New way to softening retouching skin & texture in Photoshop

New way to softening retouching skin & texture in Photoshop

Hi, I am Manjot from Lenspassions photography. Today I will discuss about the new texture
slider The new non-destructive Texture slider available both in lightroom classic as well as lightroom cc version It also available in Photoshop by using a camera raw filters So Open photoshop and then open new image in photoshop workspace You can find the camera raw filter, by simply go to filter menu and select camera raw filter
The new texture slider resides above the clarity slider
Moving the Texture slider to the left will reduce unwanted, medium-sized details
To smoothing the skin teture. while moving the Texture slider to the right enhances medium-sized details in a photograph To increase the texture of foliage or hair You can also do the same in lightroom CC version You can now smoothen or accentuate details such as skin, bark, and hair with the new Texture slider. You can adjust the Texture slider negatively to smooth skin and retain fine pore details to ensure natural-looking skin. You can increase the Texture amount to accentuate details such as bark or hair without affecting less
detailed areas, like the out of focus areas in a photograph. Adjusting the Texture slider does not change the color or tonality in your photograph. It is also same in lightroom classic For those of you who spend more time adjusting
the actual frequencies in an image, either through the use of frequency separation
or other frequency modifications, this new slider might come in particularly handy for you. First, have a look at the difference between the original image and the image with Clarity set to 100. Here is the original image compared with Texture set to 100. Now Texture and Clarity settings compared. Both are set to 100. As you can see in the images the clarity slider in Lightroom darkens contrasty image areas, reduces the color saturation and slightly
bleeds over the edges. The Texture slider improves the contrast in an area and doesn’t affect surrounding areas. Now the original image vs. the image with
Clarity set to -100. The same with original image vs. Texture set
to -100. A comparison between Clarity and Texture. Both set to -100. By using both -100, smoothening the Texture slider almost delivers an oil painting like a look In the result that the Clarity setting was always good to enhance a dramatic sky and For skin, hairs and other details happy to use the new Texture settings as the results look really pleasing your eye Here I’ve zoomed in a bit to show the effect of negative Texture. Note how the eyelashes, pore details, and other natural skin characteristics remain, even as the skin is softened. The texture is available as both a global slider
and a local adjustment. We were able to get a good result in the last
example with just global Texture, but let’s look at using local Texture. In this photo, we don’t want to use just
negative Texture to smooth things – we definitely want to keep the texture in
model hair. So we’ll use two different selection brushes,
the first to apply negative Texture to her skin,
and the second to add Texture to her hair,eyes and lips. So, I selected a new brush for negative texture First reset the sliders to default, when you click on canter of slider , the slider move
to 0 value I increase the exposure first to highlight
the area that I want to soft After selecting the area , I again set exposure
value to 0 with active brush tool So any change will be made affect only this
area non-destructive way. I am moving slider to -69 its okay for me
and check the skin area that I want to soft by clicking overlay mask After that I selected new brush And reset the slider values to 0 and increase exposure value to highlight that area where I want to emphasize the texture details
Like hair lips and eye brows After selecting the area, again reset the
exposure value to 0 And set texture slider to 100 Watch the difference, Before and after Texture applied using the Adjustment Brush set to negative values to soften skin and to a positive value to enhance eyes and hair. –
The user who like to work in Photoshop, they can also do in camera raw filter. with same way as well as with layers Especially where use slider globally and use masking layer to reveal original details in a non-destructive way Opening same picture in photoshop workspace Creating duplicate layer by CTRL+J in windows and Command + J in mac After that convert the layer as a small object by going layer panel menu and select convert small objects By using this it performs non-destructive transforms. You can make any modification to a layer without
losing original image data or quality because the transforms don’t affect the original
data. So here it Performs nondestructive filtering. You can edit filters applied to Smart Objects
at any time. Go to filter menu and then select camera raw
filter Texture filter resides above the clarity slider I set negative texture value to -71 and applied it globally and click ok In Photoshop workplace you can see every part of the image turned to smooth So select the white mask and use D key for foreground white or black Use x key to toggle foreground white to black , Make sure your foreground color is opposite to the color of the mask. If you are painting with black on a white
mask, the content of that part of the layer is becoming transparent while the white parts remain as is. So I am painting on whitw with black brush
to reveal the original details of the eyes , lips and hair Just reminding you, kindly support my channel
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upload a new video See the change According to me it is a best tool of 2019
to smoothing or increasing the texture details Do you like this tool or not kindly share
with me and also comment Thanks for watching

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