Nancy Pelosi on Trump’s border wall: ‘Immoral’

Nancy Pelosi on Trump’s border wall: ‘Immoral’

The president cannot hold
public employees hostage because he wants to have
a wall that is not effective. Not effective in terms
of its purpose, not cost effective in terms of
what the opportunity cost it is of federal dollars
to spend and the president has said
“Mexico’s going to pay for this”. Come on! Let’s anchor
ourselves into reality. Mexico is not going
to pay for this wall. A dollar. A dollar. One dollar.
Yeah, one dollar. The fact is a wall is
and immorality. It’s not who we are
as a nation and this is not a wall
between Mexico and the United States that
the president is creating here, it’s a wall between reality and
his constituents, his supporters. He does not want them to know
what he’s doing to Medicare, Medicaid and social security
in his budget proposal. He does not want them to know
what he’s doing to clean air and clean water and the rest in his
department of interior and of EPA. He does not want them to know
how he is hurting them so he keeps the subject
on the wall. He’s a master of diversion. We’re trying to open up
government, we’re giving him a mature path to do so,
not in our language but in the senate language. We’re not doing a wall. Does anybody have any doubt
that we’re not doing a wall? So that’s that. – Do you worry about backlash?
Are you worried about political backlash? No, it has nothing to do with politics.
It has to do with the wall is an immorality
between countries. It’s an old way of thinking.
It isn’t cost effective.

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  1. The Dems took the rights for parents to raise there children it's Called The Safe Familys act. This giving the cps workers all rights to take any child they want. It is immunity and the american children are not safe inside the wall. The dems can do anything they want to let crime happened.

  2. If walls are immoral than she should tear down the wall around her house

  3. I love Nancy. God Bless u

  4. Nancy spends tax dollars for her special interest she needs more money that why she refuses the WALL..Americans want the WALL funded NOT your special interest!

  5. Fact: Hypocrite Democrat Nancy Pelosi has a wall around her Napa Valley estate as well as big iron gate at entrance to her estate.
    Democrat Nancy Pelosi in her tweet called the wall a “symbol of hate.” and immoral.
    But what is the massive stone wall surrounding Pelosi’s property in Napa Valley a symbol of???
    Pelosi and her husband Paul own a vineyard on Zinfandel Lane in St. Helena, California.
    Check it out on Google satellite view of the Pelosi Napa Valley property. Sorry Nancy walls are not immoral but you are a lying hypocrite. Remember you, Obama and the Democrats controlled everything the first two years of Obama’s failed presidency and did nothing to fix the immigration problems in the USA. End the shut down we the people want Border protection and immigration laws fixed ASAP. Stop taking vacations to Hawaii and do your job. Obstructionist Democrats are the party of anger, hate, obstruction and sore losers. Besides who made Nancy Pelosi president and gave her the power to determine when the State of the Union address can be given by the President. Sorry liberals the truth hurts.

  6. How in the hell is a wall "immoral"?

  7. Wonder how that meeting went between her and all the families whose loved ones were murdered by illegal aliens because of her policies? Oh, that's right… It never happened…
    Guess she hid behind some of those other immoral walls….

  8. How much money is it worth to get the government employees back work. One dollar.

  9. U.S. Border Patrol Agents nearly unanimously agree that the Wall IS effective and desperately needed. As for the "Immoral" things associated with an UN-Secure border (1) Human Trafficking (2) Skyrocketing Fatal Overdoses caused by Illegal Drugs from Mexico (3) Immigrants dying in the desert because they were encouraged to come here ILLEGALY by jack asses like Pelosi.

  10. I'm not going to be eating well because I don't get foodstamp anymore. You guys might think I'm lazy, but I actually have depression and had several suicide attempts. I can't work, and if don't get foodstamp soon, I might just beg people to pay me for food ( which I never done before). Nancy, please except trump offer for us poor people and for our country. I want to eat.

  11. peLoser is dumb as a bag of shale. She is not someone who is constructive for the USA.

  12. immoral?????????????????????????

  13. Block the entry of drugs and gangs and build barriers for national security.

  14. House Speaker Pelosi is a Catholic, right?

    Revelation 21:12 (Heaven has a huge wall and lots of gates.)
    "And had a wall great and high, and had twelve gates."
    Check out the rest of Revelation. Also, walls are discussed about 50-60 times in the OT and NT.

