New, Innovative Wall Tent

New, Innovative Wall Tent

Hey guys Ike Eastman here with Eastman’s hunting
journals today we will talk about base camps sometimes you just need a base
camp antelope hunting or elk hunting or something that not a backcountry hunt
something you drive to Brandon let’s talk about shelters. The one we have behind us today the name of the company is bare-bones living a bare-bones outdoor
and this tent it has some innovative features that we’ve never seen in a wall
tent before and it’s big I mean it’s the biggest wall tent as far as not
footprint but actual heights and stuff I’ve been you know the head room is
amazing it’s got nine foot tall peaks and six foot tall sidewall so a guy like
me – 6 foot 2 that usually has problems with bumping my head inside a wall tent
and the that’s virtually non-existent. One of the key features of this
particular tent in my opinion is a ventilation, there’s twelve different
windows in this tent design and there’s tons of mosquito netting and if you’re
hunting in warm temperatures you can really get the air cooking through there
so you can cool down really fast. The cool part is that door yeah the door
that’s right behind us right here is magnetic all the way up and down. Let’s
talk about size, footprint how many people you put in this especially bunk bed cots. I use the bunk bed cots out a camo cot discall bed systems and you
can easily fit six guys in here with hunting hunting gear and everything if
you get in there you go wow this isn’t a tent it’s it’s big room, right and it’s
got a large floor print but not too big where it’s hard to find a spot to set it
up it’s 12 feet long by ten and a half foot wide and so it’s just enough room
to have all your gear in there without being you know a little heavy on space
the wasted space especially when the when the temperature drops you’re trying
to heat up a large space with a bit of smaller tent stove, right it’s really
easy to regulate temperature. And get it cooking in there some of the
features on this tent there’s some really really unique stuff that that a
lot of guys have been having to retrofit their small tents with visqueen or
whatever what are some of the cool things on this thing well the rubberized
roof top it goes over the top kind of serves for that old, you know outfitter tent this clean function the snow will just slide right off of that it’s actually it
actually has little walls that come out you know the water drips out away from
the tip rounded and down the wall exactly so if you have the tent properly
guide out I mean there’s not going to be any water or snow piling up and creating
moisture problems right on the edge of the tent but it’s got a floor so you can
do a stove and a floor comes with it with a stove mat yep so it’s water or a
fireproof so it didn’t melt through the floor we’ve got a bathtub floor similar
to a lightweight backpacking pen that has our back foot forward several inches
well this has a bathroom floor that goes up I think its foot and a half of the
sidewalls at least and it breaks down into four nice little bags you can put
the back your Jeep or whatever you know actually three those three that yep
three bags well thanks guys hope you enjoyed the tip today and remember
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  1. Just bought this tent and whoa im so excited, yeap I love the camo cot disobed bunks too! I taking those to woodbadge with my 12X16 springbar a few years ago and comfortable!! Great with kids!

  2. Curious how long did it take you for setting it up and take down, in average? Thanks for showing it.

  3. how much did your tent cost I'm just curious just the the 10th

  4. Wear do u buy this tent at?
    Who makes it?
    How much is it?
    How light weight is it to?

  5. much is it? I need one in Mexico..

  6. The name of the tent at the beginning of the show was said in a mumbled voice. Accent the name man.

  7. Say 4 guys tops.

  8. Bravo out of Washington DC for the Elk Hunters the best wall tent and money can buy 5000 lb seat belt stitching check them out cheaper than Bare Bones and they last a lot longer bravo wall no offense barebones living just saying no offense it's all what you like it's what it boils down to

  9. Annoying music…..

  10. Are these made anymore, I don't see them listed on their website?

  11. No link to purchase. Bummer. Not going to go digging so they can have my business. You review it… You should link it. Basic.

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