No Excuses: This Is How to Finally Repeal Obamacare | The Heritage Foundation

No Excuses: This Is How to Finally Repeal Obamacare | The Heritage Foundation

President-elect Donald Trump promised to repeal Obamacare. He has a Republican-controlled Congress to help him do it. How do they make it happen? Real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing Obamacare… Republicans would normally need 60 votes in the Senate to pass a bill repealing the health care law. But they’ll fall short of that threshold in the new Congress That’s where a budget tool called reconciliation comes into play. Reconciliation is a procedure used in the Senate that allows a bill to pass with 51 votes. Democrats used it in 2010 to help pass Obamacare. Now, the Republicans could use it to roll back the law while also avoiding a Democrat filibuster. In fact, the GOP-led Senate already passed a budget resolution this year that included instructions to use reconciliation to repeal Obamacare. The bill reached Obama’s desk. He vetoed it in January. Now, it’s time to do it again. Congress should build off the last reconciliation bill. And this time, repeal all of Obamacare. Congress should begin this process before Trump’s inauguration. That way, they’ll be ready to send him a repeal bill once he’s sworn in. With a President Trump, Obamacare could finally be gone forever.

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  1. What a bunch of hypocrites! Heritage wrote the original legislation that became the ACA, known back then as Romneycare in Massachusetts. They came up with it and now they want it repealed? The GOP at the state level knee-capped the ACA at every turn by refusing to expand Medicare to fund it. Obama should have gone for a single payer system instead of trying to work with the GOP. who stabbed him in the back at every turn. Never forget that Heritage created Obamacare! Believe me, they want you to.

  2. Please make it GO AWAY!

  3. Way to copy prager university, heritage front.

  4. No. I think that is where the people come into play. It wasn't just republicans or conservatives who didn't want it passed.The people need to call their elected officials and pressure them to repeal it. No replacement, just repeal.

    Then the Congress might work on the smaller steps, those that would have been most helpful in the first place, if they are so concerned about American's access to health insurance. Tort reform and portability. Although a requirement for price lists would be great too.

  5. This video has me excited. Obamacare has been a disaster for my family.

  6. About time the Democrats got some of their own medicine when they changed the rules in the Senate to pass legislation. Gooooo Trumpcare!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Shouldn't we also deregulate the healthcare industry and remove the monopoly status of the American Medical Association that has been plaguing the industry for over a century? The reason healthcare costs skyrocketed is because of the AMA shutting down many medical schools and restricting the supply of medical graduates.

  8. We are in the era of Trump and nothing has happened so far, because Trump came to the amazing conclusion that health care is complicated. He holds the opinion that he is the first one to find that out.

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