New Weatherby Caliber: 6.5 – 300 Weatherby Magnum!

New Weatherby Caliber:  6.5 – 300 Weatherby Magnum!

Hey everybody Brandon Mason here with
Eastman’s gear lab today Dan Turvey and I are at the range testing Weatherby’s
new 6’5 300 and this thing is a screamer. Well that was a different boom there’s
no secret that the six point five millimeter cartridges have gotten to be
really popular in the last few years especially with a you know addition of
the six five creedmoor then there’s a 65 284 and so on and so forth is there’s
a few others but why is a six five 300 kind of another level of a game-changer
compared to what we’ve seen so far? yeah You can’t help but have a smile on your face when we talk about a six five caliber the shoots almost 3,500 feet per second
yeah and does so extremely accurately. It’s a Weatherby has always been known
to push the velocity of all of their offerings and this the 6’5 300 is no
different, so they take a 300 Weatherby essentially putting 6’5 130 grain bullet on
top, 3500 feet per second only 19 inches of drop at 500 yards equals a lot of
advantages to the western hunter, yeah definitely so some of the people may
have read our article going back and forth between 30 cal where’s the sub 30
cal cartridges in rounds and I’m an old fashioned thirty-yacht-six guy but I
must admit when you’re shooting a round like this that shooting that flat and
that fast it’s really a game changer when we’re talking almost a thousand
feet per second more room and we did the calculations I think this is 25 percent
faster than the good old fashioned thirty yacht six so I might have to eat my
words a little bit but but not not too much, and then comparing it to six five
creedmoor and we love the creedmoor, in our office I mean we’ve got a few of
them Ike and Guy and everybody else just absolutely love them their attack
drivers but look at the difference in the casing size so you can imagine
how much faster this sucker is going and as we’ve been talking about sometimes
with higher velocities it’s harder to, to manage trajectories because it can be
unforgiving that way but in a way it’s a little more forgiving because you don’t
have to think about it as much as far as where you’re aiming kind of like with
high speed archery versus traditional archery. Yeah, you know you can think of
it in terms of a laser pointer a laser pointer will shoot flat indefinitely so
the closer we can get a rifle and a caliber to shoot to a laser the less of
guesswork we have as a shooter for much elevation and distance then starts to
become negative. Yeah with all the variables that we face
with weather intuition of the animals were chasing in the country we’re
hunting in we need really a lot of advantages especially at least I was
speaking for myself Dan’s going to do it write up on this on our blog as well so
make sure you check that out at Eastman’ Well that’s that’s it for this
edition of gear lab make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel so you
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on the most high-tech hunting equipment that’s available on the market.

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  1. what's the price on the rifle and ammunition??

  2. I saw it at Sheels in ND. but any Weatherby dealer should be able to get one

  3. wonder how it do as a 1000yd caliber on the benchrest…..

  4. 500rds and barrel is toast.

  5. Why the 6.5 when their 308 cal carries about the same velocity?

  6. unless you are poking holes in paper the teminal distance on game is about the same. Personally for me anything beyond 400 yds on game is taking chances. I have also witnessed long shots on game not quite hit the mark usually do to the shooter. end results were either lost game or long treks. But to each their own I suppose.

  7. а на русском смогби

  8. I just order one can't wait to use it on cousedeer in Arizona 👍

  9. no vanguards in this cal!  and a 6.5 in a 300 win mag would be nice!

  10. no vanguards in this cal!  and a 6.5 in a 300 win mag would be nice!

  11. this is not new, Alex Hoyer did this in the 60's, i build on in the early 80's. Yes the round was very hard on barrels

  12. Sheesh, if people call the 264 Win Mag a "barrel burner", this thing will be a barrel nuker.

  13. If Weatherby could figure out a way to take a 76mm Naval gun shell and neck it down to 6.5mm, they would do it.

  14. 6.5 x .300 rum ??? Got and old 6.5 shiilen barrel in trade. Talk about throught erosion b4 you get a load worked up but it would be fun

  15. its not really new,,,,,,its in very old sierra reloading books,,,,gets your facts right,,,,,,but its a dandy barrel burner,,,,i had a 264 mag rebarreled twice,, decided it was not worth the trouble for the little gain i got over the 6.5 swede,,,,,,,so the 6.5 swedes are at i use now,,,,,,

  16. That round been around for 50 years

  17. That ain't shit. I used vise grips and necked down a 50bmg to a 17hmr . I'm shooting 375,000 feet per second , bullet shoots so fast it actually evaporates in flight so no drop whatsoever. shooting 0.0moa at 7,000 yards

  18. A real nice (and expensive!) cartridge. One thing I like about the cartridge is that it has very little freebore (.2037") thus enhancing its accuracy potential. I've had a number of Weatherby Mark V's; however, in this case, I think I'll skip Weatherby's response to the 26 Nosler and stay with the 264 Winchester Magnum. I don't need the extra 100 fps muzzle velocity – which shrinks even further at distant targets, and uses an extra 15 to 18 grains of powder compared to the 264 Win Mag. Besides, I don't enjoy forking over hundreds of dollars and waiting months for a new barrel to be installed, every 500 to 600 rounds. Shooting Times Magazine tested this cartridge with a 26" barreled AccuMark and only got 3253 fps and 3327fps with 140 grain Nosler and Swift bullets, respectively.

