Maybelline Fit me, 8 Hour Hot Caribbean Weather Wear Test | Oily Skin | Trinidad Youtuber

Maybelline Fit me, 8 Hour Hot Caribbean Weather Wear Test | Oily Skin | Trinidad Youtuber

it’s a Maybelline we attached so I’ve
been trying not a lot I don’t be different our drugstore coffee shop
might be due for use me I wouldn’t be used in L’Oreal True Match colletion
that to me it was it will talk well but when it tried only tried all of them
darker than how I would have applied it so I know I have to do one shade darker
I mean one sheet brighter when you’re one sheet brighter so I’ll try it out
again and see how it goes but I did like the finish of the glory I’ll foundation
it it applied really well as I said it’s smooth and it’s light I wouldn’t say
it’s full coverage like the Revlon it’s more medium because I even though for me
for everyone if you just use one and it covers up the skin really nicely however
would be true much you will have to use a co2 because it’s very it’s not thick
it’s a very light foundation and it’s the same thing with the Maybelline it
was very like I had to use I had to use it like put our own two hoots to really
get the kind of coverage that I would have got Woodruff longer just want it’s
very light it’s nice and it applies mood it’s a matte finish so we want to do our
yourself and see how it goes during cause of DD and see when I start to get
oily because I have their boy litre he tries get on the camp you know
so yeah we’re gonna just do t wear test see how it goes – indeed I’ll keep the
guise of it I’ll do a video coming home from work so you guys can see how it’s
how it really lasts really pasa I like it – no it’s so nice and pretty
and it really has my skin a vibrant by use my Revlon be Revlon pressed powder
with the be me believe I forgot or something up depress water fatigue
really so not a lot but here the it did work well together because I even use
new forever on crime obama i promise because by my eyebrows tend to be greasy
training facility and it’s also kinda creepy
so yeah so they I look I would have you the color bring into the power to get
that pop of color that I like to use and I’m just a Patek metal you know you
dillos the Sasha much translucent and it’s a show put the top coat on Murphy’s
and massage effects it’s free to set the affirmation and please do me believe
colossal mascara me kissed ashes because I didn’t want any overly overly dramatic
eye lashes I like the light winter tickets today and I you see Sasha
screamer and lipstick and the BH Cosmetics royal fel appeal so he had the
car gonna let us see how this thing because guys I did a recording like four
times to give you an update you know with those ghouls and where we are and
how we got to act like she’s an ages so do that we know some of these and I love
the video to be with it’s the way a test for what is this photographer so today
we’re just gonna keep y’all updated University I’ll I’ll do another video on
so you’re gonna see probably buying know how it’s um
oh it’s loading up and then the other video at around 4:30 on my way home we
ought to see how it’s been looking fly to fuck back yes to that living is nice
from me but it’s a caucus Christy yes that was like wonderful and so needed like my eyes let me know in the comments
section what you guys think if I thanks to I just like to top artists and these
are like matte finish colors it’s not some it’s really just the quality eyes
kind of country that literally don’t be usually to do some people axial yeah
it’s like all over the piece but our an EP chunky let’s I got from ambrosia
cosmetics my video yes the ocean where I used it on one of my idols that I was
trying to create or recreate and just put a stamp of color from him from what
I like and on my waterline I use T I was the le gros neon pencil those pencils
are for something but a bloody expensive here like chili some dollars wrong serious choo-choo manic so guys yeah I’m
out so I’m going suggest I’m loving around 12 let you guys see how it is I
just see the face of him so I will be seeing that in just a salute and then in
the afternoon when he comes to pick me up the end and I’ll let you know what I
think about it if it stopped looking Kiki or bringing up anywhere I was using
Maybelline concealer on top because I find it was a little too light it was
Neil’s arm as thick as I would want it to be under the eye so I had to come up
with any girl Pro concealer in medium beige and it was mama I think I’m a
fizzle or brightness because it was just to connect so but they work well
together deeply well they like different so yeah so guys pick one and then the
other positive in you will see you guys in a few hours
alright guys this is the second part of my baby afternoon and just to give you
guys an update on how the foundation held up it did hold up really good and
always Imanol shine that has always been my problem here here and on my thing
about but in held up pretty good it’s the yeah I’ll have to decide a banana powder
or a blotting sheet and get rid of the excess oil and yeah but yeah maybe you
are in my lineup of things I like it I call it revenge and compliments on how
nice the foundation looks on the skin so yeah me believe you are one of my go-to
drugstore foundations around words by putting in my lineup of stuff yeah
so my next foundation test will be using it as a full coverage foundation and
I’ll pull stop the video and everything you guys see but I’ll do that one from
the beginning looking at the entire application oh well it applies and then
we will do an all-day Weah test and see how it goes but this is like it so I
caught this um Tiffany ads penny wise cosmetics well that’s our – Cole stole
here first together I just won in any drugstore stuff you should be able to
get anything it could be and where the people since already nobody may believe
it just like I rarely 3d mammal was rough Lord Queen so I tested out other
things and I am by killing me believe I you wanna see I’ll be using it quite a
few times in my videos now yeah so guys we are will be home you need to get in
there Oh relax a little bit before we we go
further now oh yes and on Monday it’s our wedding
anniversary and it’s like 16 years we are together we’ll do our video on Monday but that’s
together Yeah right if it was say I’ll be done for sure we’ll do a video of us together
celebrating our anniversary in right to 30 of for a free meal needs to be home
with her man so then for dinner and all that drama means we have a dress simple
I literally do the extra once we together and we’re happy for us that’s
all that matters so you just wanna see him how we do for
the anniversary just simple stuff makeup shopping so thank you for joining us
leave me a thumbs up guys comment in the comment section let me know comment
section already held it on my title let me know what your guys think of the
foundational nice it took so my skin if you don’t like a loving ay3 damn he
results fighting and if you lady I make up let me know sometimes video that’s
why see how I created all that yesterday just like yes so just leave comments any
comments section for those who are new I am besides so you can play and subscribe
to the channel yay a short man we haven’t subscribed to channel get to
know me I’m a crazy good so now yeah out oh my goodness
I’m going to do a video on an update all with those journey and just give you all
some insight on home we somebody take the tips we we’ve always loved but
goodness we just I don’t know like every time I go to record this thing it’s like
some drama with this I just but we’re gonna try again so darlings thank you
for joining me we are out this video should be up later on tonight
yes can I take a little Ivy night so see you guys

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