Making My Own Makeup

Making My Own Makeup

Hi sisters! James Charles, here!! And welcome back to my YouTube channel. It is currently six in the morning, And you’re probably wondering, “James, why do you keep filming YouTube videos this early?” I’m also wondering the same thing. For today’s video, we were going on a road trip! *is in shock* I wish I never did that. Oh my god! *screen beeps* Today, we together are going to be on a little bit of a… Road trip! I am so beyond excited because we’re going somewhere very, very special. And for today’s video, I’m going to be doing a full face of makeup using makeup that I am about to make. So I’ve been a beauty guru for about three very, very long years at this point. And thanks to you guys, I’ve actually been able to turn applying makeup into a full-time job, and I still pinch myself every single day. At this point, you guys see me pretty much do every single makeup look in the book. From classic everyday glam to crazy rainbow avant-garde realness. But, even though my job is to play with these makeup products and create art with them on my face.. I really don’t know that much about what actually goes in to making makeup. So for today’s video, I thought it’d be a really, really fun and educational to go behind-the-scenes and I partnered with Colourpop Cosmetics, a brand that you and I obviously know and love, and we’re going to taking a hour-long road trip over to Oxnard, California Literally, in the middle of nowhere, but that is where their laboratory is located Luckily, after a whole lot of convincing, Colourpop was kind enough to let me and my entire camera crew go behind the scenes and show you guys what actually goes on in these labs and we’re going to be making a full face of makeup… starting with the foundation and ending with lip gloss. And hopefully we’ll be able to come up with a really, really beautiful look in the end, and give you guys a little bit more information on the products that we’re all using every single day. We have a very long car ride and day ahead of us, so I’m going to quickly go hop in the shower and get ready for the day. This bed head is not cute! But, I am so beyond excited for what’s to come. So without further ado… Let’s go make some makeup. *Background Music Plays* Where are we? Three seconds in, and I already just stepped in mud… on the Balenciaga’s. It’s off to a rough start, ladies. Good morning, how are you? [Hannah] Good morning, too. How are you? Amazing, it’s nice to meet you. [Hannah] Nice to meet you, too. [James] I’m so excited for today! [Hannah] We’re all so excited. [James] Should we all head in? [Hannah] Yeah, let’s do it. Basically, we own, like, -nine buildings, like- [James] Oh, that’s everything! [James] Oh my god! This is gorgeous This is what sister sister ‘LLC needs. Honestly, I do makeup every single day as a job. But like I’ve never really been a part of like the actual Production process for and like school came pretty easy to me about science and math were, like, two of my favorite subjects of all time I actually really liked chemistry So I’m like excited today Low-key a little bit to learn more about it and like see what actually goes into the products that I use on an everyday Basis, [Hannah]Yeah for sure, You wanna access like, those different stations they are like, so prep. They’re ready We’ve like, picked the best spot for -like,
lighting *Chuckles* Uh, Hopefully! [James] *Undestinctive Talking* –Love that! [James]How long has colourpop.. like, been around and manufacturing here? [Hannah]So it started maybe like five, six years ago as like, a little idea.. So, Spats- Laboratories used to like manufacture for like all the big makeup brands that you know of and the owners now draw more Dawn’s over there! Decided like why don’t we just launched our own brands? Like, we know how to do make make-up. So, they like came up with the idea of Colourpop. They literally like, used to have their office in like a closet -So it was like this tiny little room .. and they would like go make the makeup and they like pack the order and then they’d Like drive it to the post office!- [James] -Oh my god’ [Hannah] Yeah- They’ve literally grown from like, a tiny little like, closet to this full-on like nine building facility. [Hannah] Yeah,[ James] that’s everything so Colourpop manufactures everything right here in- California. in the US. So which is like one of the major selling points- I feel like for a Colourpop makeup -[Hannah] Having everything in house means things are faster That’s our number one thing- So if a trend comes out later that day like the lab will have samples for us! *Laughs* [James] Oh that’s- -Oh my biggest thing, working with ANY brand is I’m very, very impatient! ‘someone I want to do that, like well that’ll take us six months, like I want it now.’ That’s so cool, because it so fast, it’ll be right there. [Hannah] Yeah, like literally- we’ve done collabs overnight we don’t recommend doing that but… So I feel like one of the other major selling points of ColourPop is the prices are very very low on most of the Products. [Hannah] Yeah, and that’s because everything’s in-house. [James] Right. [Hannah] So like we literally like down to like a little plastic mold [James] That’s right Here, too? [Hannah] yeah. [James] that’s so cool. Well, I’m really excited. Let’s get a quick sister snack and then head over to the lab. [Hannah] Yay! Welcome to our lab Hi! Thank you James, lovely to meet you! I’m so excited [Hannah] I have a coat for you [James] we have a sister lab coat [Hannah] Yes [James] Love this So we’re gonna have Isela She’s gonna be with you today and she’s be with you while you look at all the products. [James] Amazing! [Hannah] Here you are [James] Oh my god! Sister James, Colour Pop. That’s everything! Oh. My. God! *Background Music* I’m a sister scientist I’m a loser So I think we should go in the same order that I would do my normal routine then just to keep everything organized So I could like figure it out inside. So I usually start my own foundation. The foundation is pretty much mixed It looks like four different pigments that we have white, black, and then red and yellow. So it’s that easy? [Isela] That’s really easy And ColourPop has one of the biggest shade ranges of foundation ever [Isela] We wanna cover every single skin tone out there. [James] Right, right [Isela] when I have like every single shape or every single person that is out there [James] right I feel like ColourPop does a really good job of that and I feel, like, because it’s all done in-house, too, people always love to say Like oh it’s really hard to formulate certain shades. So when it’s all done right here You’re watching the entire process go down. So you get to actually make it happen. Okay, let’s figure out how to mix my shades together. [Isela] Put on gloves. [Isela] Lemme get a spatula. Number one primary color is the white [James] Ok. so you’re gonna start adding the white Okay, so about how much do you think I should add? [Isela] Just add like four grams. [James] Four? how much is four grams? [Isela] Okay, so you’re gonna put four point zero zero zero. [James] Ahh! Oh that’s point four. So to formulate forty two different shades. [Isela] Formulate the face and then from there we just create uh… all the colors. [James] right, so, like, how, like, what goes into actually, like, differentiating every single shade? It’s just literally just mixing the other different pigments and hoping for the best. is this good? [Isela] Yeah. [James] Or a bit too much? It’s ok. I usually can’t match my foundations anyway, so nothing will be different. *Laughs* Okay, so one more gram? [Isela] Yeah. Just gotta be careful ’cause some of the pigments are heavier than others see how this one’s a little bit thicker than the other one [James] Oh, yeah, it’s crazy because the littlest little drop will actually, like, add to it [Isela] Ok you’re good. [James] *screams* [Isela] Ok. We’re just gonna start with red. This one, you’re just gonna add point zero two. [James] *laughs* You’re killing me. Point zero two? [Isela] Yeah. One drop. There you go. [James] That’s good? [Isela] Yeah. [James] ok. Point zero one. [James] Oh my god. [Isela] And you gotta be careful with the black because the black pigments. [James] Yeah. It’s just the eye shadow once you add too much black, there’s no going back. Like that? [Isela] Yeah. Just tap it on the side of the beaker. [James] Oh my gosh. that one drop will change the entire color too, huh? science is crazy [Isela] You’re just gonna hold the beaker and we’re gonna start mixing it. [James] Oh my god! That’s my skin tone! Oh my gosh! That’s me! Maybe. according to my foundation at home. Can I match skin tone? No. will I make it work? Yes. It’s only for pigment [James] That’s so cool. [Isela] and it only takes five minutes for you to make For all the Browns who say oh we didn’t formally any dark shades, it’s too hard You heard it right here folks take 5 minutes. Make it happen. It’s not so hard to be inclusive. This is so cool. [Isela] If you feel like it, go ahead and fill it [James] Yes! Squirt it in there *gasps* And that’s my foundation. Oh my god! Wow! Ready to go! Oh my god. That was literally so easy [Isela] Do You wanna go into concealer? [James] Let’s do it so our concealers already pre-mixed. I’m just gonna be filling it in my little vial today Kind of fun. I guess foundation’s is really really easy But what is like the difference in formulation when it comes to concealer because the formula’s a little bit different really different [Isela] Yeah, completely different. We add more pigments. The load of the pigments is higher. Then we have more coverage in the Mother what is this hole that’s a wiper wiper. It’s just we shove it on there. There you go a Good dough fight. Oh, man That’s so easy. Yeah Yeah. Hello. I picked an egg bagels Kevin for the first two steps of a retainer literally all complete Full coverage moment. This is probably a better match than the foundation will be let’s be real pale and sad but good So what we do we have our base formula which consists of pretty much like cushion powders Mmm, and then we have our fighters and we have our pigment and then we have our liquid So different from foundation a lot alike the bronzers blushes and highlighters are a powder base correct as opposed to like a liquid, right? So then that’s when the pressing comes in because the powders are mixed together. Then you press and get into a pan. Yeah Okay, cool. So