Meet the 2019 MacArthur Fellows

Meet the 2019 MacArthur Fellows

I’m a philosopher. I’m an attorney and a restorative justice
practitioner. Cartoonist, a writer and a teacher. Conceptual artist. Privacy academic and civil rights advocate. I work on criminal justice reform. Theater director. Paleoclimatiologist. I’m an artist. I’m interested in creating music that isn’t
limited or defined by genre. I’m a writer and a cultural historian. I make landscapes and public sculptures. I’m a marine biologist. I’m a plant geneticist. I study the past to help us understand the
present and to reimagine our futures. I am a writer. Choreographer. Literary scholar. I am an
earth scientist. What we do is neighborhood development. Neuroscientist. Cognitive scientist. Evolutionary anthropologist and biologist. Poet and writer. I am a classicist and translator.

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  1. Josh Tenenbaum is a great choice!!!

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