LIVE – Healthy Beauty & Confident Aging & How They Compliment Eachother

Morning! Sharon Danley here with Two Minute Tips. Yeah – I’ve been very sick in a way sorry about
that but I think I’m back on track my cough is lessened greatly I hope you’re
all well wherever you are on the planet and with all the disasters and things
that have been going on oh my heart goes out to you sending prayers and good
energy and hope that things can return in your
life in a good way well today’s session whatever you want
to call it I’m going to be talking about healthy beauty and confident aging
because that’s the new tagline that I’ve put on this channel as in the last year
or so I think it speaks more realistically to what this channel has
evolved to and how we do that with simplicity strength style and grace and
of course followed from that is going to be our our Q & A so let’s get right into
it shall we where are we here okay so we’re going to
be talking about healthy beauty what exactly is healthy beauty beauty inside
and outside what is it how we dress or how we package the outside and feel and
care for the inside of ourselves both physically and mentally it’s all part of
healthy beauty and it’s not about all kinds of products and all kinds of
surgeries and all kinds of stuff it’s it’s beauty of the soul beauty of our
exterior the best way we can put ourselves forward is what it’s about
and I’d like to I’d like to talk to you about this analogy I’ve used before
about a cardboard box no matter who you trying to influencer what you’re trying
to do in the world how you put yourself forward it’s very well documented that
you will get more feedback or positive feedback or have make good influence
with people by how you present yourself because you’re judged within the first
seven seconds of somebody seeing you now this analogy I’ve used before is about
two boxes one is cardboard and one is a velvet covered box now if you were
presented two of these boxes which one would you open first that’s right most
people would open the velvet covered one why due to the perception of its content
we think of velvet blue cupboard boxes with rings and jewelry or beautiful
things in them now that gets you the first the if you’re trying to influence
people that gets you out of the chute at a good rate however what you’ve got
inside is what’s going to keep you going is what’s going to continue to influence
in a positive way you see you could have a diamond in the cardboard box and the
velvet-covered box could be hollow so beauty external beauty is only one
aspect of how you present yourself and what does that got to do with confident
aging well lots because confidence part of confidence a cornerstone of
confidence is how we look and therefore how we feel along with all the other
things that we do to make ourselves the best we’ve been propagandized to believe
aging is something to be fought at all costs seventh way
I mean advertising films media news fashion magazines or they enough already
they’re always telling us how we just don’t quite make the grade if we just
had this surgery or bought this snake oil or had this lotion or this potion
all would be right with the world and any critically thinking person knows
this just isn’t true but you know what happens when we’re in a relaxed mode you
ever noticed it when you’re watching television or flipping through a
magazine when you’re how shall I say it your boundaries have collapsed when
you’re just relaxed and anything can go into you that’s how they get to you it’s
when you’re not vigilant about resisting this stuff that they get to you so just
being aware I can put you in a better place not to just take in what is said
as a you know the way the truth and the light so to speak and here’s an answer I
gave to someone when we were talking about this a while ago so I’m just gonna
read to you what I said to her the easiest way to sell you what you don’t
need is to manufacture low self-esteem and then promise you a dream of youth or
no wrinkles or you fill in the blank if you just buy this snake oil or this
lotion or this potion the best thing we can do is not try to figure out why why
waste our time because we know it is it’s all about money we need to reclaim
our healthy self-esteem dawn our best redesigned look and walk with aplomb
through life putting our best foot face and prop forward the best way to embrace
your natural aging is to stop the propaganda that comes from those
industries separate your needs from their constant dangling of wants that
they are aiming for you to focus on all the time that right there is a huge
thing so if you’re kind of you know at that place and we all go there different
passages in our life excuse me still got some stuff going on here every
now and again at certain passages it’s time to
redesign ourselves to reaffirm who we are where we’re headed and to redirect
our journey forward to the place that we want to be so what’s one of the
cornerstones its simplicity you know they old ad keep it simple
stupid I’d like to say keep it simple sweetie less truly is more because the
more you have the more you have to worry about and fret over whether it’s money
things whatever it is so keeping your life streamlined takes pressure off and
when you take pressure off you notice how you you stand better your shoulders
then go up because they’re not holding the weight of your stuff down and like
learning any skill you have to make the decision commit and practice once you
get the skill of keeping yourself streamlined and your life and world
around you streamlined excuse me it’s a lifetime skill and you know your
wardrobe and makeup and all that sort of thing is all part of it oh I’m so sorry
I guess I’m not completely healed yet anyway that’s okay next is strength
strength of character strength of conviction strength of integrity and the
value of journaling do you know sometimes we think we have character we
have integrity or conviction or whatever we don’t really know what we have until
it’s tested strength of character wow that can be really tough sometimes when
you stand for something that you know in your heart of hearts is the right thing
there will be many who will try to box you down the strength of character keeps
you standing the same as your strength of conviction those things kind of work
in tandem and integrity is all part of that – excuse me I’m going to just have
a sip of caffeine the world’s always better with a sip of
caffeine isn’t it anyway mm-hmm with that with you’re not sure of where your
integrity your conviction or strength of character is this is where the value of
journaling comes in you could simply just write about what is your character
what do you stand for what do you fall for what do you stand against what are
you all about those are important things and most people really don’t know what
they’re all about many people unfortunately follow the leader you know
the term sheeple well that happens because people oftentimes don’t think
what’s this got to do with aging it has a lot to do with aging aging with
strength style and grace is very hard to do if you don’t know who you are what
your integrity character or convictions are so that’s where your journaling can
really help you find out just who you are in some of these areas and and again
