Live PD: Get Off My Wall (Season 2) | A&E

Live PD: Get Off My Wall (Season 2) | A&E

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  1. You know someone is lying when they try to tell the story really slowly and stop for a second to make up the story, so the story's not gonna against them, and they usually don't have emotion in their faces

  2. I'd probably had shot at them too for trespassing.

  3. That’s a man who is excepted He has an anger problem

  4. Yeah, stupid dude, it's a FELONY!….

  5. So did anyone hear the fence kicked? After he hit him with the gun, the fence was kicked. Sounds like someone was trying to break in….

  6. Fruits…… "And it hit me in the leg". frequents Pulse niteclub lmfao

  7. 4:27 … do they really have a tv in the back of that cop car???

  8. I know the guy with the gun is in the wrong, but my hatred for drones and drone hobbyists almost makes me want to sympathize with him lol

  9. he will never own another gun, now. dumbass

  10. Very appropriate charge with very good video evidence.

  11. When your too quick on the draw you go to jail. Your not Wyatt Earp and this ain't the OK corral !!!

  12. this cop looks like a big brother from home alone kid.

  13. He absolutely should not own a gun.

  14. Cameras are the thing now. The crazy home owner over reacted to a simple situation which did not require a hateful response.

  15. Perhaps it would have been better to knock on his door and ask to look for drone. I do agree with going off shooting unnecessarily but they just popped their heads over and looked around his property. Naturally it surprised him.

  16. Test that piece of concrete

  17. It'd be one thing if the guys were literally on his side, feet on the ground in his backyard and all, but they weren't. So totally unjustified.

  18. so, aggravated battery charge/arrest,… they not confiscate his firearms ??

  19. Bout time one of these nutcases gets what's coming to them. Hope he gets charged so he won't ever be able to own a firearm again.

  20. That guy wasn’t too swift. He doesn’t need a gun anymore.

  21. Even if this guy had not fired his weapon, HE STILL COMMITTED BOTH ASSAULT AND BATTERY!!! This moron reached OVER the fence to the other side, and hit the phone which hit the guy holding it. That is legal reason enough to arrest him for both assault and battery.

  22. Obviously this guy has no business owning a gun and thankfully, due to his actions, will be disarmed and stripped of his rights

  23. Those two drone dudes are fucktards

  24. He's dog had to go pee…. And that's what started the whole mess.

  25. These gun thugs think the law is on their side. The constitution says you can own a gun, Florida law has a stand your ground law. But you’re in big trouble anyway if you shoot it

  26. Great case for debate….
    Has this guy exhibited that he can't carry responsibly? What, if any repercussions are appropriate AFTER his criminal case has concluded?

  27. Video footage takes you along way

  28. Class A snitch oh yeah! You just shot your gun and it hit me in the leg! Who thinks about snitching right then I would have been more worried about a hospital

  29. I hope they take away he’s gun 😡😡

  30. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. The man has obvious issues.

  31. Lol he clearly doesn't know what illegal discharge of a firearm and brandishing a weapon is.

  32. Lol he made a mistake? You meant to pull your gun out dumbass you didn't do that by mistake.

  33. We are actively devolving and losing the ability to communicate

  34. They make special shotgun shells made to take down amok drones without to much damage.
    However the effectiveness is debatable. Sometimes it doesn't deploy,or it destroys the drone.

  35. "test that piece of concrete" – victim 2018

  36. 2:43 i never heard somebody so happy to be injured by gunfire before

  37. That guy is the type of POS who gives responsible gun owners a bad name!

  38. Well somebody did get hurt the fence wood cut his leg but it wasn’t much

  39. Only in America do paranoid gun owners think they can shoot at people that are looking for their simple dumb drone airplanes. Haha.

  40. The dude recording instigated the whole thing, then plays victim.

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