Love and Cancer at 27 | Being Mortal | FRONTLINE

Love and Cancer at 27 | Being Mortal | FRONTLINE

– I believe we have a choice
in this world about how to tell sad stories. LINDA:
Allen, he was my boyfriend. We were just laying in bed, watching TV,
and then we saw this trailer. I knew it would just remind me
of his situation. – All right, what’s your story? – I was diagnosed
when I was 13… – No, not your cancer story,
your real story. LINDA:
I was like, “Oh, my God.” It just reminded me so much
of our journey together. (music playing) LINDA: And like I said, I just
flashback with everything, from the beginning,
when we found out, to now. Every single day is a flashback. And this was his phone, his tablet, his wallet,
his car key. Videos in here, too. This way, there you go. That’s when he was healthy. (laughing):
No, it’s recording you. – (singing) LINDA: He loved singing,
he loved music. (laughs) I can just picture it
like it was yesterday; he was just here. We were living a normal life, and the next thing
you know, boom. Allen has a brain tumor. He did chemotherapy
for a whole year, and he was doing so well. But then he started feeling
really, really sick. That’s when Allen’s doctor,
Dr. Nayak, sat with us, held Allen’s hand, and said,
“Allen, you’re very sick, “and you don’t have
much time left. You probably have a few weeks.” He knew and I knew, but I guess we both had
to hear it from Dr. Nayak. You have to realize
when the fight is done. Even though you want
to still fight, at the same time,
you have to learn, “You know what, this is done. “This is it. There is nothing else.” And yes, I was hoping
for a miracle, but… you have to be rational. So after Dr. Nayak left, I just crawled
into his hospital bed with him and just cuddled with him
and hugged him. I was still in shock,
and I was panicking inside. I was thinking to myself,
“Oh, my God, this can’t be happening,
this can’t be happening.” He turned around
in the hospital bed and said, “I want to get
married.” He took my hand, he said, “Linda Sim,
would you be my wife?” – Linda, will you have Allen
to be your husband? Will you love him, respect him,
comfort and keep him? Will you share with him,
in sickness and in health… LINDA:
When you’re given a time frame, you have to make the best of it. – …in wealth or poverty,
in health or sickness. LINDA: That’s what he said:
“Let nature take its course, “and we’re gonna make the best
of what we have left. And be happy with it.” It was just a happy day.

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  1. I was struck by how that same movie, "The Fault In Our Stars," nailed it with regard to the cancer journey. Thanks to Allen and Linda for sharing their experience of deep love on that journey. I have felt the same things.

  2. Cancer is an absolute scourge on society.  How is it that we can't solve this?

  3. May Alan's memory be a blessing to all who knew and loved him.

  4. What did this guy do to fight? Just take poison and listen to allopaths? What about diet change? Was the brain tumor benign? If so the radiation and chemo were not necessary to save his life. Only when the insurance money ran out did doctors say "get your affairs in order son."

  5. I watched this with tears in my eyes….what else can you say really?

  6. Beautiful story. I am so sorry for your loss.  God bless you.

  7. Linda! your awesome, I recently lost my boyfriend to terminal cancer ws well. I feel like we can relate in so many ways. Raul and i had also been together for six years this month would have made seven Years of him and I being together. Having cancer at 27 is hard. Its difficult watching somebody leave us after we have seen them grow throughout the years, hoping for a better and healthy future. You are a angel and thank you making your journey public because I've been looking everywhere for somebody who could relate to me and I found you. God bless you.

  8. So they get married and now she inherits the hospital bills?

  9. A very heartfelt and personal video. I, myself, was diagnosed with brain cancer and it spread throughout my spine. Because of my fast acting oncologist, I survived by doing radiation and chemotherapy at the same time (with a bone marrow transplant shortly after). I am proud and blessed to say that I am still here with my wife who I also married while in treatment after they gave me 5 days to live. My profile icon is a picture of my first day back at work.

  10. coudnt the doctors do surgery to remove the brain tumor?

  11. so sorry  about ur love of your life  its sad  when someone u love dies I know how u feel I lost my child

  12. I admire the FUCK out of her strength. Woman are amazing

  13. there is no time that someone you love, be it be family or friend, needs you and want to feel your love, support, encouragement and assurance than when they are ailing and /or know they have limited time. if you find someone like that, keep them because such people are rare.

  14. wow you were so strong and loyal. your really inspiring and he would be proud of you. x


  16. What a remarkably personal and deeply moving video. Linda, you encapsulate what's remarkable about the human spirit, your strength is incredible. Thank you to Frontline for bringing us along for the ride. It is a great privilege.

  17. Devastating absolutely heartbreaking😪😪😪😪 my thoughts are with you.

  18. So Sorry for your Loss

  19. Such a moving story. Wish the best for her in the years ahead

  20. So cancer is part of the pesticides sprayed on our food plus many other things that are from corporations and industry.

  21. After the United States drop the bomb on Hiroshima they all started getting cancer apparently there's too many chemicals in our society and that's what's killing us.

  22. Fuck god for cancer.

  23. so sorry for your loss 😢
    does anyone know the trailer of the film in this? xx

  24. That’s so nice. Such a great story. I have brain cancer as well. I was diagnosed at 15 years old after vomiting on an almost daily basis, and having several other neurological symptoms. I had it initially surgically resected, then treated successfully with radiation when it recurred. I’m dealing with a third recurrence now, and I’m starting to feel the effects. Fatigue, nausea, easily getting sick, etc. this is a sad story to hear, but, I respect that man immensely, as well as his wife for helping her husband through a difficult time. Cancer is no fun for the patient, or for those close to the patient. Bless that woman.

  25. okay just a discussion, of course allen knew he was going to die. was it right for them to be married? would it not hav caused a long term effect on her mind? she wouldnt be able to live a normal life from the point he dies till she dies.
    she wont be able to get married again (it wud be in her mind) not have any kids etc?
    just a discussion thoughts?

    R.I.P Allen Chou

  26. Thanks everyone everyone for watching a piece of our story.. During this I was diagnosed with a tumor. That I didn't tell Frontline. I just kept it to myself. I wanted to be all about Allen. I was diagnosed with ossifying fibroma. luckily mine was benign to this day I'm still having surgery.It's a on going battle. In a few days.. my doctor and I are will be planning another surgery in a couple months. again thank you everyone for watching our story.I did this because I want everyone to know how a wonderful Allen is and to have an memory of him.

  27. I think Youtuber Wil Dasovich will decline… he looked so frail

  28. I bet she found someone else by now.

  29. This made me want to hug my mom, death is part of life, life is way to short, tomorrow is not guaranteed!

  30. Cell Phones on people's ears are the cause….cell phone towers are cooking entire communities alive and they don't even know it.

  31. 🧚‍♂️peace ,love ,future, rememberance👤💏

  32. I would never want to lose someone so close at such a young age… they had so many plans ahead of them and so much I bet they planned to do together.. and all of that changed in one day when the news came.
    Never ever take your loved ones for granted

  33. Some ppl leave their mate the second they find out their mate is sick, happened to me so i find it odd when ppl stick togerher threw this stuff, i got very sick with a rare debilitating degeneritive progressive life long neuromuscular disease as well as having bipolar, i lost my career, my wife cheated on me,then left me about a year later. I tried to commit suicide and ended up in the ICU for a while, but survived the attempt. My view on love, life and marrige as well as other topics has been forever changed…

  34. Im sorry that she only had him as her husband for three short weeks. They should have had more time together. I just hope that the time they had together was the best time of their lives

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