NEW!! TOM FORD Soleil Flawless Glow Foundation SPF 30 | DEMO/SWATCHES of all 17 shades!!

NEW!! TOM FORD Soleil Flawless Glow Foundation SPF 30 | DEMO/SWATCHES of all 17 shades!!

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel Today’s super exciting because I’m going to be sharing with you the new Tom Ford Isola glow foundation It’s a very very recent launch and I ran down to Nordstrom and I picked them up. I’m wearing it today I’m gonna demo it for you guys, but mostly I really wanted to get you swatches so I swatched every single shade in the store took some photos with and without flash and Hopefully that will help you If you are trying to pick out your perfect shade in this new Tom Ford Foundation because a lot of us don’t have access to a Tom Ford counter, and I know when I’m searching to buy something online finding the right shade and finding swatches is Difficult sometimes so without further ado. Let’s get right into it First of all from the Nordstrom website which is where I purchased it in store It’s called the soul a flawless glow foundation and it is an SPF of 30 Nordstrom says in details and care that it is a lightweight gel serum foundation with sheer to medium coverage And a satin finish that glows without adding shine it hydrates your skin. It gives you UV protection it is alcohol-free and it is also free of oil which is interesting because it definitely hydrates considerably it does have extracts of watermelon light cheese seed and apple and They are supposed to increase the water level in your cells and help with you know Keeping your skin hydrated now the result they say is immediate hydration and then long-term Hydration and protection throughout the day. So it is one ounce It is paraben free phthalates 3 sulfate free formaldehyde free mineral oil free retinol palmitate free oxybenzone free coal tar free hydroquinone free triclosan free and Triclocarban free it’s made in Belgium again. It is one ounce and it is $87 it does come in a beautiful Glass bottle and like the Soleil collection it does have this white and gold Packaging the packaging is a dropper It’s a glass dropper and I will warn you it can definitely get messy and it does It is very very liquidy tries show you You can see So this is color six I actually also picked it up in the color 4.7 The shades are kind of interesting because you will see here four point seven and six are not that far apart on The actual shade range, but you can see that’s four point seven. You see how cool that is It’s actually called cool beige. And then this is six and that’s actually called natural now I picked them up because five point one and you will see when I do the swatches five point one is very gray And it’s interesting because five point one is definitely the shade that I think that a lot of people in the middle would gravitate Towards if they were just looking at swatches online but in person and I’ve talked to a few different people five point one Tends to look a little grey so I just caution you if you are one of those people that kind of gravitates towards the middle and You think you’re just a medium? Just be real careful with five point one or if you really think that that’s the right shade for you maybe try and get a sample get a sample sent to you or go to the counter and get yourself matched because It’s kind of a funky shade my plan and what I’m doing is I’m mixing these two six can probably work for me in the summer four point seven can probably work for me in the winter and In the middle time. I’m going to mix the two now today I do have on six I just put on six and you can see On my skin and I’ve you know, I traveled and I was on vacation So I definitely have a lot more pigment than I normally do But it doesn’t look quite as warm as it does on my hand once it’s buffed out I did buff this in with an hourglass the vanish brush I really liked it with that when she tried it on my skin in the store. She also buffed it in with a brush and Definitely. I think that that’s the preferred method They say that you can put it on with your fingers and you can also put it on with a Beauty Blender I really feel like a Beauty Blender would soak up too much of the product. It’s so thin But I do think that you could you could definitely put it on with your fingers. I really like that It has the SPF 30 you can see how much of a glow there is but telling you it doesn’t feel tacky in any way my skin just feels really hydrated and Really nourished it feels nice This is the first time that I’ve had someone put foundation on me in Store and left and literally could not stop checking out my skin like I never do that anymore I just don’t and it just looked so hydrated so much like good juicy Hydrated skin real skin I could definitely still see some of my hyperpigmentation I could definitely still see some of my freckles. This is not high coverage It is sheer to medium and I think medium is pushing it. It’s definitely closer to sheer to light But it’s so beautiful It just kind of perfects your skin while letting your skin shine through So if that’s the kind of coverage that you like and I think that that’s kind of perfect for summer I also think that you could reapply this I think that going into the summer This is one of those that you possibly could add a little bit more throughout the day and it’s just going to look beautiful So I am planning on doing a wear test and doing a more thorough full day review But I really wanted to get these swatches out to you. So I’m gonna get to those swatches I am also gonna put the swatches on my Instagram Which if you’re not following me there it is pen Smith skincare on Instagram Follow me there and you will be able to look at the swatches kind of still and if you if you need reference So they were definitely they will definitely be there as well I hope you guys enjoyed this video again, a full review will be coming. But as of right now 1st or 2nd 3rd impressions I Love this I really really think it’s the most comfortable foundation very very nourishing and it’s a Dry skin person’s dream if you ask me and I love that there’s protection going into the summer So I’m gonna leave you with some swatches and I hope that you are having a really fantastic day And I hope you have a great week and I’ll talk to you again very very soon

