Locked in a Garage with One of El Chapo’s Meth Traffickers | FRONTLINE

Locked in a Garage with One of El Chapo’s Meth Traffickers | FRONTLINE

(dog barking)>>GALDOS: El Flaco operates out of these violent back streets less than a mile from the border with California. I have witnessed some of the thousands of killings here, victims of the battle to control the most lucrative smuggling routes in the world. A U.S. agent once told us that he’s waiting for Tijuana to cave in from all the tunnels El Chapo has running underneath. El Flaco has come to trust us. He agreed to let his friends in the cartel know that we were looking for El Chapo. We ended up locked in a garage with the car and lots of methamphetamine. (machine whirring) (machine whirring) ♪ ♪

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  1. Why would any drug smuggler go on camera and admit to his operation? How can people be so GOD DAMN ignorant??

  2. LOL, puts his prints on everything. "how did you get caught?"……."I didnt', I turned myself in"

  3. This dude is the boys lmao! How the hell are you "trappin' for El Chapo but you're letting some random YouTube stiff video tap you with; A. No gloves on, B. The car you supposedly move weight and C. If Chapo saw this video him and his whole family would be dead. This a joke and fake as a 3 dollar bill.

  4. AMERICANS are stupid as Fuck El chaputo eats shit by force now in prison he gets force fed raw sewage down the hatch Mexican style

  5. If i were the dea i would ask to stop all trucks of this color and brand and check the back seat… fucking idiot… Just put a bulletin out to all border crossing and the guy is done within a month…

  6. the way he bagged it.. another one.. another one… another one

  7. I would just close the border all together and have a no fly zone along the southern border of the United States. Shoot down anything that breaks the rule

  8. "Let d junkies have it"


  10. "LET THE JUNKIES HAVE IT" beautiful! lol! where Supply meets Demand !

  11. I respect the drug trade. Honest supply and demand. Until innocent people are murdered!

  12. great now all birder patrol has to do is keep an eye matching this one and strip it😁😝😜

  13. That packer is super tweakin!

  14. … never an armed drone around when ya need one.

  15. Don't do drugs kids its not good for u n it all goes to la raza

  16. 300 kilos per year until we fucked up and posted this video, 6 months later we all got busted and can't figure it out. LoL I

  17. Only place needs that much drugs! USA

  18. Not lucky anymore!

  19. You just snitched this guy out

  20. fake as hell , people can't just come in and record with a press badge , I call bs

  21. Love from san Antonio tx

  22. This guy said 5,500 stupid af a pound of that cost a lil more than top shelf weed

  23. Fuck yeah! I love some meth

  24. All a sudden. All these El chopo guys come out the wood works ….
    I don't think so he can still touch people.
    People trying to get paid

  25. Also el chpo wouldn't have someone basicly doing this in a garage in clean criss contaminating everything….
    We didn't even allow that …and we did nothing
    It would be packaged and then shipped there that close.

  26. “This truck crossed over many times”
    Shows truck not no more 😂

  27. That's how Fucking stupid they are, …..a second bag for more security, all vaccumed sealed blah blah, nice..BUT, his hands are contaminated with Meth that gets transferred to the outside of the plastic, rendering all his efforts useless. a dog will sniff that out in a second. proper sterilization through each layer is essential, inluding changing gloves from a third party in a different room and vaccumed sealer. everything is contaminated. it should be a very controlled and time consuming process to make the package undectable from canine noses. … even if i get this done for them, it's still useless cz their hands are probably already contaminated with drugs and /or the vehicles as well. They don't take proper procedures

  28. That truck paid itself off

  29. if the us really cared about its people they would make a deal with elchapo for his smuggling roots alot less dope would come to us and even may dry up for a bit saving millions with addiction overdoses

  30. They know what vehicle to look for now fucking idiot

  31. Yeah that's what I need meth amphetamine will make the dream team plenty of cream and El chopo did run a corporation not a cartel. It is another murder since it's not legitimized in my professional opinion.

  32. Fake, no gloves on, prints on everything, fake…

  33. "This car has been lucky, had it for 6 years…. done lots of crossings"

    PBS it'd be a shame if we were to show it to the world….

