases inside your freighter but it’s pretty cool i really do love the idea it’s a little home home away from home oh man is this is going to be a game-changer okay so yeah you know you’re not really allowing me to build weird cuboid rooms but you let me do it there are that is pretty pretty freaking cool that’s awesome ok and you can go quite far out huh yeah alright guys so this is going to be the end of this episode so thank you so much joining me here on no man’s sky hope you guys did enjoy today’s episode if you did make sure hit that like button and I’ll see you guys next time bye bye

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  2. what the hell? you said you would show us how to build a base on a freighter

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