‘Make Spain great again’: does Melilla really need a Trump-style wall? | Divided Cities

‘Make Spain great again’: does Melilla really need a Trump-style wall? | Divided Cities

We already have a fence,
we have a very dangerous fence. For me it’s a terrible
symbol for Europe. I believe building a wall
would not solve the problem it would only force migrants to
take more difficult and dangerous routes which would cause more suffering and deaths. Spain as a southern border
has a very important role, last year we received the
most migrants in the whole European Union, but at the same time,
this number is pretty manageable by Spain and Europe as a whole. The current minister of interior
announced that he would remove razor wire from the fence, the fact is that the Moroccan side
does have razor wires so in practical terms,
it would be more or less the same. Morocco is basically protecting Spain
so there’s a Spanish responsibility of that side as well. Spain has to continue to comply
with its obligations in terms of human rights, and be a welcoming country
as it’s always been.

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  1. Yeah it does in this case.

  2. remember Catherine.

  3. Lol, Trump wall -Awsome👩🏻‍🦰

  4. Ask the pope to open the Vatican and sell all his gold to help poor countries. Don't destroy other nations…..

  5. Free Catalonia, Basque, Galicia, Melilla and Ceuta!

  6. If General Franco was still running Spain this would not be happening . My Ancestors Homeland is being desecrated

  7. If they would put as much energy in starting a company or working in their own countries , it would change many African countries . They are looking for easy jobs , already set up , no brain needed . They are destroying Europe because they do not respect the countries they come to work in .

  8. Cede it to Marocco. Problem solved. If not for these obstacles millions will stream into Europe evey year. If you let people from the third world in in large numbers. You get third world problems. More than 100 bombings in Sweden alone. Police Agents quiting their job because they cant handle the violent crimes any more.

  9. If you spend centuries colonizing other lands and extracting resources, don't be surprised when people show up at your doorstep

  10. stop robing africa and send terrorist and wars their that will help 😃

  11. A border in Africa?? Haha

  12. The translated text is not accurate***!!

  13. Useless walls,no attempts to make climbing a challenge. Imagine if there is a 40 second window of opportunity, how many people can jump that fence ?

  14. The immigration is all by design. Europe is to become brown.

  15. Anyways, the west opened the floodgates when they decided to destabilize Libya . Migrant smuggling is the most lucrative business a Libyan can get into!

  16. All Borders in the world were created almost entirely through violence . BORDERS ARE IMMORAL!SAY IT WITH ME AGAIN: BORDERS ARE IMMORAL!

  17. At this point Melilla needs flamethrowers to enforce the fence.

  18. Shouldn't have invaded Africa and stolen their resources then. Crybabies.

  19. Yeah he’s so f’in right man. You keep banging on that door mate, hard as you can. Hopefully between you on that side and the people with me on this side, we will eventually knock it down. I just hope you know there’s a lot of us that want to give you that chance without putting you through this, it disgusts me what we’re doing to each other at the moment.

  20. The Guardian loves the term "far right". Spain only wants to exclude foreigners from her territory because of the "far right".OTOH,if anyone tried to breach the fence surrounding the property of a rich Labour supporter…well,you know the rest.Countries have the right to defend their borders. It's just that simple.

  21. Spain
    > Owns city in Africa
    > Gets annoyed there's Africans in it

  22. Yes, the Guardinista upper middle class who live in safe affluent neighbourhoods think the World is safe, this is not true.

  23. the entitlement of the migrants is unreal.. the only solution is deportation and controlled foreign aid sent to people who aren't corrupt. Europe must not become Africa

  24. Import the 3rd world, Become the 3rd world

  25. European nations – France and UK mainly – have plundered Africa for ages. Now, Africans are demanding the payment. "In sin you have the panance" is a Spanish idiom.

  26. the guardian, cálmate

  27. Total mess. Nuke it.

  28. Easy alternatives to MSGA: 1. Trademark talking with a lisp then sue the heck out of everyone with a real lisp. 2. Rebrand Bullfighting by selling it to Disney 3. “Discover” new territories to plunder.

  29. Great job TG. Thank'u👏👏👏

  30. Spain should just give up those two little satellites to Morocco. Not worth the headache.

  31. This might have nothing to do with the story but Youssra is so gorgeous C: oh, my heart

  32. Europe headed for a civil war. I was in Greece last month and I saw local GREEKS homeless on the streets and newly arrived migrants in apartments it broke my heart. Europe belongs to Europeans


  34. Hahahahaha
    You people loughed at india
    We are dirty
    But now world lough on you

  35. You have to admire the fortitude of the migrants, especially the sub-Saharan ones; one really has to laugh at the right-wing tropes about laziness and living on the dole: my guess is most of the people saying stuff like this could never find the personal wherewhithal to make it to Europe.

  36. Great video. But why Spain doesnot give the exclaves of Melilla and Ceuta to Maroccos?

  37. If the immigrants hire a bulldozer they´ll drive right through that lousy fence. Haha

  38. If I was an impoverished African, would I try getting into Europe for a better life? Of course, all of us would. Should Europe let in all impoverished Africans looking for a better life? No, of course not that would be disastrous for Europe.

  39. Import the 3rd world, become the third world!

  40. Right-wingers in my home country Germany always say that every people should just stay in their own country. But Melilla is in Africa! What else is this than another example how nationalism doesn't make any sense at all!

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