  15. Americans want a wall! How much money has corrupt TREASONOUS CRIMINAL Pelosi!

  16. Not a fan of her but she is gifted. Great speech! And so many fucktards commenting

  17. Many wealthy politicians both Democrats and Republicans as well as liberals live in gated communities behind walls. The corrupt two party system in the U.S. is immoral, and Nancy is part of it. Democrats don't want to lose the Hispanic vote. They are looking at demographics and votes. That is what it's about. The most immoral wall today is the Israeli separation wall. Democrats don't have any problem with Israel's wall. In fact, they support giving $38 billion to Israel. Israel and the neocons in the Bush administration did 9/11.

  18. Nancy and Democrats, what do you think of Israel's wall?

  19. If Skeletor Pelosi ate babies the Obama Democrats would still argue they do no wrong.

  20. she needs to be deported to South America…

  21. What is immoral is why these clowns ( Dems and Rpubs ) cannot get together on anything " Clowns to the left jokers to the right " and we are stuck in the middle.

  22. Wall around ur mansion ok?

  23. Nancy your a looser. Disgusting

  24. "You have to pass the wall BEFORE you read Bill pelosi!" – trump should use Democrat logic against them.

  25. She is a huge ignorant woman!!

  26. Nazi Pelosi must think God is immoral then because in Heaven there is a wall, a gate and extreme vetting in order to enter.

  27. "A wall is an immorality"??? Democrats in New York have just legislated to murder full-term babies!!! THAT IS IMMORAL NANCY!! Your understanding of morality falls just short of Kermit the Frog's understanding of nuclear physics!!

  28. If an individual has repeated burglaries at the residence, Police recommend increasing security measures. Not Nancy! She will suggest you remove your doors and windows so the thief doesn't hurt themselves on the way in… oh, and be a dear… stock the fridge in case the thief is hungry will you!!

  29. 23 percent of people in prison are illegal …Is that immoral for American Taxpayers to pay for That? Women (illegal) fly in , cross over etc. Have their baby at taxpayer expense . Is that immoral to have the Taxpayer pay for that? Is it immoral to have American Taxpayers pay for your booze on a plane? While we are buying generic cereal to get by. Is it immoral to send your child with strangers over the desert with a Plan b birth control. You are a fool Nancy and I hope you cringe that acknowledgement.

  30. Is it immoral to have the American taxpayer pay for your BOOZE on your first class American taxpayer flights. FOOL !!

  31. I think Nancy Pelosi should move to a home without walls, since they don't work. She could show us with actions not words that walls are unnecessary. She should move to a border city as well. I'm sure she would be totally safe. Come on Nancy, show us with actions that you believe your words. Quit giving the phrase "don't be such a Nancy" a whole new meaning.

  32. It's almost tax season, I wonder if I can I use Pelosi's 1000$ a week liquor tab, on my tax dollars, as a write off? I should be reimbursed for that zombie's alcoholism.

  33. This government shutdown is Pelosi and the Democrats fault. If they would just give Trump the money already then the government would open back up. She says the wall is immoral, so the never ending supply of drugs entering the US and American guns and money going to the cartels in Mexico is moral? I guess illegal aliens reaping American benefits and not contributing to taxes is moral as well.

  34. These Democrats are whiny children. They gave Obama his money for Obamacare which was the worst idea ever but they won’t give Trump his wall. Our country is being destroyed by drugs and drug addiction, there’s a rehab on every block nowadays. Mexican cartels continue to grow powerful with American guns and money being supplied across the border. We need this wall built NOW.

  35. She’s a totally clueless and useless hypocrite and baby killer!

  36. Let the DPRK pay for the wall..

  37. Since when did border security become a moral issue? 😒

  38. People who are stealing like the people of South America live for the first time I've never seen them before. Everyone in the country has thieves, but the Spanish woman works in a hotel, steals money, steals money, and lives in a real hotel. Do not live well and steal your customers money These guys are the first to see and there is no guilt No one on earth is the most deadly crime in the world 13 out of 15 countries are in South America Every year people die in Mexico and Guatemala, And 1,000 El Salvador gangs are the biggest gangsters in America and their neighbors are similar Countries more scarier than North Korea A woman from Europe traveled in Mexico City but had no brains and died brutally

  39. Why is a border immoral but a huge wall around her huge estate in Napa fine? Nancy tear down the wall. Around your estate.

