Hi sisters! James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel. I do apologise if I sound disgusting, I’m very very sick right now from travelling and I’ve been filming all day long.. This is video number six.. (sigh) Please save me, but you know what, we’re powering through. Cutting right to the point for this video, I thought I would sit down today and talk to you guys about My all time favourite brushes that you totally need in your set. I get messages, DMs, tweets, comments, all the time from you guys, Asking what brushes I love the most, what I use, and what I use them for. So today I thought I would just sit down and pick out my all time favs That I think everybody needs as their like base starter brush set and recommend them to you. I’ll say it now because there’s going to be a ton of comments on it, Almost every single one of these brushes are from Morphe except for a few outliers, This video is not sponsored, Morphe is not sending me a check for posting this video And I don’t know why people will always like comment speculating Whether or not things are sponsored. In case you didn’t know it is literally illegal to have a sponsored video And lie about it, like I’m trying to decorate my apartment, not a jail cell. That being said, I do have a coupon code with Morphe, It is “JAMES” and it gives you 10% off. That 10% is commission so it goes to me you do not have to use my code, I really could not care less, Trust me, it is just a discount that is there for you guys I truly do enjoy all these brushes. I mean the fact that they are this dirty and gross should Show you that I use them in every single one of my looks, So I really do love their products. Alright guys, so grab a pencil and a piece of paper and get ready to write down a ton of brushes I’m just going to go in the order of which I do my makeup routine, so, yah.. If you want to see my all-time favourites, keep on watching.. So you guys know for my foundation, I always use a Beauty Blender, it is like my holy grail tool, I really do truly truly truly love it, But some of you guys don’t So the foundation brush I use when I don’t use my beauty blender is the M439 ..and of course I left mine in California and cannot find it.. So you’re going to have to trust me on this one, it is a good foundation brush I’ll put a picture right here and it is $13.99, this video is already off to an amazing start.. The next brush that I want to talk about is the R0 and this is for $22.99. This is the most expensive brush I’ll be talking about today. After I do all my foundation and my concealer, and blend it in, I will use this brush and go into my translucent powder to really really lightly dust this all over the face just to get a light coverage of powder and lock everything in before I go in and really bake it up.. And I always use this to blend out my neck as well because we don’t want that line of demarcation, do you feel me sisters? The next brush that I use in my routine always is the E48, it is a pointed powder brush It is $8.99 and this is actually the first brush that I ever bought from Morphe. After my face is all set, you guys know I love all the coverage in the entire world, so I always go into my Mac Studio Fix foundation powder in the shade N3 I don’t know why I’m telling you that, that doesn’t matter But I always use this brush just to pack this right under the eyes, and in the center of the forehead, chin, and then right under the contour area as well It’s just like the perfect brush and it really packs the colour in there in place but doesn’t make it too harsh. Definitely would recommend this one. The next one I always use in my routine is the R7 and this one is $15.99 This is my bronzing brush, it is so freaking good. It’s actually pretty large for a bronzing paddle fluffy type brush I love English. This is the perfect brush for bronzing, it really does a good job of dispersing the colour on the cheeks and then I always blend it up on the temple, onto the forehead, back onto the other cheek, and then on the jawline as well. Definitely one of my all time favourite brushes. After bronzing my next step is always to contour, and for that I actually have two brushes that I always use, I have the M435 which is $8.99 and the M405 which is $7.99 And I actually prefer the 405 a little bit better, they are both angled fluffy brushes that are perfect for getting right on the hollows of the cheeks, and right on the outer edges of the forehead and carving out the jawline as well. I like this one because it’s a little bit more stiff than this one, it’s a little bit less floppy so it’s more of a defined line. Anyway, they work exactly the same, might as well just save a dollar and get this one, the M405. After I contour my face, I say a short prayer and I brace myself, because my next step is contouring my nose. You guys know that contouring my nose has been a long time learning process for me, It is something that I have struggled with for a long time because my nose is so oily, it never looks good, it still honestly could look a whole lot better, But the one brush that literally saved the life of my nose contour is the JadeyWadey 182 brush with Luxie That is a mouthful But this brush literally was sent from the heaven above. This brush was gifted to me in a set at Generation Beauty, so I never actually bought it, So I just went online to to look at the brushes, and I lied, this is the most expensive brush in this video It is $24 but trust me when I say oh my god it is so worth it. I always used the angled side to sketch out where I want the nose contour to be And then this side is perfect for blending it out and making sure that it looks really really snatched but not too drag queen.. Although, we love that look too. I don’t have a code with Luxie, and I know that $24 may seem like a lot of money to spend on such a small brush But trust me, this is so worth it, I’m not even kidding, this literally saved the life of my nose contour and it’s probably one of my all time favourite brushes, As stupid and cheesy as that sounds, I seriously would not look decent without it. While my face is baking, my next step is always to do my eyebrows If you’ve been following me for a long time now, you know that my brows have gone through a drastic change since the beginning of my Instagram page, And it was definitely for the better. When I first started off, my eyebrows were huge and I would pack on the Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow in the shade Ebony So they were so freaking dark and thick But when