Making a Beat Like PIERRE BOURNE: Insane Textures/Melodies + Guitar Sample (Playboi Carti Tutorial)

Making a Beat Like PIERRE BOURNE: Insane Textures/Melodies + Guitar Sample (Playboi Carti Tutorial)

Producers, how are you guys doing today? I’m gonna start by doing something a little bit different than what I usually do and as you can tell First things first. I set the BPM to 156. I think that’s a good tempo for this style 156 is the same as 78. So if we wanted to we could have like some slow Melodies and then have like a fast beat or vice versa or have like a fast melody and a fast beat It really depends on if we really play something at 78 BPM or 156 It’s basically the same BPM but what I was gonna do is use an actual guitar and use that to create a sample that’s gonna be the whole foundation of this track and Then we’re gonna build from there now. I’m not a guitar player. So this is gonna be very tedious, but if I can just play the melody right just once and And then like put the pieces together Then we can just have something that actually makes sense and that works So first things first, I’m gonna put on my headphones and then I’m gonna try to record a sample of this guitar real quick All right. Saul was recording at 720p. I just changed it to 1080p and real quick. We’re just gonna go ahead and Record this melody real quick Damnit it hurts my fingers so much. I’m not used to play Alright now we have We have enough sample material Holy crap, that was so tiring. It hurts my fingers and stuff. Like I’m not a guitar player. I haven’t played guitar munch but really All I wanted to do is get those sounds and the notes down and now we can create samples and like chop this up and get the good parts because a lot of this is Not good by itself right now So something like that if I chop this up And I divide this by to go to light An even faster BPM here. Let’s play with the transient right here as you can tell there’s this arrow This means it’s one-shot mode. So at each transient or at each little pluck It’s gonna play once and then it’s gonna stop And we can shorten the plucks See what I’m talking about And again, I’m playing with this length right here Real quick. Let me make sure my audio is recording right and everything. Then I’m gonna come right back Alright, so everything is recording fine I’m gonna use my monitors now Let’s chop up this melody a little bit as you can tell we played with the transients and everything so what we can do is start rearranging everything that we recorded and try to Come up with like new patterns and stuff And here let me hit let me go back out here and let’s put it in complex mode Everything about this I want to make it super long again. So let’s hit times two again to get it back 256 And Let’s place all the transients so one of the cool things with Ableton is the warping and I guess we can do this in I Mean we can demonstrate warping in this tutorial You just got to find out where each of these little Peaks are now able to Nall ready kind of detected it So we just have to double click where all these gray points are All right so now what we can do is actually like drag these to the lines like to the actual lines and have this be quantized and Play more in tempo, because I was a little bit off So that’s one of the cool things with warping look I can like start dragging stuff and It’s gonna get retime so real quick, let me do that with all of these And I’m gonna go ahead and go back to this right here Let’s just do that and let’s multiply this by two again get it back to the original tempo and let’s do the same thing I’m just dragging it to all the grid lines so that it’s right on the grid. I Think that’s closer Now, let’s go back to beats mode. I change it to complex mode Let’s go back to the beats mode and do the same thing with the one shot mode This one arrow means from one shot and we’re gonna shorten everything down. I Put on my headphones again Let’s get rid of this transient right here Let’s delete all these extra gray markers cuz Ableton thinks that these are Transients are different. They thinks that it’s different plucks a transient is like a peak of a sound so Ableton thinks that I’m actually playing more notes than I actually did. So let’s delete all these extra little gray markers and now Once we’re done with that we can go ahead and use the beats mode and it’s gonna chop up our actual Yellow markers that we that we actually placed So let’s get rid of all of these Same thing with this. Let’s get rid of that Alright, let’s go back to beat some I would do the same thing. Let’s shorten this And let’s put like a reverb or something on here it sounds super dry and everything Let’s see what happens if we pitch this up Down All right, that’s cool let’s combine these clips with command G Oh Let me make sure I turn off beats mode. Let’s go back to complex mode Which is just gonna slow it’s not gonna slow everything down its gonna retime everything without changing the length which is what happens when you have beats mode on so we want to Not have beast mode on and then we want to combine them so that it doesn’t apply the beats mode to the actual clips because if I had beats mode on Let’s go back in time and hit command Z Like what I do right here I mean like what I have right here and then I hit command J If I do that with beats mode on it’s gonna chop everything down. I’m just gonna make it permanently short So we don’t want that. We