McCoy’s Building Supply – Who We Are

McCoy’s Building Supply – Who We Are

The misconception with McCoy’s with some people is that we’re just a mom-and-pop. There was a gentleman that came in, and he had plans for um some condos
that are going up. So in the middle of us talking about
this pretty big project that he had he says to me, “geez i’d I didn’t realize that you guys were as big as is what you
are.” In today’s world after there’s a lot of unknowns. Being a builder, repair remodeler comes with a lot of stress. You deal with the subs, the vendors, the
financial aspect. Technology in buildings is always changing. So my job is to understand what our
customers looking for, and be able to provide them different
options. If we’re not there on time, if we don’t have the correct materials to
your job sites. If you have one big job go bad on you, that could really put
your company in jeopardy. Were big enough to take care of your project, but were small enough to
care. Our delivery service is exemplary. We try to connect our
builders & subs together. We take pride in keeping a good
inventory and great selection. We either have it or we can get it. We hand pull all of our loads in the yard and we’ve trained our folks to only give you the best quality that we could get. We have a very experienced crew that knows how to get the job done. If I tell a customer that it will be there by mid-morning they know that that truck will be pulling
in mid-morning. You know if we noticed something is not right we try to fix
that immediately. We’re there to help you with your
project from start to finish. We’re always looking for the opportunity to support our customer. 25% on because employers have
been with us for over 10 years. We have over 85 stores. We’ve been in the
business over 80 years. We’ve got over 350 delivery
trucks hitting the road any day of the week. You walk in and it seems like you’re still with your own family. We care about your
day, we care folks. It’s not always about
making money. We take pride in knowing that you chose

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