LOVE AFFAIR with bPerfect Carnival XL Pro palette | Blue and purple smokey eye

LOVE AFFAIR with bPerfect Carnival XL Pro palette | Blue and purple smokey eye

*humming* Hello Beauties! My name is
Ewa and this video is continuation of my love affair with Carnival palette. So today I’m going to play
more with Carnival XL Pro palette from bPerfect Cosmetics and we have some
shades to play with, oh yes, we have! Because in my previous video I only play
with these two columns, so if you haven’t watched that video, that was my first
impression and I’m showing in that video all swatches, so you can find this video
right here. And today I don’t know, maybe… maybe we go with pinks. This makeup
will be make up without plan at least for me, because you’ve already seen on the
thumbnail what it gonna be. I have a little bit dry skin here, but don’t mind
for now, because for now I can’t do anything with that. I’m just telling you
this, because if something will happen with eyeshadows right here, it’s not a
shadows fault, it’s my eyelid. Oh well. Shit happens. So let’s just start, I’m
starting with colour Pillow Talk, as always matte beige
under my brow area, and rest of my base is still tacky. If you’re
interested you can find my brow routine and something more about brows in
general right here in this video. And let’s play! What I want to use? I will start
with colour Reckless and today I am not, well, I not have in plan to do cut crease
or spotlight, just I don’t know, regular makeup. You know, when blending it’s all
you need. I don’t know, it should be called smokey
eye, I don’t know. For me it’s just classic makeup. And now I’m taking shade Persuasion. I
pronounce it right, yeay! This colour is very similar to this Reckless. Once more. This
is Reckless, this is Persuasion. So it seems Reckless
is a darker shade of Persuasion? It seems like. I have new brushes from Nabla, so
today I am also testing a little bit these new brushes. This is Reckless, it’s
very nice burgundy, cherry shade. And now let’s see Persuasion. Yep.
I would say that Persuasion is in fact lighter version of Reckless. That’s cool.
Now I’m taking shade Waisted and I have no idea what I am doing. Of course this shade – Wasted, I already
know, because this shade is also in previous palette and it’s really, really,
really, really, really, REALLY gorgeous purple shade. Almost ink purple, very
gorgeous and very pretty. Now I am taking shade Mood, because this is the only blue
I haven’t used in my previous video, so I’m going to use it now. This is also shade
from previous palette and I like it very much. I just created new shade. This brushe is too big for blending.
But as always my video without fail never gonna happen.
Okay, I lost a little bit of this gorgeous, gorgeous purple – Waisted. So, I’m
adding a little bit more right here. For now let’s just, let’s just play and it’s
all because this brush. You know, testing new things could be a fail, yes? So, this
brush is really good, but it’s too big for my eye and I know that already. Someone
will say: hey, but this is obvious that it’s really big to your eye. Yes and no,
because this brush left here this smudge of color, and this brush is also pretty
big and this brush I know it wouldn’t do that. Next, next, next I’m taking colour
Backchat. And a little bit of Mood just here. Let’s
finish this upper eyelid. I’m taking colour Influence. Now shade Make Up and I like colours
like this so much, like dusty, dusty rose, very light colour, a little bit
taupe, always so good colour. And I’m going back to this brush, that I applied
Influence and I tap it this edge. Can we take a moment and just enjoy
how this color Influence is pretty? It’s serious, it’s so pretty!
Now I’m taking Temptation. I would say it’s a little rose gold. And I
want to use so many shadows right now. More and more, and more. I’m taking shade
Pep Talk. Let’s just go crazy. I’m taking colour Funki, angled brush and a little deepen this shade.
Shape! Shape! No shade, shade…No shade, shade. No shade, shape! Now I’m taking colour Orchid. I really
wanted to use this color since I saw it. And by the way if you’re looking for
close ups, you can find them on my Instagram and other pictures of my looks.
And now I’m taking shade Pink Me. I’m going to clean this mess and I’ll be right
back. Okay, I cleaned this lower edge also I played a little bit with blending and I
applied also this gorgeous shade Orchid right here. I just can’t stop. So, so
gorgeous, shade. So gorgeous, yes! Yes, yes, yes… And I realized that I haven’t used
eyeliner for some time right now, so I’m going to use it right now. By the way, hi I’m Ewa and I have hooded
eyes, so by the way I have two different hooded eyes, and here as you can see this
line is almost straight, and here when I look at you both wings are okay,
you can see that they are similar, but! This line is almost straight, when I
close my eye and look what happened here. It looked more like a bolt, it’s almost
like a bolt. It wasn’t planned, but this is also a good technique to make a wing
for hooded eyes. And it’s time for lashes. Rest of my face – really, really, really
quick. First I’m applying my base which is Nivea for men Aftershave Balm,
next I’m taking foundation from Fenty, I use shade number 100,
so the lightest shade, yeay! Now it’s time for contouring and I’m using
Kat Von D Shade&Light contour palette. I’m starting with the middle brown shade. Next I’m taking the lightest brown and I
use it to contour and the darkest brown shade to deepen everything. As a blush
I’m using Bourjois number 95. List of all products I am
using in this video as well as shades name are in the description box down
below, so you can always check them out there.
Now I’m taking Jeffree Star Cosmetics BrainFreeze Skin Frost Pro palette and I’m
using shade Freeze Tag. Bottom lash mascara and of course brow gel mascara,
and I’m back to choose my lip product for this look. I want to do two options,
because I want to show you how this look will change depending on what lipstick,
lip product, what colour will be on my lips, so let’s start with blue. Now let’s see how everything will change,
when I use more pink lipstick. So as always choose your lip option, more
pinkish, purplish or maybe… or maybe blue! And I am 100% sure that in the next
video I will also use this, my love, just, just, just my love. I will also use this
palette, because there are still a bunch of shades that I haven’t used yet, so
yeah, you will see how I play with all these shades, so I don’t know, I think
it’s a good idea to show you actually how all this shades work on eyelids
than only swatches. So if you don’t want to miss the next video, maybe you want to
click that notification bell? And if you don’t have enough of my talking as
always I am leaving for you two of my previous video, maybe you’ll find
something for yourself. And as always! I love you very, very much. And I see you
soon! Bye!

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