that’s what we’re doing today Okay, we’re gonna do afternoon delight okay, that’s a great color for me So then they’re similar to the foundation there’s like a different way that goes into each thing Yeah, so pretty much what you want to do with your spatula. You’re gonna spread it out evenly over Like the chunks out. Yeah try to keep the palak look Your bike they’re not really clear montage. It’s like would that be good for crossing? Yes, that’s good. Okay fun We just let me slide it right in here We lost a little bit of powder we can actually fix that a little bit with the psi So what this does this compresses the powders right? So since we lost a little bit we can actually press it lower So I looked a little bit fuller. Oh, that’s good. God, I’ve never forgotten. So do you want to do this? Yeah Okay, so just crank this down Right here like that Well of the club popper blizzard Paul proof you need that when you’re working with me, oh my god nothing little yay This is so this is a brother no, it’s normally a most thing I didn’t drop of it onto the floor And then it’s Bluffs pretty much the same thing – Let’s do it Just once again mixing all the pigments together, yeah, so like okay So for example for me, I usually like more like peachy orange II types of gloss for my skin tones That would just be adding more yellow paper. Yeah yellow And then an eyeshadow, well, right because you don’t want to put on the blush and have it literally take over your entire face So if it’s less pigment than what would be the other ingredients that are in there So powders that are in your base It contains a lot more of less than your pigment when we have a lot of liquids in it Sometimes you have to decrease because then we have talked about it with techno Keep it in there this time and this one’s a little bit. Okay I’m definitely just gonna happen. It’s a little bit harder than Would be around a thousand a thousand five hundred and Fifteen hundred like there You know Everything You know, for example the bronzer and the blush you like how it’s fluffy yeah a week said I kept requesting it Oh, so heartless. Yeah, cuz I know you see how it looks a little bit. It’s a little you have okay So for the next time I would have pressed it a lot harder with a higher psi To make sure it’s more in the pan. Yes sister you press it again So, we’re not gonna press it they got okay lesson learned So for next time I would press this a little bit harder to make sure it’s in the pan more Okay, that’s cool. So different formulas definitely require a different amount of attention So speaking of pilot or now that we’re done with faith products, let’s get our glow So now we’re moving needs lighter so women have some pieces fed, okay We’re gonna do which is gonna put it You’re gonna put it under this pressure You’re gonna prep and see how this already into really nice and low Put her into one of these so that we really have eliminates Are you just gonna pretend to do this magnet and we’re just gonna make sure there is First of all, that is really fun and this is how we make every single one of our highlighters out there in production but So what goes into like the making of a highlighter for you as opposed to a normal shop? It’s On there somewhere when it’s giving you this long is this Say depends on the size of the throw that you want to use. There’s one like a really high glitter effect, right? We’re gonna be looking for a larger a lot bigger In a defense of the under color of the pie night as well. Okay, cool One of the common issues that I feel are highlighters Is that when you put on a highlighter and it doesn’t really match your skin tone? Sometimes the faith you’ll see like that gray calcium or if it’s like a letter 1 euro be darker That’s when the base is not right for the skin tone and I’m not in the baby all in the colors It’s all a little rule. It’s all whatever the pigment that you use seen said it’s making you look wait Okay. Yeah, and that’s one of the things that we have to work on there, right? Yeah Well, we take it for a ballet show with PD They’re like, oh it looks kind of grey on my skin Right, so we have to get rid of the photo about tweaking the cause and every painter new for me Make sure that it works on all skin tone. It doesn’t get by a great car. Yeah, probably you’re ready. Yeah Into the walk literally already. This is so pretty Hello. Oh, I’m just gonna put down there the pressure. Okay. I’m just gonna just press all the way down We thought she already has been ordered on a job. Yeah, so you’re gonna remove so I’ll push it out push it up So already has glue on it, okay Because the magnet will do that for you. Oh my god, that’s so cool. Can I just rub it over? Oh Who is way stronger than I expected? It is slide it to the side. Hey you go and I was on there. Yep Oh my gosh, try watching a good sister SWAT, let’s see. Oh my god Hello, that’s the prettiest other that’s one of our number one. Yeah, I could see yeah look at it to the collection Things Perfect. Oh my gosh. Okay. Okay. Let’s move on to the next step So for all the plans we made so far today, of course We’re doing the classic color pop fertilize that we all know and love and that I love so many times But we didn’t want to do at least one thing