“Minecraft in a Week” with Default Texture Pack

“Minecraft in a Week” with Default Texture Pack

So in the minecraft in a week video I got quite a few people asking me, hey Matt how does your game look if it uses the default minecraft texture pack. And this made me curious to know how it looked myself so I decided to you know open up paint and move the textures from the default texture pack into my own one. And this is how it looks. In my opinion my own textures actually looked better in this version of the minecraft game but that’s just my opinion of course. The only texture that I didn’t exactly manage to get correct was the grass one. And this is simply because of how Notch decided to implement grass in the original minecraft texture pack. The original texture pack can be seen here and if I zoom in on the top left, which is where the grass texture is, you can see that it is not actually green its more of a grey colour. And the reason that he did this is so that he could change the colour of the grass depending on which biome the grass block is in and obviously this is something that I was just simply unable to implement in my 1 week of creating minecraft. And because of it I had to colour in the grass myself, and I did a terrible job of course. And I guess I’m sorry about that. Anyways if you want to try out this version for yourself, then I’ll put a download link in the description below. Anyways once again thank you for watching enjoy the rest of the video, and Bye!

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  1. Could you try to implement weapons and tools, probably some other thing in Minecraft?
    Take your time learning tho, dont what ye to rush on this masterpiece.

  2. You could've used the old grass texture since there weren't any biomes before alpha 1.2 but ok

  3. I did this myself before this video came out

  4. I am looking forwards to studying your terrain gen code also is there any clause to code reuse aside common sense politeness?

  5. I used the default textures without the weird grass like the original ones

  6. You need update it and make a multiplayer mode. And the. Palm trees are ugly. Make them like something other. And if you can you can change skins. And make pvp and add mods and plugins for the multiplayer that you are making. Or make a tutorial of how to make a server. And make the jumping better.

  7. For some reason, this is really unsettling to me… I can't explain it

  8. Could you make a functional Minecraft game, e.g. Tools, ore, etc

  9. mojang itself says that creating the first version of minecraft takes 1 week

  10. Go make a better "Minecraft"! We believe in you lol.

  11. Would be cool if you did something in roblox studio as it uses c++ I believe

  12. How to make Minecraft in a week


  13. Looks dumb, but that's just my opinion

  14. Ok… Now I want some volumetric lighting as well as ambient occlusion, global illumination, complex particle rendering etc. etc.. etc.. etc.. etc.. etc.. etc.. etc.. etc.

  15. This guy should help microsoft with this game

  16. 1:25 why some blocks are dirt and not grass?🤔

  17. The grass texture looks almost identical to the grass that was in the old-old Betas and Alpha, good work 🙂

  18. Can you make a texture pack with your textures for Java minecraft 😉

  19. When will you make it AMD compatible?

  20. Minecraft with a beat just plain out cringe

  21. Why is the bed… that?

  22. Why wouldn't it work on AMD cards tho?

  23. Can you port this to android?

  24. Is that Rangiku on the bed Texture

  25. can you do something else then minecraft

  26. It would be really cool if you did a challenge to create a complex level of donkey kong country or one of the older super Mario bros in a week

  27. the trees are kinda ugly

  28. fact: thee first version of minecraft maded only 6 day

  29. Wow its really really really good :#

  30. Looks like early versions of minecraft

  31. LOL 1/10 AHAHAHAHAH jk 🙂 noice job m8

  32. Hopson! I think you should make a series about creating an original game! No time limit, but It's great just watching you coding these games! You're great at this!

  33. I'm wondering if The official minecraft now will ever change from java to something else 😮 and how it would be like if it did.

  34. you could probably make the game in a month

  35. Based on the pictures I assume you use value noise (?). You should probably use a combination of 2d and 3d simplex noise, where the 2d noise determines the height of the terrain and the 3d determines whether there's a block at that position (it generates caves). It's how the original game does it.

  36. Whats wrong with that bed jesus, kids watch these videos O-O

  37. Just found out about your channel and already loving it! Keep up the good work 😀

  38. Why C++ over java?

  39. I was wondering if you could possibly do the one week challenge on Realm of the Mad God. I don't know how hard it would be but it would be quite cool.

    this is probably going to get lost in all the comments

  40. You have to try to make gta v version or hello neighbour but to runs on low pc 30 fps if it cant in 60 i want to see you make gta v and hello neighbour.