  34. Now hes gonna get caught

  35. it's sells real quick..

  36. Damn that’s a lot of time sittin in that little bag

  37. 5500 a pound holy shit i need to see this guy they go for 20k maybe 15 if you're plugged in

  38. This is fake as fuck

  39. Don't give away your secret on the x rays.

  40. Need him for tha connect onnat ice mane

  41. these people trying to feed their kids, wanna stop all these guys? well figure out a way that people don't feel like getting high anymore. That will never be the case, people want to get high

  42. Well that truck is no longer good now

  43. Teach me your ways

  44. Hell nahwww lotta red flags fake shit

  45. Thank God for the “skip 10 seconds” option youtube++ has provided for me!

  46. Very stagged .. good try though 😂

  47. Evil has always killed evil I love you too babe , is why a while ago we started giving out free needles at the health department bring in your old ones and dispose of them properly. Too many people were getting AIDS back in the day, there's nothing you can do to stop it as much as you'd love to. I know I would but who gives a f*** about what you want.

  48. where do i go to sign up so i can do crossings for el chapo?

  49. I've had some Mexican dude named Solis who has continuously made nasty comments to me defending this Lowdown Chapo Motherfucker.

  50. It’s 2018 and it was filmed in 2015. I wonder if he ever got caught.

  51. Welp this has no man trapped in a garage, fucking click bait tittle

  52. this is so fucking staged it might as well be the real world on MTV.

  53. Ive tried it thanks to guys like this.. Wires me to much i start looking out windows switching eletrics off and all sorts of paranoid shit.. crazy but addictive, not my cup of Tea.. Give me a fat spiff anyday! I admire the shit these go threw and lets be honest there selling it for chicken feed at 5.500 price I'm paying 45.000 and the yanks about 22.500. All govement are in on it, they cant afford not to be.. i can get that anywhere anytime since i was in my teens, I'm now 40. That speaks volumes.

  54. Boarder patrol… that’s a bike Dodge Ram

  55. sangre pesada el wey

  56. My name is Jose Cortez I live at 224 Bullshit Dr. Mexico City, Mexico. This is the truck I transport drugs with and this is where I hid it. My wife will be transporting 10 kilo's of meth today at 12:30pm. Her name is Lucy Cortez. Al Chapo will be here in 10 minutes to kill you, me and anyone else who is near by. Seriously, does anyone watching this think it's real? It's as fake as CNN and MS13NBC.

  57. Funny how you guys liberal media don't report this but instead let drug dealers into our country

  58. Not anymore lol yr truck is out now

  59. You could ship a ton of it I’d never be dumb enough to ever try it. Stick to weed and shrooms and you will
    Be fine

  60. You know. You don't touch the drugs and then touch the outside wrap to disguise the smell. You need 2 people. One touches the drugs and the other never touches the drugs and just wraps. These guys don't know how to do it.

  61. No gloves…..?…..

  62. Most of these guys hate the drug….like he said let the junkies have it…..aka 20% of America.

  63. I thought the trafficker would be a dog.. Honestly if you think about it I they took So many years to arrest him .. then he escaped and then they caught him .. I think this guys probably responsible for more deaths than Bin Laden..Yet they take out Bin Laden. I’ll wager this guys responsible for atleast 10 times the no of deaths Bin Laden caused .. Wierd how govt don’t wanna take him out!?!?

  64. Shit some shipping companies could learn a thing from how he wraps packages.

  65. El Chapo=fall guy for US criminals

  66. The good old food saver. 👍

  67. Hahahah $5500 bargain! $25000 in Australia! Lol

  68. rule of thumb, 1 layer of plastic per 1 hour in transit.

  69. In the actual full documentary ….the color of the truck changes. You notice it if you watch carefully at the last second. This ISNT the one they use 😉

  70. this guy sounds like a real Mafioso!

  71. i doubt thats even meth

  72. That's an insult to the polka…yes bs TJ

  73. An it made it to the WHITES AN NEGROS who love that shit …


  75. I thought the trafficer was going to start sniffing when he was unwrapping it..then " let the junkies have it.." Lol you seemed like one too.

  76. Watch the full film, “Drug Lord: The Legend of Shorty”:

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