Living Ink: Sustainable Ink Made from Algae

Living Ink: Sustainable Ink Made from Algae

Ink Ink is colorful Ink is historic Ink communicates our lives but most ink pigments are derived from petroleum which are non-renewable, toxic, and harm the environment that was, until now with funding from the National Science Foundation Living Ink creates ink from Algae! Step 1: Algae is grown using sunlight, water and carbon dioxide Step 2: The crude pigment is purified using proprietary technology Step 3: The pigment is then milled and formed into a dispersion similar to carbon black. Step 4: The dispersion can be used to create a wide variety of products. Algae-based pigment benefits:
Negative carbon footprint
UV light resistant
Safe/non-toxic That’s NSF-funded research. Advancing knowledge. Transforming our future.

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  1. The real question is how much it will cost, a low price is the only way to ensure that this won't be taken as a novelty.

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