Michael Moore Proposes A Different Wall

Michael Moore Proposes A Different Wall

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  1. Wow. Colbert sure changed lanes quick when MM started talk'in impeachment at 7:01.

  2. Is it true that Michael Moore as well as his mother and father once had an sexual orgy with dead animals? That s gross ! No Wonder Michigan is a state for Losers

  3. you don't file & pay your taxes, you go to jail, Trump don't do his & he gets elected president, trust me, it will not go well for you

  4. havent seen Rosie Odonnel in awhile, welcome back Rosie!

  5. How you got Trump you voted for him.

  6. Take a shower once and a while please

  7. MM is such a doofus

  8. Multi-millionaire Moore eats 6 gourmet meals per day.

  9. Sadly, people will probably forget about the government shutdown fiasco when it comes time to vote next year.

  10. Ask him about who is works for. His boy Vlad.

  11. Moore is a fat ads with all the answers but has never done anything. Except run his mouth.

  12. When Michael Moore goes camping the bears hide their food.

  13. His humanising of both the cameramen and criminals is so important

  14. It's amazing how Moore rejects capitalism, but that is what made him.
    I guess that was his formula all along. Pretend you're against American conservative values while promoting the lefty cause, get people behind you in your phony vision, and then rake in the bucks. It's a pretty good way to make some cash because life is full of contradictions. Announcing that you're a conservative or capitalist to the world is not a very popular idea because these values have been shunned for so long, so why not pretend to be compassionate, a champion for the oppressed and for the downtrodden. That is much more appealing to the general public and the media, so you can use them to make bank. Michael Moore, a wolf in sheep's clothing? You be the judge.

  15. We are democracy we are free country
    And yet we have a tyrant in office
    So how we do explain that to the world when we as a country are the defenders of democracy and freedom???

  16. Michael Moore is predictable. He will constantly bitch for 8 years about any president that isn’t a democrat.. get used to trump mikey.

  17. The millionaire that preaches about socialism.. betcha you dont put up your bank details and money hidden you demand Trump to do. You fat lard arrse. Maggot Jew

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