  40. And what she, a great diplomat it turns out, meant by "immorality" is really "racist". The wall is racist.

  41. You are the immoral dirtbag Nancy – you are an evil OLD WOMAN – you will pay in hell.

  42. No wonder she thinks a wall is immoral. Look at her face…she hit the wall decades ago.

  43. Cannot stand this dried up old prune!

  44. Can scarecrows can be used to scare people to entering the usa? Mean Chiwawas can also help or paper planes with green plástic soldier toys on. Just some bright ideas l am sending to those who are looking for cheaper solutions instead of a real wall.

  45. HEY NANCY…There are currently 2,500+ migrants at the border right now waiting for asylum… why don't you go down there and welcome them in?? if building a wall is immoral and unconstitutional why do you have a huge wall around your entire property? By definition that makes you immoral and unconstitutional..

  46. Ceilings are evil, and floors are racist!

  47. If Trump doesnt want constituents to know what he is doing about a wall, why then was it Pelosi who was so freaked out when Trump haf reporters there when they were discussing it a few weeks ago? Pelosi and her speakers power trip, will support anything she believes will give her more power reguardless of the costs to the rest of us.

  48. Nancy you state that a wall is "immoral" and not who we are as a nation. What is immoral is NOT the wall it is ABORTION (at any term) and those that consent to it, is defining and staining our nation as heartless and cruelty to the highest degree. You are IMMORAL and a very poor representative of our nation.

  49. This Woman is IMMORAL – Supports Homosexuality > Infanticide > Open Borders > MS13 Gangs > Wake The F-ING Up! That Is Why I Walked Away From The Democratic Hippocritical Party! The Real Racist > Divide and Conquer at Any Cost!

  50. Nancy did you see what ms13 did on the news on the streets, kill a man in cold blood,beat him bad and then shot him, NOW IS THAT IMMORAL, WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT MS13,IS THEY THE GOODIE,GOODiES, this is why the president needs the best border wall that can be MADE

  51. Wait a minute…shouldn't Mrs Morality address her holier-then-thou thoughts with the Pope? Is't there a 30ft plus wall that surrounds the Vatican?

  52. What does she think about Israels wall?

  53. Why didn't that tired looking, ugly b*tch say it was immoral when New York and Virginia passed laws that enables an innocent baby to not only be killed in the womb, from conception to coming down the birth canal and on out of the vagina, and now, under these new demonic laws, the baby can be killed even AFTER it is born. This ugly hag is a devil or one of the devils evil partners. WHAT IS THIS WORLD, ESPECIALLY AMERICA, COMING TO? WHAT'S NEXT?

  54. Immoral?? You frickin Retardocrat! How bout sbortion and queer and lesbo marriage?? Impossible to be a Democrat without being a hypocrite. The two go hand-in-hand.

  55. I have read quite a few of responses to miss Pelosi's outright lunatic statements! She has to be in some stage of Alzheimer's! That would explain it! Perhaps it doesn't!!!

  56. Why is there an immoral fence around the white house! The rich should not be allowed to live in gated communities and all prisons should be shut down. White picket fences….disgusting! All fences need to be removed! No more houses! They have a minimum of 4 walls! Its sick!


  58. Illegal to enter country, yes or no? So if caught we just ignore? What LAW can I ignore? Paying taxes or Murder? Wall is immorality you say. No more locks then. This is garbage

  59. build bridges not walls

  60. Ouch this doesn’t age well.

  61. A wall is an immorality?????

    Shes been smoking too much crack.

  62. Please Madam Speaker stop this maniac.

  63. Why then is there a wall around your house…..????

  64. Is it immoral for you to keep taking our tax payer money, including free health insurance for your family? You don't do anything!!!!