custom not a half-bad. So I’m gonna be making a custom gloss today hopefully we’re gonna be That it looks good, but I wanted to make like a kind of like pinky peachy light new shade like a go-to everyday new It’s pretty much the same thing Here, what are you? I want like a peachy pink for like leading school. We more towards pink and peachy So therefore there should be more red. You’re gonna add more red then yellow I want less yellow right? Maybe not that much like that cuz we’re gonna find out Is there reasoning behind putting the block in there? What does it do? It’s not gonna be too bright Okay, so like how to mute the down a lot on that like that much I think That’s like you’re not that so like literally one like extra little crumb of bonding your entire color is wrong It makes a huge impact. Oh, I would be messing up lipsticks left and right here So we have my powders all mixed together mo Now we need to add at the liquid base that makes it a glob so good enough to wet the pigments I Just grind it together. Yeah, you just okay kinda fun kind of down. Oh That’s a good actual color We’re just gonna be like Adding your pigments in here. Don’t put your hand in there Ya don’t want to lose anything So I’m just gonna pour it right over top of here. Oh my god. This is what I always see in those Instagram videos. Oh My god, I so excited. Wait. What is this work just for you to get And then we pass it three times ready, yes, this is literally those Instagram paint mixing videos I watched those four hours Okay Now you’re gonna mix it, so once you pass it through three times it gets like that guys it’s my lip gloss So now that suppose right under here. Yeah, I Love these syringes kind of I’m not gonna lie. So this is just the plastic colourpop lip – oh my god. There it is That’s a lip color. Oh my god. That’s my gloss. Hello. That’s so cool I just made this you all just watch that happen comforter on yeah That’s everything. I like the best. Well, I’m probably really good at that’s probably it should do this as a job. Maybe perhaps, okay Yep, let’s do it All right, so we literally just finished baking almost my entire maker routine in one hour we to sit. I have a rethink All right here in-house custom made This is so incredibly cool But we do have one product left remaining and that is going to be of course The eyebrows the eyebrow pencils are actually many parts in a different building on the same facility So we’re gonna head it right over there right now so we can get my brows on fleek. What is that? Dear down down gotta keep everything sister sanitary Okay, we do the same repetitive Uh-huh. Oh, please please get the dog. Yes Just press this one and this one together And then the bread I bet this is fully Realized Okay Nobody, okay. So obviously this is my first time doing that but you’re like it I start up the brows How many do produce and like an hour? And hour a day And all of the other hand, yes, that is so cool Well, I’ll be taking one my videos that I thought I’m doing brother this but I it’s so cool. Oh Good around the assembly line now. All right sisters that is our lab day. Aw Complete we literally just made every single product of our makeup routine and only a few hours That was so crazy. And so cool to see everything here in person. Obviously, I’ll put a link up every single day We’re getting to actually see how hands-on it is I think everybody involved from the start to the end is such a cool amazing process Definitely has my wheels turning I’m feeling very very inspired right now, but that is of course for the future for right now I’m gonna take off my lab coat. Oh and my hair And we’re gonna head home and actually do my makeup now using all the makeup That’s I made all these sisters We are back for the lab and I have here my little bag of DIY makeup products that I made today I am so beyond excited to actually put them on I had so much fun Learning and seeing the behind the scenes process literally everything was so cool So let’s put on the makeup and a talk about everything started Sorry makeup today I of course like to go to my foundation first Always so I’m gonna grab the color pop no filter foundation in the shade Me. Okay, I’m gonna pray that this color is like a somewhat decent match Fedil too much yellow I literally had an entire team of professionals who do this every single day to help me with this and I still managed to make My shade wrong am I disappointed? Yes surprised Absolutely, not. Probably my favorite part of the entire day today was actually the foundation process just because I defined chemistry to be very very interesting and seeing what actually goes into like foundation is Really really cool over the past three years I’ve tried probably hundreds of foundations at this point but I’ve only really found a few that actually Really really worked for me and my skin which is so crazy because pretty much every major brand at this point has a foundation line or is working on one and it seems like all which this foundation but you guys saw the imagining out the ingredients today and literally one wrong drop of either Pigmentation or color or liquid or ingredient? And the entire batch would be completely wrong and could actually ruin the entire formulation so it’s