Megyn Kelly joins Tucker Carlson in first interview since leaving NBC

Megyn Kelly joins Tucker Carlson in first interview since leaving NBC

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  1. Her boss at Fox was fired for sexual abuse? Shame on you Megan!!

  2. I hope Megyn Kelly gets back on Fox!!! She’s been missed!

  3. 🖕M🖕e🖕g🖕y🖕n🖕 and every "journalist" like her.

  4. I love Tucker but please dont have her on again.

  5. Why so many folks hating on her. Give people a chance guys. Easy now. Lol

  6. 12:35 it is doing a Fantastic job keeping it's lying teeth in it's own mouth for a change.

  7. 20:08 "l think about it F … Tucker …"

  8. They will shout "Impeach, impeach! But it shall not happen." – Kim Clement. Feb 22, 2014.

  9. Tucker the idiot brings back the closet liberal bimbo….Fox will make her the replacement for Shepard Smith

  10. As an observer, your career, stability and charm were on FOX. She made a bad career move when she went to NBC

  11. M Kelly whined about being sexually harassed by a very unattractive old man named Roger Ailes only b/c she knew it would get her a big check. Something about it says if a poor person did it & they probably have, she wouldn't have said a F'n word knowing she wouldn't get paid.
    Any harassment is wrong, but suing for money over it when you can, is as slimy as or worse than being a trial lawyer.

  12. Megan Kelly showed her true colors. She is SCUM and needs to return to obscurity.

  13. He did not sufficiently discuss Pizzagate.

  14. Ha. We all remember Megyn Kelly's immeiate reaction to Trump's election victory, so we'll less of the "They" thanks Megyn.

  15. She is discussting . Never once asked Alefantis critical questions. She covered for a sexual child preditor. But I guess it's tolerated because its not a woman…

  16. She's way to smug for her britches. Did not like her interview with Putin. She embarrassed America with her relentless stupid questions.

  17. She has changed a lot, not feeling the same way back when I used to watch The Kelly File, she was awesome, but now she has let all the Trump-derrangement syndrom take her over, she is just spitting poison, she looks toxic, she could fit way better at CNN, Fox does not need anybody like herself, when such an important election time is coming soon.

  18. Text…"you are lying through your fake teeth" to 30330

  19. Bring this slime on your show again Tucker, I'm leaving you

  20. Tucker made us a huge favor, now we know how it would be to have her back again, it would like having Alissa Milano at Fox complaining all day long.

  21. hey Meagan … you are a guest… stop fiddling with that pen…. employment signalling much? 😎

  22. No one cares about MeToo on Fox until it's a Democrat

  23. Talk about a bad career move when you have to come crawling back to your old company, but she probably made bank regardless.

  24. She needs a conservative hot beef injection.

  25. Shep leaves and Megyn steps in?

  26. Megan Kelly should be welcomed back to FOX… I believe if Megan is given an opportunity in a prime time slot at 7, 8, or 9 pm, she'll knock it out of the park!

  27. shes a fake. traitor

  28. Megan kelly is a spineless jelly fish….both left and right don't like her anymore

  29. She really dolled herself up for this interview. I can see she has been dieting too. This witch attacked Trump relentlessly and he destroyed her. He utterly annihilated her just like he has every single enemy that has come across him. Here's something for ya Kelly: TRUMP 2020!!!

  30. What’s scary is that Tucker has over 8,000 comments on this segment and around 1,000 on his other sites 😳yikes!! If his ratings went way up on this episode with Megan it’ll guarantee that the Murdoch Bros. will higher her back in a heartbeat.🤦‍♂️

  31. She’s beautiful and smart 👍🏼

  32. No thanks. She's trash and a total opportunist.

  33. Newspeople interview other newspeople. Utterly self aggrandizement.
    And everyone hates this beeeatch…
    Fake new,
    Fox is also a JOKE

  34. Hey FOX!!! We DON'T want to see HER STUPID FACE EVER AGAIN!!!!!

  35. She’s still got something against the president. She’s a fraud. it’s hard to trust her.

  36. Tucker I'm disappointed because number one Megyn Kelly got fired not quit and number two she got fired for blackface I'm just surprised with your fake news as you are afraid to even bring up the black face stupid issue the bottom just dropped out for your show if you ask me.

  37. This bth can't be trusted.

  38. I still do not trust or like her…at all.

  39. Bet she'd sleep with anyone at FOX to get her job back

  40. Settle for more Fox…

  41. I don't care what anyone says, Megyn is HOTT!

  42. Shepherd Smith leaves and now she shows up again???

  43. She ought to be co-hosting a show with Rachel Madcow Disease

  44. Megyn Kelly reaped what she sowed.

  45. No way. Send her back .

  46. Thank you to the person who liked my comment

  47. She belongs with the sick animals of CNN

  48. Give her and Donna brazile a show together… on the moon.

  49. Meghan Kelly adds natural Class to F.O.X., FoR HER BRAINS, THE TOUGH, THE HOT, THE VERY H.O.T.–LEGALLY S.P.O.K.I.N.G.! HA! I hope she, one day, soon tassels with some k.i.n.d.a.' d.u.m.m.y. who thinks he or she is smarter or more prepared than Queen Meghan. The quality I love about her will be seen. Again. I won't say what it is to keep down copy cats. But no one does as she did. Most people don't see it. I saw it and hope to see it again. Get in the ring with her…..I dare you. She is the prize—–fighter. You just wait. And there is a picture of her ( beauty) unmatched by most women. That… a standard that can not be beat. And she is too f.u.n. Welcome back when you are ready… QUEEN. America's queen.

