Net Neutrality Faces Backlash!

Net Neutrality Faces Backlash!

in studio with mate is James Gattuso at
the senior research fellow with the row institute for Economic Policy Studies at
the Heritage Foundation and a senior fellow and regulatory
policy at the Heritage Foundation and the X FCC Debbie policy chief and regulatory staffer for the vice
president as states when it was dan quayle and James great to have you with us you
for having me let’s you know the SEC has now gotten
the close the comment period at midnight last night and 677 thousand
comments and it seems like they’re probably the we don’t know for sure but
everything that we’re hearing from the SEC is at the running overwhelmingly in
favor of some form of significant net neutrality are I think
most people don’t know the language well enough to say that they would like title
to common carrier status but I’m guessing the most in the comments
are in that vein you would disagree with that I’m
guessing why well I i don’t know how many of the comments
were for that purpose I incoming carrier regulation the unit
would be a big mistake why well come here Eurasian assuming
that there was a very for tampering to the 18th century well let me know whats let’s let’s make
it clear for for our viewers listeners what it is we’re talking about we
regulate rocking for example we say if you’re movin
somebody’s furniture from one into the country the
other you have to read everybody’s furniture the same again treasure free although actually we don’t anymore
yeah you’re a curated avatar started that deregulation well
yeah I’m very true for a lot like very same reason yeah we regulate our highways we
regulate water we regulate electricity we regulate
telephones a new title too well in fact we were jewish we’ve
actually dropped a lot of forms of comic regulation railroad trucking in
particular we’re dropping to require it because you
to simply was was not to you know is compatible with the dynamic industry right is very hard to change prices to
change is you know in the airline business with
you we the fusion and I’ll you soon read two year two years change there right I search me I was in
the airline billion take we on a travel agency in
8386 which was really when the new regulations travel
industry is hitting we were watching our competitors go down in flames and and it worked out quite well for us
deregulation but now the travel agency that we started just
got bought by a no billion literally a billion-dollar company it’s like there’s
no more mom and pop shops love that was one we are very few people use religion
at all because their unit bright rights in the hotel’s
website or something in that would be impossible without deregulation yeah you would not be able
to go on online and get the best sure you want from with it what you want for the price you
want right that that would be seen you have to go to the issue to be in the house for were mission to change
ur feared offered some day in the future
right apartment but if if so how do we find a middle
ground here how do you find I i think most people
want is they they want to know that for example right
now I you know I have Comcast at home and if if I’m downloading large files and I do download large
files because I do a radio TV show and I we move around large files lot you know
it’s here’s a clip from from you know video clip the irony is
next week if I start downloading large files after about five minutes base they throw
me down to about two maps down you know even on pain for I don’t know
what I’m paying for it minimum of 10 I’m I’m sure it’s just as a consumer account
but the throttling down and so then I go in with the VPN so I’m
invisible to them they don’t know what I’m doing and they try to let down and it’s like
as a consumer I have no recourse and where I live the only choice I have
is Comcast so this does not seem to me like an ideal
situation this is not a capitalism supposed to worldwide know where you
live you know most and the marina and the
public marina here in DC which provides you know internet access
in TV TV access through a single carrier talk everybody’s got bored I’m most moved to Israel interactions to a telephone company in it my line to
your cell or cable modem or wireless I have
wireless down there to use it as a backup the end it’s on Verizon’s network but
you know I’m lucky if I get sick Center BK at that I mean it the problem for
cable companies jetty their technology is more shared
here is refusing a massive amount paid a you
too you know it from your neighbors should that as recently they have to
throw you down as usual on rapid rise in illegitimacy and do not do
that but to be perfectly reasonable that if
you are using liberia wideband with imagery from the
neighbors budget toward my contract with them says
that they would provide me with 10 minutes I’m you know Nate in the da me down with any other
contractual dispute it going to do with the retaliatory longer that they have to
go back to your country %uh writing like this comes down to a
question i’ve with this competition do you have choice right was in that
Burris a common carrier regulation to guarantee competition no real lot
airlines before we deregulate the airlines actually we didn’t the we have a lot of
airline should be back in future she be cited as its mission to keep them
p.m. regional you think they did not want to be challenged you know and going and we r deregulation did bring itself
yeah yeah I remember the orange against
deregulation right because they want to be protected right our country regulation by and
large is a system where you mean to you monopolies it for industries depend on
monopolistic we had no chance competition right and
relate them weathers kinda natural monopoly but increasingly when you only have we only have one
water I coming into our house at the natural monopoly on their on septic system coming out here house
natural monopoly the only one power lines natural monopoly isn’t the internet increasingly becoming
an aunt Ramona and I don’t see it that way at all I mean the waterline use re: the polar
opposite in unit is constantly changing water
delivery is not the internet divers wanted delivery is pretty much
the same thing you what you don’t prayer their their new companies be
found all the time when water is water you too can upward if but
I’ve got one cable coming into my house and in
some you know some places you can sign up for
fiber to come into your house and put a modem in your house for the fiber but
they gotta dig up your front yard mmm and you have writer in most places the
burden in fact rising came bearing a pretty a
few years ago during a privilege for yarn yeah put in fiber that how the in with
the neighborhood users not but I appreciate it because it means
that when I write it. to Comcast be no thank you writing right but aren’t to %ah police I mean you know
here but what you’re saying is that if you have two or three competitors that that’s as good as in infinite
number competitors in france what they say is that if you on the pipe you can’t
discriminate against who’s using it and so i mean typical 100 met download speed internet service
in France twenty two dollars a month and that by the way includes telephone
into 34 countries and a 150 gentles a television it so
it’s a pretty good deal it but what they say is and we stand as
a reminder Mart where with you know what is now
horizon onto copper but a local phone company sa Burnett was
you know they paid for uses the copper and they provide
actually a telephone service we get really good sponsors for 28 bucks on if we only had one network in the
ground there’s an argument at the given in there be downsides right but the fact is we have to network
to the ground in nineteen vibration homes in america especially as wireless networks a new
challengers new challengers are are sometimes being guys like you red
Google Fiber country so we have competition you know
it’s early you have a hundred competitors is better
than having to computers 3 right but members what you believe that
why wouldn’t the heritage foundation can say you we like the press the French system
because that that is made for one could in having the
the governments have been regulars Tappan Zee use this part iv: system not that we’ve
just been you pay X amount why I’m out but you
know bag back in the eighties when I was I was running forms and copies or before
there was an Internet now is one of the early internet users and they’re worth thousands literally thousands a internet
service providers that you could use we access the mall over telephone
via originally 3 r.bug dial up to 1200 baud
I Roman 2400 point I’ll scandal it was a big deal but everybody
had access to the copper my phone company wanna do that with the in we basically
those I’d used yeah be they were to make a new
toon good right bill like most film you agree with them be with them out by
directing hired better ineffective we have 33 you read it you really have a hundred a Coke and Pepsi people in Boeing Airbus you have to convince people that make it
big exchange continues apace gotta buy thank you this is the Thom
Hartmann program here james’s work over at Heritage dot workers with it a senior research
fellow the row institute for Economic Policy we back

