Louisville Roofing Contractor Review – Best Louisville Roofers

Hi there my name is Will LeStrange and I
wanted to make a quick video about the a roofing company based here in Louisville you can Google them you’ll find them they go by the name of Louisville Roofing Contractors they are run by a guy called Chris Moorhead and I’ve had a really good
experience with these guys there are three things that really worth
noting one is they’re just good guys they do good
work they turn up on time they clean up after themselves and their work is really
professional the second point is that they recycle everything that comes off
your roof which I was really impressed with all the shingles go back to be
ground up and apparently it goes into the road building industry all
the asphalt can be recycled which is a good thing and they recycle the
lumber as well the third thing is that they do not use
those pneumatic nailing guns you know you can hear those things going off
around the neighborhood when the roofers are working they kind of go pop pop
pop well they don’t use those and they tell me the reason why they don’t use
them is that the traditional method of hand
nailing is a lot more successful and its gonna give your roof a longer
life span apparently there’s a problem with those nailers if a if they’re not used correctly they
either hit the nail into the single too far
they they depress into the shingle a an or they
don’t go in far enough and it leaves the the mail poking out a little
bit and all that basically adds up to a problem with the with the shingle
not being fixed securely to the roof so that when we get s storm whip
through the likelihood is that the shingle’s gonna lift and get torn off and of course the fourth thing is that they
are really good on price they are competitive with the pricing so if you’re looking for a roofer in
Louisville area I highly recommend them Chris Moorhead I think the website
is um roofers Louisville KY .org but I guess
if you just google Louisville Roofing Contractors that’s how I found them on Google so good luck thanks very

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