  65. If the WALL is an immorality? Why does she has WALLS around her properties?

  66. Dry up Nancy Pelosi! You’re uninformed, stupid and just trying to extend your 15 minutes of fame!

  67. First of all, wall is not immoral, just like people building fence. Second, a wall cannot solve the problem of illegal immigrants, but it is one of the necessary steps. I am not fan of Trump, but I am so sick of political correctness, it will gear us to something horrific.

  68. Morality comes from God, according to Christians, and this fake Christian, Pelosi, is trying to use the Bible to further her agenda. Has she forgotten that Heaven has a wall, with a big beautiful pearly gate to keep out those that Saint Peter has not documented in the Book of Life? No undocumented souls are allowed beyond the wall, let it be done on Earth as it is in heaven.

  69. Nancy has immoral wall all the way around her house. She should set a standard and tear down that wall.

  70. In England they rehearse the queens funeral regularly!
    If we did that for pelosi, it would be called "tailgating"!

  71. Man I'd love to slap the dentures out her senile old mouth.

  72. She should go back and retire in her immoral walled home

  73. The only thing that is immoral is all of the Botox she uses on her eyebrows and cheeks😂it’s immoral to have any human looking like a marionette doll

  74. VERY INTERESTING! Nancy says the wall is immoral when Trump is Pres. But when Obama was Pres. she supported the wall and it sure wasn't immoral then. Obviously this is totally political on her part. Nancy needs to start doing her job and if not then kick her out and if we can't do that then pay her a total sum of $1.00

  75. I'm sick of its not who we are . Dum obama quote

  76. Vote her out!!!!!

  77. Nancy Pelosi, why have you not provided a solution to the illegal immigrants crossing? Why have you not stopped it? You spend more time complaining about Trump vs providing a solution. It is ridiculous how we have not solved the DACA solution and Nancy still keeps talking about immoral.

  78. Murdering an unborn baby is immoral nancy. LOVE TRUMP HATS🇺🇸

  79. i think is immoral to not want a wall to protect your own citizens.

  80. Nancy you have lost what little since you might have had…Good luck in your next adventures

  81. I wonder if she thinks the walls around here estate are immoral?

  82. Pelosi should be HUNG! SHE is an immorality!

  83. They are still building that wall? damn.

  84. What's Immoral is that 2 of her daughters were busted trying to cross the Mexican border with cocaine…so understand open BORDERS for her. Maybe research this worthless dumpster….Pelosi major investor in HAYWARD WAREHOUSE….where America's largest bust of China white heroin was. 4 billion worth!! Thanks Nancy for helping with America's drug epidemic. Could you please spend just a little of your drug fortune on some of the thousands of homeless sleeping on the streets within walking distance of your multi million dollar home on the bay. Maybe your cokehead daughters could serve a few community meals of rice-a-roni???

  85. Nancy .! Join the jeff dunham show,,

  86. A border wall is no more immoral than putting a fence around your property or locking your car doors. What an asinine statement.

  87. Imagine a elected U.S. official prompting illegal immigration. Hell hath froze over. Oops he comes the 5% tariffs to pay for the wall

  88. Is this the same woman who so enthusiastically proclaimed a few years ago that Trump would not be president? This performance is very similar. The wall will get built. Nothing makes me grow more conservative than when I hear a Democrat speak!

  89. Pelosi is sure to burn in hell for eternity–along with most corrupt Democrats! Thanks voters for the TRUMP REVOLUTION!

  90. Welp, she was wrong again. $4 billion Supreme court dollars says we are doing the wall.

  91. Time to scale the wall around her house and find sanctuary. She is so immoral.

  92. Take her money to I need health care.

  93. Make Pelosi spend a few nights on the border alone, no guards, no weapons, alone by herself. Let's see what happens to her.

  94. The Democrats don't care about repairing the Damage done to Black People by not having Border Wall Protection against illegal drugs and immigrants ?

  95. Close the dam wall, the war is going to boil over into America. I’m pissed and very concerned. Worry about us before anybody else c’mon use your head and get to work millionaire congress women.

  96. Hush, Nana. Americans want the border wall. Most of us aren’t driven around in limos, fly in military jets and have an armed personal security detail payed for with our tax dollars to protect us. You’re just angry your $ from human traffickers and the drug cartels will dry up with a secure border.

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