Mixing All My Highlighters Together

Mixing All My Highlighters Together

Hello friends and welcome to another video. Today, I’m gonna be mixing all of my highlighters together into one giant, hopefully dazzling, mega highlighter So I’ve previously mixed some of my makeup before including all of my nude lipsticks, my foundations, my eyeshadows, and my liquid lipsticks And I would say I’ve been overall surprised by how well they each turned out But beyond there being a lot of requests for this particular Franken-product I’m curious to see just what will come out of this Now I don’t normally wear highlighter on a daily basis because I’m a pretty oily person so I generate my own sheen throughout the day but when I go full glam and do wear highlighter, it better be full-on Nikkietutorials, Burning out your retinas shiny so hopefully mixing all of the powers of my highlighters together will achieve that. Also, a big thank you to Olay and Olay Daily Facials for sponsoring this video. Did you like that smooth from under the table lift? After many bad makeup science experiments, we somehow got sponsored I think they may have seen just how many makeup wipes we’ve used over the course of the series and decided they needed to step in and help So I have their pre-moistened wipes that we’re gonna use as our surgeons rags throughout the mixing portion of the video And I’ll show you guys how to take off your makeup with these dry cloths later on. But first, to the scraping. Let’s bring out those highlighters, shall we? For someone who doesn’t wear a lot of highlighters I do have a lot of highlighters here So I’m gonna try and get a little sampling of each highlighter using this scalpel here to just scrape off a tiny bit into the same pan and then at the end once I’ve done that to all of my highlighters I’ll use this makeup repairing mousse to try and set it all down and turn it into a usable highlighter I also have these two sheets of paper. One is for a fan suggestion to put a piece of paper underneath Where I’m like pouring things so at the end, I don’t have to just like wipe all the extra casualties away I can just pour it in, and also one for swatching although I feel like swatching highlighters on a piece of paper doesn’t really allow you to see the highlighter in its full glory because it looks best on skin, so I’m also gonna be swatching them all on my face. Alright, I’m done talking now. Let’s, let’s start scraping. Alright, so let’s begin with this one which I wear a decent amount This is the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in opal I feel like I have a decent amount of highlighters that are this tan, rosy color that are supposed to just be like a little bit of shine on your face But I do have some more odd ones like purple, rainbow, green glow-in-the-dark that we’ll get to last Alright, let’s scrape. Oh yeah. That’s a soft one. Yeah. It’s very velvety. She’s lifting right up It’s upsetting alright Let’s dump this one in that’s a decent amount actually doesn’t look like we’ve harmed it too horribly And now I’ve got a lot on my finger perfect cuz I got a swatch it on the face. That’s highlighter. Yeah That’s a good effect alright, so I’m gonna grab all of my like natural like nudie highlighters And do those first husbands bulbous It’s like a little boob ish creating a nice little areal amount are we gonna get demonetised for that actually this one’s pretty tough I feel like you could almost play this one like a drum You know those videos that like play all star on a thick cat for example All that glitters is gold It was meant to be oh This one has an engraving of a cute flower that hasn’t been destroyed yet should I kill the designer? That’s too sad I’m gonna create my own design. I was an agreeable heart. Oh, that’s a butt heart. We’ve got another one I’m gonna try and make a star this time. It’s like the highlighter color of like Patrick from SpongeBob This is full glam Patrick the inner machinations of my mind or and a neutral Here we can mess up the design on these ones cuz I don’t think there’s any space for us to do any freestyle That’s the most satisfying one yet It looks like some some spices got cinnamon some sugar some other spices all right So we’re nearing the end of the nudie ones, and I’m making some good progress on my face. You’re like beige Rudolph Oh, I do kind of look like a deranged reindeer I think one of the last nudie ones is this one from 7-eleven so it’s got like two different sides So let’s do them both and see if we can’t cascade them in it kind of looks like someone powdered up tums The only good tongues are the mint ones don’t add me. I’m gonna double swatch this guy cuz it’s got two sides I was about to call you miss That’s not okay alright, so I think that concludes the normal highlighter portion of this evening Let’s move on to the weird ones shall we look at that paper shine Staples is quaking alright. Let’s start with these ones. We’ve got purple and red and orange. I call this Charizard cheeks, and this icy blue one if the last one was Charizard cheeks This is Elsa’s buttocks. Okay, so next up We’re gonna blow through a couple like these salt and pepper shaker ones and this one that says it’s Hollow