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  1. Thank you PENN! They were literally just putting out the bottles when I went to my Nordstrom and she immediately matched me to 6.0 because there was no 5.5 – that I normally use. LOVE the swatches!! I think I have to get the 4.7 to mix! I love this foundation so much! xoxo

  2. Thank you for this review! I have heard about this foundation and now I really want to try it. I have dry skin and It seems like a foundation I would like! Thanks!

  3. Thanks Penny!!❤️

  4. Hmmmm. Making m re think about the shade I got which was 7. NOT a very good shade range but on the Nordstrom web site they don't have 6 or 6.5. Maybe need to call the person I go to at Nordstrom. I may have to get 7.7 too. Thank you for doing this video! It really is helpful. XOXOX

  5. Thank you for the impressions and swatches!

  6. Now that was a beautiful intro

  7. That foundation is too sheer for me but it looks great on you! What lipstick are you wearing in this video? It looks so beautiful! Thank you Penny!!

  8. This one looks like a winner at first peek !

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  13. I feel like Physician’s Formula did this already. I’m curious to look at all the ingredients. It looks nice.

  14. I love a sheer to coverage on my mature skin. Definitely would use my fingers with such a watery consistency (ie, Make Up Forever Water Blend). The shades are shockingly bad tho. I understand that because it's so sheer it can lean 2 or 3 shades either way but for the price I'm not overly impressed. Great vid Pen, the swatches are excellent, 🌺🏵🌹🌺🌹🏵🌺🌹🏵🌺

  15. Thanks, very helpful. Gosh, I really want this one even though I vowed to use up the foundations I already own!

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  17. This sounds and looks beautiful. It would definitely suit my dry skin, and this is the type of formula I gravitate towards. The swatches are a huge help. I’m looking forward to a wear test/review.
    Thanks, gorgeous🍃🌸.

  18. Wonderful swatches! Boy, it would be great if you could do the same with Koh Gen Do Aqua as well.

  19. Hiiiii gorgeous girl!!! Love all your coral!!😍 I’ve never tried T Ford! Excited for the full review!! It’s so pretty on you!!!😍😘😘😘

  20. I went to the Nordstrom website and they don’t have the foundation in No 6. Great review. Exactly what I’m looking for in a summer foundation.

  21. Your skin looked so luminous!! Excited to hear your thoughts. Have a blessed week.

  22. Great video and thank you for the shade swatches-They have a funky tint to them, maybe it's my eyes but they look very yellowish in a way-I used the foundation stick in 3.7 and 4.7 in warmer months but it looks a different shade for this foundation-So I'll just get a sample and see which one works-

  23. Hi. This one is good for combination more oil skin in summer ?cuz I am combination more oil in summer. More dry in winter.

  24. Thanks for this review! Your skin looks gorgeous! Can you please tell us how this foundation wears? And, do you think it would be ok for combo skin? Thanks so much!

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