I did do that style of brow, I would always use an angled brush like this, This is the R44 and it is only $3.99 It has a spoolie on one end and an angled brush on the other end, But recently I’ve been loving brow pencils just to go for the more light and fluffy look. That is why it now has pink liquid lipstick on this end because I don’t use this anymore But if you still like that style of Insta-brow look, definitely would recommend this one to check out. Once my brows are all set in place, they’re probably looking crazy messy, so I like to go in and clean them up using my favourite concealer, And a flat-top concealer brush. This is the E43 and it is $4.99, this is the only concealer brush I ever use and it is super easy to just go right in and carve out a super straight and on fleek brow That is all I have to say about this brush, it is just really good. Once that concealer under my brows is all blended out, I like to go in with more concealer on the eyelid to then set my eyes in place to prime for eye shadow. To do this I always use my E45 and my shape tape and then Coty Airspun powder, I use the same brush actually for the powder and liquid and this brush is $5.99. It is just a short domed packer brush and it says on the website it is a mini detail contour brush, Obviously it’s a brush, you can do whatever the hell you want with it, It’s never that serious, But I really like this for packing the eyelids, It gets all the concealer blended out really really quickly and easily, and packs everything in place so I know my eye shadow is not going to go anywhere. With the face all complete and beat for the heavens, we are now ready for eye shadow. Trust me when I say you need this brush in your life, This is the M441 and it is $5.99, it says on the website that it is a pro firm blending crease, but there is nothing firm about this brush, It is literally the best big fluffy crease brush ever, and I’m not kidding I think I have at least.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. I literally have 6 of them that are just in front of me, and this is just from filming my looks today.. All my other brushes are in the other room. This is always the first brush I pick up when I do eye shadow, I just use my transition shade and I go all over the crease, The M441 is definitely something you need in your collection, I would definitely recommend ordering at least 2 or 3 of them. You will use all of them, I promise. The next one I want to talk about is the M433, this is probably my number one favourite brush from Morphe. This brush is $5.99 and is a fluffy crease brush, and it is basically the same thing as the Sigma E25 and the Mac 217, Those are like the holy grail crease brushes that literally every makeup guru ever has at least like 50 of.. It is perfect for hitting right into that crease area, it is condensed to the point where you distribute the shadow where you want it, But it’s still fluffy so it blends it out while you’re putting it there. 6.. 7.. Yeah, 7 brushes right here.. Once again, one of the ones that I have so many of but literally use every single one of them. The next brush that I want to talk about today is the M562 and this is another one of those that I have several of. You know when you’re doing a smokey eye or a half cut crease and you want to deepen out the darker corner, and you don’t have a darker shade so you know you have to use black, But you know if you go in with a fluffy brush and the black then it’s going to make everything muddy and gross and way too dark.. This is the brush you need in your life. It’s really really tiny but still fluffy so you can get right into the crease and the outer corner, and blend everything out really really seamlessly. I freaking love this brush. The next brush I want to talk about is the M224 and this one is $2.99. I have will go in with some Fix Plus or some setting spray, spritz this brush and then dip into a metallic shadow or a pigment And then pack it right on either cut the crease, or to just do a metallic eyelid. It is super duper dense so it is absolutely perfect for getting the shadow on there and making sure it is all there and super duper pigmented. Once the eye shadow is done on the top, I always go to the bottom, and I always start with the M562, the same brush I just talked about, I’ll just get even colour on there, and then the brush I always use is the M213. This brush is $1.99 and it is just a small detailed smudging brush. It is perfect if you have anything in the waterline that you want to blend out, or if you just want to deepen out up close to the lash line, Or do any detail work in general, really. This is perfect. I also use this brush for smokey winged liner. Next I always pop on lashes and mascara, and that’s just using tweezers and a mascara.. Not that deep.. No brushes involved.. And then the last step will be highlighter. My personal favourite for highlighting my cheeks is the M501, this one is $7.99. Personally, I am not a fan of fan brushes.. Uhh.. Ba dum tss.. For highlighting my face.. That was not f’ing funny.. I feel like it doesn’t blend out the pigment evenly and a lot of times I’ll just end up with a straight line of highlighter Which is never ever the goal. So I really like this one instead, it just gives a nice fluffy dispersed heavenly glow. The last and final brush in this favourites series, thank god, is the M431. This brush is $4.99 and it is a tiny pencil brush. Most pencil brushes are round at the end, but this one is a little bit tapered off, and it does have a slight point, So I always use the very tip of this brush to go right in on the tip of my nose and then I’ll just do one line right down the bridge to contour out my nose. Then with the same brush, and more highlighter, I’ll just go right into my inner corners, just blending that out, And then I’ll pop this on the brow bone as well just for that even highlighter all over. And there we go guys, that completes this favourite brush series, thank god.. Oh no.. Damn it. If you guys did enjoy this video, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and subscribe if you haven’t already. I post videos every single week and I would love to have you join the sister hood. If you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey, you can follow my Instagram and Twitter, they are both just @JamesCharles And my Snapchat for more behind the scenes style stuff, is @JamesCharless. Alright guys, thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.. Bye!

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