  41. C++ do 1 week Zelda 1 or 2

  42. Please do Mario or Pokemon

  43. You should try to remake the game cities skylines or Kerbal Space Program!!!

  44. Just get the gray texture put the hue up

  45. that bed texture tho.. xd

  46. Wich version of your minecraft you think is better, Hopsoncraft or MinecraftInOneWeek?

  47. Hopson bro make a 15k sub special

  48. Will the future provide a mod api? Similar to java version of minecraft forge

  49. You can use "Color Replace" function for grass thanks

  50. what program do you use to code it?

  51. You need to finish it so it's the actual game 😀

  52. I love how your subs tripled in just a week lol…. I mean, you literally JUST had your 5k subs video 6 days ago and you are already at 16k haha. I subbed for your game engine series but really enjoyed watching the minecraft one (even though there were some bad practices and other things)

    Also fuck youtube for unsubbing me lol..

  53. Will you add animals?

  54. Can you make it into Survival.
    Then make a series of it

  55. 130FPS on my Pentium G4560 using iGPU with 1GB of graphics memory (8GB, 2400MHz, CL15, Single Channel) WOW. +1

  56. Can he improve it make it like it is currently or "update it"

  57. Ur satisfying man

  58. Dear God that bed texture at 0:44 is from Bleach lol fuck'n Rangiku

  59. Programm another week! I would like to see what more u can do 🙂

  60. If you decide to release the game, please keep this world generation as a choosable option, I'm a fan of weird worlds, and i disliked when minecraft removed it back in the early updates.

  61. You should try and give yourself more time

  62. Try to make android version

  63. You are the coder! But FOV is too big. Fix please. Hello from Russian Hackers)))

  64. definitely gives me some classic mc feels, throw some water animation in there and you could've fooled me

  65. might have skipped parts of your videos, but does it fully generate blocks all the way down? or does it only generate like the top layers?

  66. If you use, you can achieve the same effect as the grass in java/pc mc by using the multiplicative brush setting and setting r and b to 0 and changing the g on the brush so that it changes color.

  67. people are interested in this… if you can keep it your own thing and keep it fun, it could be a great a series!

  68. i like the formatio of the wordl

  69. Hello! I have found a bug in ur game. If a player places a brick where they're standing it teleports them, instead you should make it so it has a error sound and doesnt place it.

  70. what are those 2 white pixels on deadbush texture at 2:14?

  71. It's funny how much this looks like the InDev version of Minecraft, it is probably the lack of shading.

  72. This looks better than the normal minecraft

  73. I have a question, I want to create 3D games, I know basics C++ and I know how to use Qt Library, what should I chose between : OpenGL / SFML & How to learn it. Thanks. (Sorry for my english i'm french and only 12 yo so ^^)

  74. Hopson, you should continue making this game. Make it original, so it's not one of those Minecraft clones.
    For example, add a questing system, or ranged weapons like muskets. Other than that, keep up the vids 😀

  75. that outro music fire tho

  76. HOW DO YOU FLY??????????

  77. You could have just pasted the grass texture from some google image off of the internet onto your texture pack.

  78. Heu what about the smoot light render. This can be done with transparent textures whats faded on one side. Then in the C++ you can rotate the texture to every side. If the block is on west side the black faded texture will be on the west too. With light it will be almost same. Good luck with this awesome copy of Minecraft!

  79. Youre in Logdotzips video LOL Nice Hopson

  80. Whole team with experience and years of work
    one hoppy boi

  81. Logdotzip made a video about this

  82. Can i play the game with an friend together

  83. The older versions use coloured grass

  84. I hope you continue with the game and make it big!

  85. Actually just use any texture from before alpha 1.2.0 because grass is green. For the grass plant just remove the red and blue values.

  86. Это просто ахуено!

  87. ahhh man on my laptop will not go this game because I do not have no invidia card and I did not know what to do and now you say it, ehh everything only hopson knew what to do: /

  88. 0:42
    BLEACH fans: Looks at bed texture heavy breathing

  89. it crashes each time i boot it up

  90. none of them work on my intel cpu computer. tried them all. point error at the beginning. watch your pointers!

  91. Palm trees don’t fit in with Minecraft for some reason

  92. Good job!!!! I like the part where I open the game and background white and an error popups "Not responding". WOOOOOWWWWW

  93. I actually fixed the grass texture!

  94. crap not a trap music of what i think is sweden

  95. you could have used the grass colors texture

  96. wellllllllllllll!!!

  97. 8:19 That's amazing

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