Making It

Making It

Noe Rueda: My mother, she would actually make under
$8,000 a year and if she reached the 8,000 she would actually be happy that she
made that much. So I would literally go outside my house, put all my products
there and sell them. I didn’t make much. I made what 20 bucks a week? But for a 8
year old, you’re a millionaire with that kind of money. Alex Fernandez: That’s a lot of comic books and stuff, yeah. NR: But the thing
is, I wasn’t like other kids. I didn’t go buy Pokemon cards. The little money I made, I
gave it to my mom. The first time, I remember she was cooking. And uh, I came up
to her and I told her, “Mom, I know you don’t have money, so here’s 15 bucks I
made.” She turned off the stove. She turned around, started crying and hugged me. From
that point on I just dedicated on getting money for my family. AF: How did you
make that money? NR: First of all, the one thing that comes to people’s mind in
a bad neighborhood is drugs. But I did not sell drugs. The reason for that is, first
of all, I know it’s wrong. Secondly, I pictured my mom — how disappointed she’ll
be if she finds that out. So, I actually started helping in a construction site.
And this was in fifth grade. It was bad on my bones. I like, I have bad shoulders,
bad knees from all the stuff I was carrying. AF: When you were younger, did you
realize kind of like, hey, this isn’t normal or this isn’t what other people
go through? NR: Well, I always knew I was poor. But I remember one time, in particular. My
shoes were all scraped up, so I got paint and I painted them white. Some kid fell and
tripped in front of my shoes and noticed. And he pointed it out and, uh, laughed. And that’s
when it hit me really hard like, I’m actually poorer than I thought. AF: How’s your
first semester of college been? NR: Things are great. I just think about it, like,
being the first one to go to college in my whole family of over 50 of us. That’s
my biggest motivation. AF: I’m really proud of you that you went this far. And I just
want to have you come back in like ten years, dressed really sharp. You know, in like, a suit. NR: Nice shoes. AF: Nice shoes and finally have a pair of shoes that you
haven’t painted. And I want you to get everything you’ve ever wanted.

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  1. You guys never cease to make me smile/get choked up with these stories. Thank you very much.

  2. Am i the only one who sees two top comments as the good old youtube used to have?


  4. You have broken morals.

  5. Stop acting like StoryCorps is a charity or a heavy moral decision. You saw the video. Donating to a charity to end poverty would involve a 'moral' decision. StoryCorps is a recreation.

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  8. this is old, I was expecting something new 🙁

  9. its not about the money, its about the stories

  10. He should have laughed at the guy cause he tripped in the first place.

  11. I'm stone cold but I every time ;')

  12. So this guy attended this interview in a pair of painted shoes?

  13. Keep the videos coming!

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  15. Can you smell what the mom was cooking? *drools* 😛

  16. someone sign my persnifflin slip im going on a feels trip.

  17. It's only 7 years left until 2021, come on you can do it!

  18. This are really good when you just want to cry your eyes out… Thank you… This is now my favorite channel

  19. You're the only one who can get me choked up in within 3 minutes of storytelling T_T

  20. thats actually fast animation wise


  22. Don't cry. Don't cry.

  23. That last sentence he said really hit me hard…

  24. i hope he has a great life

  25. God, I need more of these. They are amazing

  26. This needs to be a tv series, or like a segment on World News. I get tired of hearing all the horrible things going on in the world. I'm not saying I actively try to ignore it, but it seems like that's all that's out there, doom and gloom. But stories like this, it makes me remember that, HEY! There's good things happening too.


  28. Why does this channel have sad stories

  29. Respect this person. Half those kids that laughed at him are probably lost in life, not knowing what to do with their life.

  30. wow so close to ruedas

  31. I have a similar experience.When I was growing my dad literally could not afford me clothes. Me or my sister. My mamaw and papaw bought my sister clothes sometimes but I didn't get much. So I wore what my dad could spare. I remember having some of his jeans to school all the time cause its the only pair he actually gave me. And they were all ripped up and covered in concrete dust and stuff like that cause that's what my dad did for a living. And I didn't have any socks or shirts either so he let me have some of those and the socks I had were really big and long for me so they looked like thigh highs on a kid as small as me and they had alot of holes and all my shirts had holes and stuff in them. And I remember one year for christmas my grandparents bought me a camo jacket. And I wore it every day until I was like 15, until it couldn't fit me anymore. I dont have it anymore but I wish I did. Now i'm 23 living on my own and I dont have to do that anymore. I got made fun of alot because I was the dirt poor kit in school that couldn't even afford reduced lunches and stuff because my family was so poor. It really makes you appreciate the things you do have.