But it’s not really I think I should just complete my facial hair and make a highlighter mustache Highlighting the Cupid’s bow key you know what it kind of works alright, so this next one is very glittery this is the aurora glow kit by uh Nastasia beverly hills I Don’t think we should do this palette kind of like how we did the eyeshadows where we do a bunch of them in the row And then kind of cascade them in alright So this next one is a palette from huda beauty which Tyler calls hooter booty it is much easier to say than huda beauty Booties oh oh, it’s a magnetic palette. It is taking my scalpel with it I wasn’t expecting that who did didn’t let me know ok, so we’re nearing the homestretch I have five left in here, so let’s start with these rainbows now I never know what these rainbow Highlighters if you’re supposed to apply it like a rainbow or like mix them all together on your brush And then apply them so um yeah I think we should just Carve right down the middle, and why don’t we put this one like right between my eyebrows like a little unibrow? Oh, that’s it’s actually that’s actually a nice highlighter highlighter And yoonah brows sounds like it could be an Instagram trend to be honest all right So we’ve got two highlighters left one of which is the famed fenty Beauty trophy wife highlighter This is a little painful, but this is gonna bring some serious sparkle to our concoction. It’s a sacrifice For science. I’m not saying that Rihanna would understand But maybe she would you know I’ve spent about an hour and a half putting Highlighter on places that there definitely shouldn’t be highlighter, and I haven’t highlighter under my brow bone So let’s put some there so last up is this glow-in-the-dark highlighter I wonder how much of this we would have to put in for our concoction to also glow in the dark all right That’s enough. I’m doing a lot here people attempt to make the entire thing glow in the dark. It’s now green Okay, so we are done putting all of our highlighter scrapings into the little pan I just counted and it looks like we’ve got 45 different highlighter colors in there that means I also have 45 different colors on my face right now I think we should collect all of the fallen shavings and put that in as well And then next I’m gonna use one of these little sticks to mix our mixture all together I may also have to do a little bit of grinding as well because some of the chunks are kind of big okay? So I think now that we’ve mixed it up We’re ready for the moon mousse Which if I remember the process correctly you basically? Pat down the mixture with the spatula and then squirt the mousse onto it Oh, I forgot that this thing just disappears like magic all right now I’m gonna let that absorb in and then pack it down again Did I put too much on I’m really curious to know as to why that one spot is just like poking out? Oh my god. It’s opening up. Oh is a bubble Wow alright it looks like things have calmed down So I think I’m ready to press this down one more time before we go to bed I think that if I just leave it open overnight. It’ll hopefully evaporate out anyway if the liquid still there It’s a liquid highlighter and besides the mousse it looks really fun and shiny in there So I’m pretty excited to get this thing on my face and get the rest of these off my face alright So we’re going to whip out our only daily facials five-in-one water activated like lots instead of just being a makeup remover They’re supposed to remove your makeup, but also cleanse tone exfoliate and hydrate got a lot of stuff going on there all right So I’m going to put it under water, and then you kind of rub it to create a lather And then this is what I do so we can get ourselves the California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. Oh wow look at that. Oh Nothing more satisfying than like a fully used makeup Wipe these things definitely do a pretty thorough job of taking your makeup off I’m someone who like oftentimes uses an oil-based cleanser to remove my makeup and then a water-based cleanser to like take the oil off and something that’s cool about these is that they kind of take care of both oil and Water-based cleansing in one all right, and then when you’re done taking off all your makeups You rinse the cloth again to kind of like finish off the job well. I forgot to go into my lips I forgot that I put highlighter there too. All right So I am all washed cleansed toned Refreshed and ready to go so we’re gonna wrap up for the evening and tomorrow morning We’ll check back in with our Franken highlighter, and see how it’s doing all right, so it’s the next morning I’ve come to inspect our Frank and highlighter, and it seems to be looking okay, so laughs I’m gonna press this thing down and then we’re gonna do our makeup and put this bad boy on the face So I’m showered now and ready to do my makeup. Just looking at it in the pan right now I think it’s dried down to be like pretty rose Goldy But let’s watch it on my hand and see how it looks before we get into the face. Oh wow Holy crap that is actually very pigmented. It is super pink though It’s definitely more rows than gold in my opinion It feels really soft and nice though the texture