Minecraft with RTX | Official GeForce RTX Ray Tracing with HD Textures Reveal Trailer

Minecraft with RTX | Official GeForce RTX Ray Tracing with HD Textures Reveal Trailer

[Alex Dunn]: We’re thrilled to announce
that ray tracing is coming to Minecraft. Together with the Minecraft Development
Team, we’ve implemented from the ground up a
state-of-the-art path tracer. To showcase this technology to its full
potential, we’ve added a physically based material pipeline to Minecraft. We’re excited to see what realistic
environments creators can come up with. Path tracing simulates light
as you might expect to see it in reality. A good example would be
global illumination. You see how the light enters
through the window, bounces off the ground, and illuminates
almost the entire room, Because we’re simulating
individual rays of light, color mixing occurs
just as it would in reality. Now with ray tracing, we can
simulate complex light interactions with transparent objects,
such as refractions and reflections. One of the features we’re really excited
about is per-pixel emissions. We can light things in the scene
based off of textures. Varying levels of roughness allows us
to demonstrate different levels of reflectivity, depending
on the material on screen. Micro facets in the surface of an object
describe how rough it is, such as smoothed gold
or polished metal. Ray tracing is going to take this
to the next level. And I’m really excited to see
what the Minecraft creator community is going to do with this once
it becomes available.

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  1. Learn more and see some HD texture ray-traced screenshots in our article:

  2. now I can feel like I'm in nether

  3. Look like next generation game after rtx on!

  4. Minecraft has never looked better, that's for sure. Don't show my son or he'll make me buy a new GPU

  5. RTX in mincraft: cool
    Realise i got a 1070Ti: oh
    RTX available on 1070Ti with slightly limited features: YEET

  6. I wonder how exactly it went when someone said "let's enable rtx for minecraft, people loves minecraft" xD #RTXOn

  7. pls help how can i get the RTX ? pls !! i cant find any tutorial that show how to get/instal them !!!

  8. Still looks like shit

  9. Can't wait to see what people make with #RTXOn in Minecraft

  10. Nvidia is paving the way for future realism gaming #RTXON

  11. when is this coming 😀

  12. It will be new level of playing minecraft

  13. I've played Minecraft since 1.4. This is so different! #RTXOn

  14. This ruins minecraft in a good way

  15. Watching all these videos with #RTXOn is such a tease 😩

  16. Will this eventually come to java editon?


  18. A bright future for gaming graphics #RTXOn

  19. i'm so glad i bought an RTX 2060

  20. Where can I get these textures? I want that more than RTX

  21. maybe my computer will burn one day😂

  22. Can i run minecraft on rtx 2070 no super

    IT'S BLOCK TIME.. revived

  24. I wish they added this to pocket edition

  25. cant wait for halo infinity and the new project scarlet

  26. Me: You haven't touched Minecraft in years, why would you ever need to go back to it?

    Nvidia: Minecraft with ray-tracing.

    Me; #RTXOn

  27. Me: You haven't touched Minecraft in years, why would you ever need to go back to it?

    Nvidia: Minecraft with ray-tracing.

    Me; #RTXOn

  28. this looks fantastic!#RTXOn Really wish to play Minecraft with RTX on lol

  29. With ray tracing you can lose yourself even more in Minecraft

  30. is this really minecraft?

  31. I mean I am literally speechless
    What should I do somebody guide me !!!

  32. R = Ray
    T = Tracing
    X = (i dont know lol)

  33. My childhood is basically being remade. #RTXon

  34. Microsoft/Mojang = Oh noes we can't release the super duper graphics pack
    Nvidia = hold my beer

  35. i have 2060 can it handle?

  36. You gonna do Roblox next? #RTXOn

  37. Minecraft comeback with raytracing #RTXOn

  38. 2018. learning 3ds max and blender for modeling
    2019. playing minecraft with rtx

  39. 0:47 ебать , так и должно быть(нет) убогие обрубки nVidia ничего не могут противопоставить амд, та же rx5700xt ебет rtx 2070s и в хвост и в гриву, нвидиа выезжает на лучах, но продажи говорят сами за себя
    fuck , as it should be(not) miserable stumps nVidia nothing can oppose AMD, the same rx5700xt fuck rtx 2070s in the tail and mane, NVIDIA goes to the rays, but the sales speak for themselves