  32. Man this guy a good son

  33. Hard work pays of, no mater how long it takes, no matter how hard it gets
    and eventually, youll reach the stars

  34. It's almost been 10 years..

  35. This guys childhood reminds me a lot of my own. Growing up in the recession, my dad in Iraq, my mom in school we had to rely on the little my dad made as a soldier. So I started buying candy bars in bulk and selling them at school. Too bad those tyrants shut me down. Next I turned to scrapping metal, although that didn't make nearly enough. Nobody around hired until 16, so I was screwed. It's harder if you're poor in a country bumpkin town than a big city to be honest

  36. This story + a bucket = No more thirst in Africa

  37. I wish my mom could hug me…

  38. This kind of reminds me of some of the stories that my Dad told me about when he was a kid.

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  40. Why does the teacher sound younger than student? Perhaps he did school late I'm assuming

  41. A big problem with our society in my opinion is when kids make fun of other kids over the lack of things they have, rather than try to help, my mother raised me to rely on only myself, but where you can help, you should. If everyone could just pitch in a little act of kindness everyday, the world would change in a positive way.

  42. I'll be back in 2024

  43. What sucks is that as the years pass by college diplomas are getting more useless

  44. it's a great motivation when you make your parents proud. Especially when you're from a immigrant family. it doesn't matter if you're Hispanic, Asian, African, European, middle eastern or what not. It feels great when your mother, that came from another country to give you a better life, is proud of you. that's what they want to see. they came to this country to give you the best life possible. and to use this opportunity they gave you is amazing to them.

  45. I just wanna say how grateful I am this channel exists. You've allowed so many people's voices to be heard and it's truly beautiful what you've done. I'm choking up just writing this comment. This is what the internet was made for. Connecting people, no matter who they are or where they came from. Please never stop doing what you are doing.

  46. the thing the other dude said at the end was like somuch pressure wowe

  47. Been 7 years. I've been waiting

  48. how come there is no more animations for story corps

  49. Preach brother! I started working when I was 12 at a restaurant, late bloomer, the heavy lifting is hell on your back, I got a herniated disk on my lower lumbar from that. I remember me and my sister would help my mom make tamales she would sell to help support us, Hell, we made those darn things for years, they even helped put me through college. Best gift I ever gave my mom was my Masters degree, so loves that thing.

    Every once in a while when my back is killing me, I lay on my bed looking up at the turning blades of the fan, and I have to be honest, as cheese as it may sound, I don't know that I would have wanted it any other way but if my money can help keep kids from having to work and just concentrate in school, then I say take more Uncle Sam! Yesterday it was for me, today its for them.

  50. Man i'm proud of him

  51. I'm sure this guy will make it. I have a similar story. Homeless before 18, parental abuse, bad decisions, mental ward, dropped out of high school, got my ged, and now I'm in college for arguably the most lucrative degree in the world, looking forward to the day i can put my brother through school, get rid of family debt, and host barbecues in my new home, and drive a new car, and take care of my neice and nephew. I've come very far and within the next 2 -4 years I'll be making enough money to be considered part of the 1%.

  52. These are some of the most wholesome videos I've seen. I wish more people could watch this

  53. Another heartwarming story

  54. I grew up in Chicago’s west side.

  55. I'll be back in 3049

  56. I only make 4,000 every year

  57. this is a lot and i love the stories

  58. plz keep them comeing

  59. I seriously started tearing up…

  60. I hope he'll be okay in 2021 when he graduates.

  61. I did that for my mother becase he have 2 more kids for a nother mariage
    I'm 18 now and i wait for my last test of my life

  62. I'm going to be on here soon I'm going to one of the interviews

  63. Touching story cuz my family is poor and I don't even sell stuff cuz when I tried to sell stuff people steal it and I never make money but one dime


  65. Keep on rising, this truly is the land of opportunity. Don't ever let no one hold you down.

  66. I’ll be back in 2020

  67. Beautiful just beautiful

  68. Good man. The world needs more people like this. These people carry the world, and they carry it to a better place.

  69. Now this is adapted individual

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  71. I know how this guy feels.

  72. I have no doubt he’ll make it !

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  74. The American Dream…

  75. I love this one.🥰

  76. So this is the original story time telling channle good to know

  77. To me, one of the best StoryCorps episode was of Larry and Eileen Kushner. It was about love, determination, faith and courage. It left me in tears.

  78. Just cause you happen to live in a particular place don’t mean that you are that place!

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