is very nice so since we’re nearing a full face of Frank and makeup products I’m gonna also wear my other Franken makeups today, and you know just have the whole family together, so I’m gonna do my makeup Right now and make sure to use the Franken foundation the Franken shadow and the Franken nude lipstick So I think that with all the other Franken products on my face We’re ready to go in with our rosy highlighter. All right here. We go the cheekbone I Mean that’s there already. Let’s do the other side here. This sides slightly more wet lit I don’t know if I’d call this blinding yet. Let me apply a little bit more Let me put a little bit under my brow bone Cupid’s bow and then tip of the nose, right? I don’t know. I said a lot of fun All right, you can definitely see it on the nose Wow hello all right, so it’s on it’s not necessarily blinding in this light But I’ll show you guys How it looks under my like LED panels next door and then also outside in the sunlight all right so here I am in artificial light, and you can definitely see it in here. It’s saying hello. Oh Is what it says yeah I definitely put so much of this stuff on that it looks kind of like me on a normal day After like 10 hours of being outside so that’s a lot of oil that I would have produced 10 hours outside with my glands We’re megawatt all right, so we’re out in full Sun now T: Oh, it’s a little shimmery S: ty what do you think of it? T: I could see your face looks a little globish, orbital, celestial. Is that what it was supposed to look like? S: Celestial is better than globish. T: globish like it’s kind of like like the beginning of planet Earth when it comes around. It’s like that big bright light. S: ah So it looks like the Sun? T: it looks like the Sun. S: That’s good T: That’s what I meant. S: alright, so we’re here at the mall, and we’re gonna be looking for a dupe Franken highlighter I think I’m just gonna swatch them on my hand and try and find a dupe I guess we could swatch on the face But my face is tired of being swatched upon. alright So I’ve got two fistfuls worth of swatches of possible dupes for the Franken highlighter at first I was trying to swatch a lot of them that were sort of like Pinky looking but a lot of those ones that look pink in the pan end up kind of like bold peachie on the skin But these on my right hand are the better swatches this one is the pink shade from the Sephora luminizing palette And this one is the hourglass ambient lighting powder in mood light all right now. Let’s confirm If anything the Franken highlighter is just like a more shimmery version of these guys Maybe that little bit of extra shine is the glow in the dark speaking of that How should we see if this thing is cool in the dark? Just go somewhere dark and see what happens is that how the other one works? I think so okay So it turns out the way you test this glow in the dark highlighter is the black light so um We got one just so you guys know This is what the glow of the dark highlighter looks like next to a black light nice well That’s crazy, okay And then this is our highlighter with the black line on it look at my mustache right now is it cool in the dark Oh, there is a little bit of it. Yeah Cupid’s bow? Do you have any under your eyebrow? Oh? Yeah, did she’s not so much I guess I think it’s hard to see it because it’s more spread out I think the Cupid’s bow slash mustache area was somehow allocated a lot of the glow-in-the-dark pigments I don’t know. What all the other respects are around my face There’s like blue specks – what is that it’s questionable alright So that was my day wearing my Franken highlighter when I first put it on my face in the sort of like shady natural light of the other rooms It didn’t look like super super shiny But once we got under the artificial lights and then out in the Sun and also when comparing it to other Highlighters in Sephora, I was pretty impressed by how it looked one of the interesting things to me about it Is that there were so many interesting colored highlighters that went into this Franken highlighter and on my face it looks pretty normal That said I was surprised that I could see some of the glow-in-the-dark pigments on my face I did have a little bit of a heavy hand in there You know just trying to get some in there but um I don’t know my moustache was a glowing and that is my Desired look so all in all I would say this is a good addition to the Franken family They all seem to be living in harmony together on my face right now I actually think they sort of suit each other all the siblings Getting along so thank you guys so much for watching if you liked that video make sure to smash that But if you want to see more videos like this make sure to smash that subscribe button and once again a big Thank you to all a daily facials for sponsoring this video They’re the five and one cloths So they’ve kind of got their own Franken thing going You can pick up your own olay daily facials dry cloths at or also like pretty much any drugstore They’re around. You’ve seen them. Probably a big shout out to Kirsty for watching Thanks for watching Kirsty, and I will see you guys next time

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