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  1. What a surprise -a paid shill who works for the successor to the Moral Majority wants to deregulate an infrastructure paid for with OUR tax dollars so his employer and right-wing corporations can funnel the benefits of public money to themselves and quash competition from smaller competitors. Goodbye to small startups. Nah, that won't wildly slow down Internet and computer business growth, or the growth of any business that uses the Internet.

  2. discriminating on the basis of the size of file one is loading up is one thing, legally being able to discriminate against which particular web site you are loading your content from or to – is entirely different ball game, and that is at least one good reason why net neutrality needs to remain.

  3. Here is my issue with this, it is not reasonable to assume that if I pay for lets say 30 megabits to not be able to use that amount….. if these ISPs were under the regulation of the department of weights and measures then they would potentially get fined every time they throttle someone. 

    How about if you can not give someone a 30 megabit connection then you do not sell that person that connection in which you can not provide for them. I think it is insane what companies get away with via the internet now days, if I walk into a brick and mortar store and purchase something with a credit card they check my ID (or atleast they should). However on the internet anyone can get my information and make purchases from some one who has stolen my information to lets say a kid in the house. If a 10 year old walks to a store to purchase something with a credit card they would be refused. However they can do just that on an ipod or an ipad and the big companies know this they need to do more to prevent this but they don't.  

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