want it to be in complex mode So, let’s go back to the clip and put it on complex mode and now we can combine it Super-dark sounding when we pitch it down low. Let’s take it back up Let’s go with beats mode for all of these and let’s do the one shot mode again, like I said Put a compressor on here Let’s see what happens if we put like chorus or something on you Let’s go back to all these clips again, let’s make this a little bit longer Let me fade this out right here Same thing with this Lets divided by two again All right, that’s cool we have our own sample people always want to I mean not people but some people always want to like talk about Like how sampling is bad and all that but really when you’re using any Sample, you’re really just taking something that somebody played like what I just did and you’re using it as part of a song So this time I actually made the sample So hopefully That satisfies some people Can make your own dope samples if you learn how to play an instrument I Don’t really know how to play the guitar. But as a producer, that’s the cool thing you can use your skills To make things work, that would not work Anyways, I’m playing with this arteria like what is it called this artery a V collection because in the style that I’m going for right now like He’ll use a lot of these types of analog instruments or whatever and I’m just gonna look through some of these presets and hopefully find something that sounds cool that we can use for like a chord progression Or something like that I Guess that works, let’s hit capture and it’s gonna capture what we just play it Let’s reverse this let’s put this down to addy and put this one up to an F. I think it was No, no, no, no put it up to a So you kind of have to think about things in your head and imagine how you want the next note to end That’s how you move forward in a song and that’s a question that I get a lot Like how do you come up with songs? I? Don’t I don’t want you guys trying to like think of the whole final product? Unless that’s something that you already have in your head that you know, how you want the font That’s the best thing you can do actually, if you’re a skilled enough producer that you can imagine like a whole song in your head and then create every little piece until it becomes real life, then that’s like the ultimate form of like mastery like you master production But really you can do it at a smaller scale rather than having the whole song in your head you Start with something and then you imagine the next thing the next melody that you hear on top of it Try to add that and then you add the next thing you got the next thing then you step back and you have a full song so Just like a mindset tip there. Hopefully I didn’t get too long-winded Anyways next up let’s get this cs-80 it’s it’s more like a pad type of instrument so I want to try to get a nice pad that we can use to make chords It’s now a cool these sounds are I Like this All right Let’s get some actual chord sounds I want to get like some sort of String sound or something that we can kind of have fade in Let me think about this maybe we should get like actual string instrument like Let’s get contact and get the session strings which is just a string sample library And then we’ll be able to play the course and I’m a layer it with some other stuff so that’s something cool about Ableton that I’m going to show you guys is that Right. Now we have the strings as you can tell From contact But what we can do real quick is go down to this track right here. Let me hide my face And let me make sure my face is hitting real quick. All right, so my face is hidden What we can do is hit command G or you can I think you can right right click and do group and You’re wondering why I’m you may be wondering why I’m grouping it when there’s only one instrument What you can do after that is hit this What is this is this chain? What is this button mean? Chain list, okay Yeah
It’s it’s the chain you can hit this chain button and we can drag other instruments and layer it So instead of using like 20 MIDI tracks to layer the same melody You can just layer sounds on one track with the group And now it’s a string and it’s serum So really cool and I want to do something almost like cynthy and Realistic so I’m gonna layer a super saw with these strings right here That’s so sexy Now listen to each of these sounds individually, I’m gonna mute the strings That’s what the super sauce sounds like now I’m gonna show you guys with the string sound like Now let’s combine them It’s a way better ice that’s why you want to layer sound let’s get a EQ and Get each of these sounds their own space. So let me drag the EQ to To stare them down here. You can have individual eq’s individual effects for each instrument in the chain And we’re gonna have serum only be like the high end as you can tell Let’s make these strings a little bit louder I Love this man Now, let’s make some chords. Let’s draw some actual chords instead of playing it this time I love this already. This is so cool Alright I’ll have to come up with this off-camera Probably skip through this and like come up with a chord progression cuz I’m just experimenting right now and Other than that, I’m gonna be right back Alright so I came up with a melody or a chord progression for these strings and whatnot So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna freeze this track, let me hide my FaceCam right now