actually so cool to see what goes into the first step of the makeup process in order to even out all of our Skin tones, although there are so many ingredients and processes that go into making complexion products Probably my favorite part of the entire day today We’ll see how easy it was to actually mix together different pigments to make different shades one of the biggest problems in the makeup Kennedy Whether you want to admit it or not is racism and Unfortunately that is not a topic that I am a stranger to but although it was a nightmare at the time my old tweets being Brought back up and me being held accountable for them oxy was probably one of the best things to ever happen to you It’s truly changed the person that I am today for the better And it’s made me realized that I have a platform of a lot of people watching me And of course they want to use that platform for good and I want to educate on behalf of issues that are really really important and Shade range is definitely one of those topics I feel like there been a quite a lot of foundation line launches within the past few years with shade ranges that can only be described as like just really really embarrassing and One of the excuses that big brands always seem to give when it comes to that issue is oh my god it’s so much harder to formulate the darker shades because we don’t want to get the undertones wrong and as a consumer as someone who Has never really been involved with the making of that process I am definitely ashamed to say that I’ve kind of fallen for that But after seeing it behind the scenes there is literally no excuse There’s four pigments. Add some more black. Add some more red. Add some more yellow Make it work. You saw here today folks. It’s apparently not That hard to be inclusive and I’m gonna let you in on a little bit of a sister secret and of course I don’t want to speak for anybody here But people of color would probably be really excited to see their shade range Represented and it’s a win-win situation for a business when you’re actually selling products Just thought I’d put that out there. All right sorry rant over, base is all on, I just set it in place, and now let’s move on to it chiseling this out Getting nice and snatched. I’m just gonna grab my M405 brush and dip into the custom Bronzer shade that I made. So for the bronzer and blush, I actually found the whole like pressing process to be really really cool clearly I struggled a little bit with getting everything together and not spilling it on the floor, but you know what? It’s my first time, accidents do happen I was actually so surprised because I did not realize that these processes were all done by hand I really really thought we were gonna be walking into the lab and there’s gonna be like 80 Million conveyor belts and machines all pressing and packing and mixing things together But almost every single one of the products that I was part of the process with today are actually all handmade in the factory every single day by hard-working employees. I think that is so cool So next up moving on to my brows, I made the shade brunette today And I’m just going to fill in my brows like normal. Mmm. That is a good brow Tea. I also really really love the process of making the eyebrow pencils too and let me tell you why obviously it was a whole lot different than all the chemistry and ingredients and formulations that were going on in the other lab but When I was a young kid, I used to be obsessed with Mechanics and figuring out how things worked My dad was a self-employed contractor when I was growing up and one of the reasons he was super popular in my town for jobs was that because he was actually able to do so many of the jobs involved everything from the design work to the actual construction and building to the plumbing to the Electricity like he truly was a jack-of-all-trades, which is definitely inspired my work ethic today I always loved going to job with him because of the fact that I got to sit there and figure out how things were made and how things Worked I loved mechanics and pulleys and levers. I was obsessed with cords. I don’t know how I never got electrocuted I had a very very strange obsession with vacuum cleaners don’t ask because I literally have no idea but I Found that realm very very interesting So seeing the machines and the mechanisms that actually put the brow pencils together was So cool for me not even gonna lie, even though there was a machine involved once again, though almost all completely done by hand No robots real human beings working at these stations producing up to I think 2,000 brow pencils they said a day which I think is so incredibly cool So moving on to the next step which of course is going to be my eye shadow I’m just gonna throw it and look quickly using the colour-pop, “give it to me straight” a shadow palette I did not formulate one of these in labs today just because I’m already familiar with the process So I just thrown this full cut crease a moment Haven’t done one in a hot minute now really liking how this is turning out But obviously I have a whole entire eyelid that I want to fill up So I’m gonna grab this super shock shadow that I created today at the lab and pop it on there I’m just gonna pack