Mere Sai – Ep 584 – Full Episode – 19th December, 2019

Mr. Kulkarni, today’s work
has been completed. I will take your leave now. Did I make any mistake,
Mr. Kulkarni? Thief! Fraud! I showed mercy on you. I gave you a job here. You are backstabbing
your master. How dare you talk rudely
to my family? Mr. Kulkarni,
what are you saying? What did I do,
Mr. Kulkarni? It means the same if you or your family
members do it. Control your wife. Today, she refused to sell
curds to my daughter-in-law. Why? Because she had to give
curds to that sage. That is why she has gone
to the cave. Mr. Kulkarni, Susheela
does not even know Sai. ‘Hari Om’. I think even you
do not know anything. And how will you know
anything too? You work here
the whole day after all. Your wife gives curds
to that sage. And I have heard
that he does not have food till she gives him curds. ‘Hari Om’. I think you have
no clue about this. But there is nothing
surprising in this. Santa was telling me that your wife
is very beautiful. This is not your fault. This is how
beautiful women are. Can you not control her? ‘Hari Om’. My sympathy is with you. But what do I do? I am seeing the outcome
of giving freedom. Listen, I am forgiving you
this time. If your wife humiliates my family members again I will not spare you then. If I know to help people I know to leave them
helpless too. Mr. Kulkarni, I am sorry
for what happened. This will not happen again. ‘Hari Om’. ‘Hari Om’. Okay, Sai.
I will make a move now. I will come again tomorrow. Ms. Susheela. It is not easy to follow
the path of truth and honesty. But this is the only way
to experience real peace. If a person is honest he need not give place
for fear in his heart. We usually stop ourselves from raising our voices
against injustice due to our fear.
Isn’t it? But we should remember that tolerating injustice
is equally a big crime as much as doing injustice. I did not understand, Sai. Sai’s teachings
are understood only when the right time
comes. What happened, Sai? Why do you look so worried? Ms. Bayaza,
she will understand my words when the right time comes. But will she be able
to muster the courage to follow my teaching? ‘What could
Sai’s words mean?’ ‘Is something bad
going to happen with Susheela?’ Greeting, Sai! May God bless you! Sai, my mother has sent
milk for you. Thank you, Uddhav. I was about to ask Tatya to get milk for me. But you all take care
of me so well that you give me everything even before I ask for it. Sai, this is because of the
person you are that we give you
everything we can. Sai, I will take your leave. My mother has asked me
to return home immediately. “Sai..” “Sai..” Sai,
you said you wanted milk. Then why did you not have it? “Sai..” Sai.. Sai.. Sai.. – Sai.. What happened to her? My daughter got bitten
by a snake. She was playing
in the courtyard. Sai, she is foaming
at the mouth. Only you can do something now. Have patience. God is very merciful. Sai, we have come to you
with a hope that you are always
the last resort. Only you can save our
daughter, Sai. Tatya. Make her lie on this blanket. “Sai..” “My Sai..” Are you feeling fine? “My Sai..” Sai, we knew
that you are the only one who can do the impossible. May God bless you! Thank you, Sai.
– Thank you. We will take your leave. Tatya. Pour this milk on land.
– Sure, Sai. “Sai..” “Sai..” Pour it cautiously and cover that place
with mud. Sure, Sai. “Hail Sai..” Hail the Almighty! “Hail Sail.” Daughter-in-law, you are back. Yes, Mother-in-law. I sold all the curd today. Here is the money. Listen. Yes, Mother-in-law. I kept 60 pots of curds
in the basket. All curds have been sold out. But you have given me
the money of 59 pots. You didn’t do this
for the first time. You have started stealing
from your family itself? No, Mother-in-law.
I didn’t commit a theft. Where is the rest of money? Look, I have no choice
but to question you. After all, you are the
daughter-in-law of this family. I have to keep an eye on you. Tell me the truth. ‘If I tell her that I go
to meet Sai every day’ ‘and give him one pot
of curd at free of cost’ ‘she will not understand
my emotion.’ What are you thinking? Why are you silent?
Tell me the truth. Mother-in-law..
– I am telling you. Are you out of your mind?
Will you kill her? What are you waiting for? Tell him that you will
never go there again. Why?
What is wrong in going there? What is wrong in that if I give Sai one pot of curd? He is a saint.
He is a fakir. Donating to sages
is considered as a virtue. What is wrong in that? Mother-in-law, do you know? The entire village treats Sai
as God. What is wrong in that if I am serving him? Please do not stop me
from serving Sai. Please meet him once. Even you will realise
how good he is how helpful he is. Sai, you are looking
at that lamp from a long time. What is the matter? I am looking at the flame,
not the lamp. See how it is shaking. Its oil is about to get over. The flame starts shaking when its oil is
about to get over. Even our problems are like this. Our problems bother us the most
before they end. They make us scared. Oh, God! Earlier, she didn’t have
the audacity to open her mouth
in front of me. And today, you are
arguing with me! Sire Kulkarni warned
me about this. He asked me to keep myself
and my family away from Sai. You have seen, right? Sai poisons innocent
people’s mind against their families. No.. He has instigated
Sire Kulkarni’s son against him. I have been warning you about Susheela’s behaviour
from a long time. But you trusted your wife
more than your mother. Have you seen
the consequences now? No damage has been done yet.
Keep her under control. You are absolutely right. She has started acting smart the moment she has gone
out of the house. I need to clip her wings now. Listen to me carefully. If you go out of this house
for any reason you will face dire consequences. I won’t give her any excuse
to go out. Lord Krishna,
everything is finished. I was feeling self-confident. I found the meaning of my life. Everything is finished. I found a solution
to get rid of the poverty. I was delighted to help
my husband financially. Everything got over with this pot of curd. Somehow,
I will tolerate all this. But serving Sai was
giving me an immense pleasure. I have lost that
opportunity now. How will I tolerate
that, Lord Krishna? Why am I getting punished,
Lord Krishna? What crime did I commit? The God has sent this cow to me. I might find another way through this cow. “..Hare Ram..”

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