  40. Don't worry with optifine it should run just fine.

  41. My dell inspiron is stopping to watch this video … and Flashing You Can't play this game !!!! #Nvidiaislove #DreamNVidia #Gameready #RTXon

  42. Would love to see #RTXOn more games

  43. we cancelled the super duper hoax for this…. like come on geforce atleast make them have a better excuse cuz this is bullshit, we can already do this on windows 10 its called an emulator, geez

  44. The comparison with the water is legit false advertising.
    It's not just the ray tracing, it's new textures entirely.
    Nvidia at it again with their shady business practices. #RTXOFF

  45. When's the release date?

  46. hmm i see the bedrock players have a worse optifine

  47. But its false advertising, such thing doesnt exist. Or point me in the direction I can use it with my 2070

  48. That moment that you just bought a new pc with i9 and rtx 2080 and seeing this lol


  50. Who would have thought that you could make Minecraft look this good?!? RTX for the win man!! #RTXon

  51. Herobrine removed.

  52. My son loves Minecraft

  53. 2010: I wish my pc could run minecraft
    2019: I wish my pc could run minecraft

  54. No one:

    My PC: I decided that I want to die.

  55. 👏👏👏

  56. Can I play this?

    My PC: yes…but actually no

  57. when is it coming to minecraft

  58. How do you turn it on

  59. lo maximo !!! bien ahi ;3 sera todo un existo .. saludos desde Peru

  60. Is the only difference between this and shaders that RTX is more scientifically accurate?

  61. whens this releasing?

  62. The real question is, will this be an option in game or will only people that are willing to go through several steps to add it be able to enjoy it?

  63. Upload to download the texturepack po sapo culiaos!

  64. Love Minecraft. #RTXOn

  65. Can this texture run in nasa computer?

  66. My only question is what things can run this? Like do you *NEED* a NVIDIA card to run this or does the NVIDIA just make it better because I don’t have a good PC and I want to use this but I don’t want to buy an expensive card. Also can it run on consoles like PS4 and Xbox or switch?

  67. whats the point added RT to such a low level graphically challenge game, if that's the best you can do,, wow… would it be possible to allocate time fixing some of the drivers.

  68. No wonder I can't enable RTX. it's not even out yet lol, I guess I gotta keep using a shader til then. Damn.

  69. Hmm I hope there will be a ram card for phones

  70. Imagine not being able to run minecraft…… 😥😥😥

  71. Ставь лайк если от Марина

  72. Anybody knows the resourcepack??

  73. Hope you dont forget about the kids with years old PC's. After all those where a lot of the first players.

  74. how do i get this i have a graphics card that supports it and windows 10 mc but i cant find nividia rtx ray tracing anywhere

  75. This is so exciting. I was thinking about buying an RTX card for the new DOOM game but since minecraft will have ray tracing too I'm pretty much sold on a new 2060 or 2070.

  76. Nvidia you gotta test if your drivers can handle entire TNT Worlds without lags, we need to see a proper non-laggy recording, that would be a new achivement for mankind

  77. Now I can burn my graphics card faster

  78. 0:58 – What are these blocks?

  79. Not going to change my gaming laptop until new and affordable ones come with this technology.

  80. what is that texture pack? i have rtx but i dont know were i can download that

  81. I just got a 2070 how do i do this

  82. how do you turn it on?

  83. All of the advertising my NVidia so far has been "RTX ON" and "RTX COMES TO MINECRAFT" but as of yet, RTX is OFF because it's not here yet. Is there a release date for this particular update?

  84. Breaing minecraft ray tracing to java edition PLEASE!

  85. omg… surprised pikachu
    I’m sorry I need to calm down I just thought you guys need to know that awesome little brainstorm I just came up with 🤨

  86. When minecraft looks better than real life.

    God: what the fuck?

  87. Map download link plssss

  88. how much dedotated wam do I need with this RTX in my server?

  89. That moment when minecraft with RTX looks like a interior designers 3D mockup thing…
    P.S. Quake 2 RTX has weird microstuttering or something when maxed out, mostly because of de-noising. Using RTX2070 Super. FPS's are great, but it has some stuttering.

  90. Enter nether with ray tracing:


    Flaming Pc from the lava:
    No one:

    Not a single soul:

    revived pc: that was hot

  91. looks at pc

    Pc: ight I’m outta here

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