Making a concrete pagoda lantern limestone look

Making a concrete pagoda lantern limestone look

To make the base slab forms I used perticleboard I used silicone caulk to seal the edges of the form The client wanted a weathered look lantern, so I used sandblasting gun to lay the first layer of concrete, this will separate the concrete mixture and it will give me that weathered look Than I keep pouring the concrete When the concrete level reaches the midle of the form I place the remesh Here I’m using a drill to vibrate the concrete After 48 hours I can remove the form I’m using 8mm rebar to reinforce the concrete If you want to see how I made the forms please check the end screens at the end of this video To make the limestone color I’m using White cement, gray cement, yellow iron oxide, red iron oxide and yellow sand To make the window openings I’m using polystirene foam I put a piece of 8 mm threaded rod In the cap so later I can secure the whole lantern I’m using a paste of white cement and yellow oxide to fill in the pores Here I’m using 80 grit sand paper to sand the concrete

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  1. Great video as always. Keep up with the great work.

  2. thanks dear it's really great video

  3. This is a piece of art.

    In the future can you take more closeup photos?

    I know most concrete sculptures doesn't look nice close-up, but just for learning's sake. I really want to see how smooth the surface can be if everything is polished by hand.

  4. Love your shit man, wish I had a studio to do all those things

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