this shader right on the lid. Oh wow, that’s pretty And I’m quickly just gonna pop on a winged liner just to finish off the eye look oh my god that eyeliner is eight inches thick I’m so scared of that wing. oh my god keeps getting thicker. This is the worst eyeliner wing I’ve ever done in my entire makeup history. Oh my god How did this happen? Oh my god, if I take it off, it’s just gonna get Messier So usually when a look isn’t going exactly as planned. I’ll just like pop on a lash and it’ll fix all my problems That’s not happening today, but it’s not the makeups fault. It’s mine. I don’t know how I got to 9 million subscribers, but alas my eye makeup is done and I’m ready to move on to the rest of the face The next time my routine is of course going to be at my highlighter I need to get my glow on because I’m looking a little bit flat right now I’m gonna use my super shock highlighter that I created with colour pop today, and Im so very excited I was actually really excited to learn more about highlighter and what goes into making it just because I think it’s that last step that we all know and love and appreciate I mean Like who doesn’t love a good glow but I was actually so curious to see like what goes into the formulation of a highlighter just because I feel like there’s so many ways that a highlighter has to perform at all at the same time Like I was saying at the lab if the base color isn’t right Then it can either look gray or orange depending on the person’s skin tone But while doing that when you turn it has to reflect on the light and look shiny, there are different pearl sizes You can either have like a tiny little pearl for a subtle everyday Woman on the go type of glow or you can have an intense blinding and glittery glow which you all know that I definitely love I just think similar to foundation of one thing going wrong can literally change the entire formula and either make it look so beautiful or so Bad which feels like it’s like a high-risk situation I mean, it’s literally just creating a highlighter but kind of so fun and fresh so the last step of my makeup routine today is of course going to be the lipedydodas and Im going to Use my custom gloss in a second, but first I need to start off by lining them So I’m just gonna use my favorite lip liner of all time Which happens to be a from colour-pop with this one is not mine. This is actually the shade of Kirby in collaboration with Karen I love SATA E not mine But wish it was because this is literally the best lip liner color ever And Karen is my all-time favorite people in the makeup community and last but finally not least right over top of that lip liner I’m gonna pop on my custom ultra glossy lip that I created today I wanted just a perfect peachy nude leaning more towards pink than orange. And this is what I came up with Okay, didn’t really mean to make the lip and the eyeshadow be like a perfect match today But I’m gonna pretend like I did because it kind of looks really good and fresh. Let’s finish it off with some sister setting spray alright sisters and that is my full face that makeup that I made all complete I had so much fun getting my hands dirty and working behind the scenes today at colour-pop to really see what goes into actually Making a makeup product from start to finish I mean we get to play with these products every single day and we all use them to feel beautiful and confident But there’s actually so much of a process that goes into it so many amazing workers chemists scientists assembly line people and major shout out to them and to colour-pop for allowing me it to be educated and I hope you guys learned a little bit as well I am so thankful that I got to experience a whole behind-the-scenes process that I will definitely never forget it and Who knows? Maybe I’ll be part of it one day. That is all I have for you today guys I really really hope you enjoyed this video and learned something new if you enjoyed it Please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and show your sister support It means the entire world to me. And also leave me a comment. Let me know if you were to make a makeup product What would it be? And why? Also, if you have not already, don’t forget to click that big red subscribe button down below and come join this sisterhood We are nine million sister strong. Oh my god. I cannot believe we’re at that close to 10 million It’s going to be truly iconic And also click that bell icon so you can get a notification every time I upload a brand new video if you like to follow Me on my makeup journey. You can follow me on Instagram or Twitter. They’re both just James Charles My snapchat for more behind the scenes type stuff is James Charles with an extra S after Charles This video’s sister shoutout goes to sister Kiki. Do you love me? Yes That was the cheesiest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. Oh Yes, I love you. So so so much and if you’d like to be the next videos sister shout out Don’t forget to always retweet when my video goes live on Twitter. All right, you guys, thank you so charts in this video today I hope you enjoyed my time here as a sister scientist, and I will see you in the next one, bye!

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