so that when I start working down here you guys can see Let me just Create a new MIDI track and let’s just hold alt and copy this just by dragging if you hold all and you drag something It’s gonna create a duplicate. We keep this MIDI for later. So right now we have this really cool. Melody, right? something about this DAWs that there’s a lot of reverse Melodies and whatnot. So we’re gonna select everything. We’re gonna hit reverse reverse all of these notes So the sound right now is not reversed the notes are reversed but what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna freeze this track Some of you guys may already know where I’m going with this. I want to turn this into audio and we’re gonna reverse it so that the notes are back at the In in like the normal kind of order I guess so let’s flatten this turn it into audio When you freeze the track, you’re really just saving a bunch of CPU But if you hit flatten then you’re permanently turning it into audio. You can always hit undo with the control Z, but If you want to work with audio You would want to flatten it which is what we just did and we’re gonna re reverse it can either hit this reverse button Right here, or you can press R In the arrangement, so if I sit like this and I hit R it’s gonna reverse it Anyways All right, so now we have the strings kind of reversed So that was how I Wanted to do this kind of melody stuff But what we’re gonna do is as you can tell I saved the MIDI down here. I want to try different instruments than strings so let’s go ahead and Real quick, let me undo everything I just did. So this whole thing was just pointless Let’s just keep the strings how they are down here. We’re going to try different instruments So this is why I like the arteria collection, I like it more for the presets I think you can sound design with it, but you can but The fact that it has a lot of presets makes it into like a huge kind of preset machine in my opinion Let’s try different sounds from different instruments Let’s do what we did with the strings and Let’s hit command G and create more Add more sounds to this Now what we can do as well as we can go into the MIDI effects in Ableton and let’s add a pitch MIDI effect and Let’s put this This ARP here Let’s put it up an octave I don’t like how this one sounds though. I Got to turn off my notifications real quick, so I’ll be right back. Alright. Anyways, I’m back. I turned off my computer Notifications Alright this one was cool. Let’s see if we can change the BPM. This is a super complicated layout So this might take a while, but I want to change The speed of this Is there a way to do that I Know there’s a way to do that, but this is going to take forever to figure out Clock frequency Now, let’s see if I can find the release This is really cool. I just want to make sure my FaceCam was on so I just turned it back on Where is this white noise coming from Alright now let’s do what we just did earlier where we select everything and we hit reverse Freeze the track Flatten it and then we hit our to reverse it again Take it up an octave I’m just playing with beats mode. Like I have no idea. What the fuck I’m doing. I’m just messing around Just chopping it up. Alright somebody’s calling me I’m gonna be right back All right, so I’m back since the last time I Actually picked a few drums and put it into this drum rack right here Let me go ahead and hide my face There’s a drum rack track right here, and then I picked three Sounds Now this clap is from the trap essentials kit, it’s the plug clap number 22, I got the plug hi-hat and I have a kick from the hip-hop essentials kit Kick number 25. I felt like this was like the type of kick I was looking for Anyways, I also recorded like some ad-libs like how cardi would do it I’m not gonna play them right now because it won’t make sense with the beat but eventually We’re gonna get there. And of course I added the pier born tag Let’s just do this right now Again we were playing with this sound here. I’m just gonna leave it out I’m just gonna leave it how it is and We’re gonna come back to that later. We don’t really need to mess with it too much right now. I think it sounds alright But let’s go ahead and come up with a drum pattern. So First things first. We want to select an area right click and hit insert MIDI clip and What I like to do is just place the clap first Make sure this is loud enough I Don’t want to hmm. Do I want to add that extra clap? I don’t know. Let’s just keep it like this for now All right, let’s take this and put this over I Don’t know if I like that let’s take this here and put it there That kind of works, let me think about this a little bit more Let’s take this whole thing and drag it over like this I Guess I guess that works. All right, let’s start placing the cake though All right cool and we’re just gonna duplicate this pattern over and then on the second part I want to add that that Signature double kick The hi-hat sounds a little bit loud. So what I’m gonna do is turn it down a little bit and Let me have my face again Let’s go ahead and turn down the sustain here It’s gonna make you sound a lot a lot shorter and a lot more clicky Now the only thing we’re missing at this point is the 808 so It’s only right that we start adding that now I have this MIDI track right here I already know which it or what I want to use I want to use The king pin 808 that’s what I called it from my 808 essentials kit