  50. Goodbye Tucker, hello Kelly

  51. “I left FOX news because I wanted to be with my children”.

    Oh! She didn’t leave because of all the controversy and drama. LOL

  52. NBC paid her many millions for 1 years work with poor ratings, then she comes on Fox to trash NBC.

  53. Thumb down to bringing this awful person 👎

  54. I would love to see Megan back at Fox. I need my TV crush back.;);)

  55. Is she trying to slip into Shepherds spot?

  56. I would have assumed her name was Karen.

  57. Dang Tucker, wth are you doing even having her on the show?

  58. Get her back on Fox!!!!!!!!!

  59. Who’s here after bombshell trailer !!

  60. And why did Magyn Kelly leave Fox News? Don't really matter, all the same brand of media. Trump will drain the Swamp 2020

  61. Tucker…why???

    On another note why aren't you grilling the s*** out of her

  62. Megan was awesome and tells it like it is. Smart and may I say with respect very pretty.

  63. I will quit watching fox if they hire this harpy again !

  64. Please tell me she burned this bridge…

  65. Meg is a Despicable Cockroach

  66. She Bias. Period. She is defending these corrupt politicians.

  67. I can stand the snow witch.

  68. Megan don't go away mad just go away FOREVER

  69. She's a has been and a traitor like shep Smith.

  70. Megyn go to CNN they my listen to what you got to say.

  71. I am actually very sad that journalism has come to this. Journalism was the first reporting on historical events as well as peeling the curtain back… now look at it.

  72. I miss Megyn on Fox. Too bad things went the way they did.

  73. Remember when she said building 7 went down from an office fire? Remember when she said Obama was a Christian? Remember when she said Pizzagate was a hoax? Remember when she interviewed Gene Rosen of Sandy Hook? Remember when …

  74. She has such a good voice. She has a lot of other talents. But the voice is really something. Was a good call to get Charlize Theron to play her.

  75. A sobering, nuanced, and intelligent conversation with a beautiful and knowledgeable woman. I've only seen her work in passing, and had no opinion one way or the other, but she seemed honest. Very enjoyable.

  76. She needs to go somewhere else. Hope to hell fox doesn't bring her back.

  77. F*** YOU TUCKER for putting her on. I didn't watch – I commented only.

  78. I'll be wearing blackface this Halloween in memory of Megyn Kelly's career.

  79. I don't like MSNBC, NBC, don't like Megyn, don't like Matt Lauer, don't like Anderson Cooper, but Tucker is good stuff

  80. megan please take shepards spot

  81. They(the media) are professional liars. The job to obfuscate reality. Anderson Cooper is C_A. The game at hand is us against them. They steal our money in the form of taxes and award it to themselves. We now have a President working for us. Our last fifty years have had them in charge and changing the rules to suit their theft. At this point the cabal thinks the threshold has not been reached. The threshold is when the cat is out of the bag and the reality of who they are, and what they have done, can no longer be denied. Tomorrow a report will be released. If this report contains even a fraction of what it should, the game will be exposed for all to see. Then the question is how long can the media pretend they were not playing for the other side. We are hoping this can be resolved peacefully, however, we stand ready to do our part in order to "Restore this Republic", by restoring the rule of law. I stand by, at the ready.

  82. Women are treated better today than ever before in history…and this is the thanks we get…

  83. Megyn did not deserve a interview

  84. We knew Matt Lauer was cheating like mad and I think his wife knew too that was the word in the tabloids

  85. Megan is a total flip flapper, I watched her over the years and with time she became more and more of an hack, some people grow with the challenge while others implode, the most embarrassing interview she ever had was with Putin where she looked like a high-school kid trying to fake her way into the big peoples league.

  86. Glad to see ur back Megyn Kelly

  87. in a perfect world she would quit doing news and instead do porn.

  88. I wish she would fill shemps hour back on fox. What a loss she was.

  89. Why are they trotting out this old face in a new dress again?💁🏼‍♂️ she betrayed fox and now nbc, whats left for her to ruin?

  90. Megyn is so much better ar nighttime than daytime tv.

  91. An early interview with Howard Stern is a lot more interesting…

  92. We will be waiting for you Meghan, with baited breath..( baited breath?! '.e.e-uu! take a mint!) to see ( what the h.e.l.l.) will come out of your mouth. I love your mouth. its the s.e.x.i.e.s.t. thing about you. and your killer smile, killer heart, killer skill to F_ with their head and remain legal! ha! Plus you give a grown up assessment of what the h.e.l.l. is wrong with the world. I love stepping into Meghan 's. " dimension." Did I mention or d.i.m.ent tion, dimented newly minted as it could be….but worse?. I am entertained, inf.O.r.m.e.d., enthralled, inspired, satisfied, glad.i.f.i.e.d. , all if it. Meghan is great!!!

  93. Megyn kelly aka super karen

  94. I cant stand her. Please dont bring her back


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