    Moreover, this way-overbore cartridge needs a 28 to 30" barrel to approach its velocity potential. Who wants to carry around a gun that long and cumbersome? I'm sure (the anti-overbore) P.O. Ackley would also have had some unkind comments about the 6.5-300 WBY, even with access to the slower burning powders that are available today. Even better, my 270 Weatherby shot 3,550 fps with IMR 7828 and 130 grain Noslers in a 26" Shilen barrel. The accuracy life was 2,000 rounds, and more accurate than this barrel burner. The 150 grain Nosler partitions consistently gave .60" MOA.

  19. I'm aggravated! I have had a 264 WM ever since 1963 in a Rem 700 with a serial starting with "one" and just four digits. All the gun writers beat it down saying that it was over bore capacity and hard on barrels and, Win didn't cut the chamber just right, the throat is too short. Now, 56 years later, that 6.5's are all the rage some are saying they need a hotter 6.5? burp!!!! PS: Mine can still shoot sub-moa, I did not make it a practice to load it HOT!

  20. If people were not typical people and a lot smarter, this caliber would not exist.

  21. I bet the barrel life is 1,000rds ,I haven't watched the video yet..

  22. Try 6.5x7mm mag case…the case is alittle shorter than the 300mag .. possibly saving alil barrel life but still would be a hot round

  23. Sportsman’s Warehouse $90.00 a box! That’s my idea of fun🤪

  24. 6.5 bullet is to small for mountain goats or bigger.
    Should only be used on deer or smaller animals.
    Be a good target gun.

  25. I wonder how a carbon fiber wrapped barrel would hold up to this caliber?

  26. Great caliber if you're not shooting more than 20 rounds a year

  27. What rifle is that ?

  28. I just bought this Cal. in the Accumark V best thing since slice bread shooting the same bullet hole at 300yrds topped it with a Trijicon 5x20x50 accumark green dot


  30. Eastman how is the recoil on 6.5300 verses the300 weatherby cause I have a300 and it's no fun to shoot maybee the 6.5 is better.. Please help

  31. Not sure when weatherby will figure out that people aren't going to buy a $1,500 rifle and pay $100 for a box of ammo. They need to have hornady make their ammo and have it cost $39.

  32. It's an old concept. Way too hard on barrels. If you buy one of these rifles intended to shoot long range for alot of years. You will deffenitly be having accuracy issues after 400 rounds. Told ya so……

  33. Owners of a 6.5/300 Wby should understand it for what it is. This is not a round that you are going to use to plink varmints all day with like a 22-250 or similar round. If it is used at the range say only a few times a year including sighting in for a hunt or two, the barrel just may last 8, 9, 10 years or so and even maybe longer depending on how it is cared for during the range sessions in allowing the barrel to cool down somewhat between rounds. Also too, today's more modern powders are somewhat easier on barrels than the powders were decades ago. Same would also apply to the 26 Nosler to a somewhat lesser degree. The 6.5/300 isn't new if I recall. Roy tinkered around with it years ago………….To all you barrel burning detractors of this cartridge….LIGHTEN UP!……..It is not your $$$$ buying these rifles for those who wish to own one. And, if the barrels do burn up within say 500 to 1000 rounds, then it is their money NOT YOURS used for the replacement barrel……….

  34. Yes but what does it do that the 300 or 7mm Weatherby does not already do for long range Elk hunter or Prong Horn Hunter? Absolutely nothing of significance if not looking at numbers on paper or a electrons on a computer screen. It is a solution looking for a problem or "me too" novelty of being able to say you have a 6.5 uber magnum! Compared to what Roy Weatherby did in 1944 this is actually a step backwards. Who compares anything Weatherby has designed to a 30-06. The 300 Win Mag is about 30% hotter than a 30-06 and the 300 Weatherby is at least 30% hotter than a 300 Win Mag so it is so many orders of magnitude hotter than a 30-06 that comparison is not remotely meaningful. You might as well be comparing a 30-06 to a 45-70 Govt…..It is an apple to oranges comparison! If you want to compare something tothe 30-06 which is a fatastic all around cartridge with long barrel life maybe compare a 6.5-06 A Square to the 30-06.

  35. Wait a minute, the Nosler fan club is going to say it's not a good cartridge because it's belted! Hahhaha

  36. Now there’s a barrel burner

  37. Sorry, the .257 Weatherby mag is still my all time favorite. 2000-2500 rounds before barrel needing to be changed as well as many other advantages over the 6.5-300.

  38. Leave it to Weatherby, take a bullet and put a super-charger on it…..gotta love it

  39. What can you expect as far as barrel life?

  40. How does the barrel life compare when using creedmoor and weatherby?

  41. I dunno
    I would rather some better performance this thing looks pretty lazy

  42. Owner of two Mark V’s here.

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