and Very familiar sound Let’s take this up an octave Now that F doesn’t work Let’s take this to a a actually That works I’m gonna experiment with this a little bit off-camera and I’ll come back with a pattern that I really like Alright so I’m back I came up with a pattern it’s basically the same one changed a few notes Now I’m not gonna add that last it away welcome. Yeah, maybe a Alright that’s decent. Um Let’s see what happens. Let me have my face real good. Let’s see what happens if we turn up the release Alright and we need to turn it to one voice because there’s the arrow weights are going to overlap Let’s try different ones like I really like to dissolve 808 Let’s just use the kingpin I like them All right, now I can show you guys these ad-libs I was recording Complete trash but for those of you that listen to cardis music You’ve gotta at least try to add that. I’m not gonna keep it but this is what it would sound like if car D was like Rapping on this. It’s not really rapping is just ad-libs Comes in right there, so, you know, he always gets that how many is is one? Eight bars like eight bars of ad-libs and then he comes in Anyways Let’s see. How can I move this forward? Alright, so something I wanted to do is with the strings Like if we add them right now, they’re really intrusive They sound cooling off but what I want to do is add mutes so I’m gonna get this utility plug-in right here And the utility can be you what the fuck oh this is the I Was like, huh? Why is there so many Q’s? Because this one is part of the instrument Alright anyways the utility has like a mute button as you can sell right here So what I’m gonna do is go to automation mode by clicking this right here, and we’re gonna automate the mute so just gonna do something like this just So he has that rhythm to it that that balance to it, dan, dan, dan You know what I’m saying? Instead of just being like standing and taking up all that space. Let me shut up All right, let me turn off these cringy lips Alright. Anyways, that’s what I wanted to do and finally Another thing I wanted to do with the strings before we just leave them alone is I wanted to add vibrato, so I wanted to have like a wobbling kind of pitch and What you can do is get a delay In Ableton is called simple delay and Turn up the drop the wetness to 100% So you’re just hearing the delay hit link, so it’s only one signal and Turn this to time and basically turn it as low as it can possibly go which is one millisecond of delay That’s almost that’s no delay at all basically and we’re gonna go to reap itch mode now if we start playing with the time That’s super ugly but We’re gonna go to max for live and we’re gonna get LFO. I Always do this trick man The thing with the LFO is just it controls any parameter So we’re gonna turn the offset all the way to negative 100 So it starts at the most bottom like the lowest point which would be one millisecond right here And we’re going to map it to the time right here Now this LFO is controlling this This pitch because we put it in reap itch mode by right clicking and clicking free page Now we’re gonna turn up the rate a little bit We’re gonna obviously turn down the depth So now we get a nice Pleasant wobble to this sound and it sounds a lot more organic All right, so real quick let’s just Copy I mean cut this with command X or control X if you’re on Windows let’s get out of automation mode and then this right-click and freeze this track I Just want to turn it to audio so I don’t have to worry about it anymore We don’t want to lose this MIDI though, so let me create another MIDI track and just Copy the MIDI here just in case we need it in the future. I’m just gonna mute that And put it to the side But we’re gonna flatten this track now Hopefully this doesn’t freeze on What is going okay so now it’s in audio format and we can put this vibrato thing back on here by hitting ctrl V Cool anyways, um That’s a little bit too intense let’s turn down the deck With this sound right here. Let’s delay it a little bit I also put a reverb on here Comes a lot more ambient wood and whatnot Anyways, I want to think about how I want to progress with This this beat is sounding almost done. Like if you know Peter born he doesn’t overdo the the beats there’s a lot of cool sounds but at the end of the day it might take him an hour to make any and Given beat that he’s made and he doesn’t really over produce stuff. So Honestly could work like if you got an actual rapper on here You could actually turn this into a song by obviously I have no verse on here but yeah, I’m gonna come right back and I may just progress forward off-camera and come back and explain any little things that I added The last thing I added and I just wanted to cover this is that I added this bell sound from my vibrant kit Let’s see. It’s key number 44. I Just used those cords But just in case this is the end of the video I want to thank you guys for watching I’m gonna play the final product. I’m gonna mix this mastery and Change some of the settings. I feel like this string vibrato is still kind of loud. I mean loud not loud super strong It’s too too much vibrato in my opinion, I think And if I do anything else I’ll come back and explain it but thanks for watching guys definitely subscribe below if you enjoyed this video and of course leave a like if you enjoyed I Will see you guys next time Yo You

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