when you’re being tested is the best time to to find that out and let’s
suppose you have something in your and your convictions let’s say that you yeah
you don’t you’re not so sure about well you can always change that by writing in
your journal or recording your journal either vocally or with video or whatever
way it is you you do it or if somebody told me a penny actually about
journaling with post-it notes make it make a note about something and just put
it in your journal your post-it note journal I think that’s another great
idea there’s lots of ways of doing that so something to think about but it’s all
part of of the aging process with strength style and grace now we’re going
to look at style how do we represent ourselves ask yourself how do you
represent yourself how do you how do you put yourself out to be do you need to redesign your current
look uh excuse me best beauty tips for your external packaging here it is it’s
a streamlined approach some of you heard me say this before but this is what it
is the cornerstones even skin tone even skin tone is huge especially as you age
and especially around the eyes sides of the mouth sides of the nose excuse me
time for a lozenge methinks and the upper lip I’ve noticed too is something
that’s something that tends to be ignored see upper lip sides
excuse me guess I wasn’t as well as I thought so even your skin tone the
second thing that’s really important is lifting the circumference of your hair
around your crown this is it from temple right around to the other temple this is
your crown area here this is the circumference of your crown in one of my
recent videos I did a on and I’ll posted here a modern-day twist on the pageboy
and I show you in that how backcombing and I’m wearing pretty much that style
today how back home he makes a difference I have an egg-shaped head I
just do that’s the way it is but it doesn’t show up egg-shaped because I
back home I lift out the circumference here whether your hair is curly straight
long short medium the circumference of your hair being lifted is huge
number three brow and lip correction as we age things change our and I’ll use me
as an example this side of my mouth is much thinner than the other side this
brow sits a lot lower than the other side so I correct those they’re not
perfect but they’re the symmetry comes back it’s not it’s not identical and
that’s okay but it comes back makes a difference and
the fourth thing is the strengthened lashline now if you are white skinned
and you have gray or white hair and you’re you know over 45 your lashes
and your brows in in many cases not all will diminish in both texture and color
so what happens is you become very blah looking and that’s where you have a
multiple choices on how you want to attend it you could say I’m going to use
a darker colored extensions in my hair like pewter colored gray to bring some
contrast into the hair or you know you could strengthen your brows strengthen
your lashes and add false lashes like I do I wear them all the time because they
bring back the strength that I need for my my eyes at this point you’ve all seen
all seen how I look with no makeup so those are the things that make make it
work for everybody and you know makeup at this stage when you’re redefining it
and every five to seven years you’re gonna have to you know take another look
and redesign for where your face is at that point but learning your makeup is
like trying a new recipe any new recipe you have to follow it a few times before
you feel comfortable with it right and then after a while you just go on memory
and then in time you add a little more of this or take away a little of that
and you adjust it to fit your palate it’s the same thing with makeup practice
does make pretty good so that’s the style portion and of
course wardrobe in that like I said earlier keeping your wardrobe
streamlined and making sure that it fits your body for where you are now
and the lines and shapes you wear are are well suited to your current body
frame not what used to be but what is now keeping it simple keeping it simple
in color and in style you will get far more use out of your wardrobe and the
focus will then be more on your face your communication tools your eyes and
your mouth okay so the final cornerstone in aging with strength style and grace
is grace what is Grace can be different things for different people but
basically it’s kindness forgiveness love and kindness forgiveness and love is
truly a choice it’s a choice to be kind it’s a choice to love it’s a choice to
forgive is it tough oh you betcha I being a a gracious or grace-filled
person is not an easy road however it’s it’s well worth traveling
down that road well worth it and grace doesn’t mean being a doormat either
it doesn’t mean collapsing your healthy boundaries and just letting everybody
walk all over you no grace with love and kindness in mind stands strong and firm
to its integrity does that make sense so
so healthy beauty and confident aging work in tandem putting all these healthy
beauty and aging approaches together feeds your healthy and confident aging
and many studies have shown that when you present well within the first seven
seconds you are judged like I said earlier just be at you are judged as
being more or less competent more or less intelligent and more or less a kind
person that you may or may not want to be around and that has to be to make a
person feel good and when you feel good you do age differently and absolutely
more confidently whether you’re a junior intermediate or senior senior whether
you’re fully able-bodied or with restrictions whether with lots of family
or living alone your attitude is your choice so thank
you ladies I just want to give a shout out to people who are online now Kathy
good morning Kathy I’m so glad you’re feeling better thank you penny
good morning and Joan and Betty hello from south Louisiana
Evelyn food norman fro sorry I don’t understand
Rebecca Harvey hello Jan I’m glad you were feeling better I was worried about
you oh that’s very sweet pm art good morning Coll Carrie hello from Illinois and the
Bahamas hello Marian Piper good morning silver dragonfly – Kentucky wonderful
Susan price good afternoon from the UK hi Susan J Browne good morning Kathy
Kidman good morning and Deborah thanks for always for making me feel about how
to age confidently and gracefully well you’re welcome you’re absolutely welcome mm sorry ladies I’m just you know I’m
just not feeling that great good morning SD Tom’s alright so now
we’re gonna switch over to questions I have let me see
so so hye-rin rennet from Germany make sure you put your questions up and I’ll
I’ll put them up here and we’ll get at them this is from Linda Cleopatra
Douglas Sharon I’m from Scotland what do you recommend for bags under the arse
under the eyes I’m far too frightened to go under the knife Linda I hear you I
absolutely hear you and it’s not necessary to go under the knife those
that do it’s their choice for sure my opinion in in my world I think there’s
lots of things you can do with makeup to prevent that now with bags there’s two
kinds of bags Linda there’s the kind that are puffy you know there they go
out you know what I mean they’re puffy those you want to make
sure that they’re the same color as your foundation that’s what I do but usually
there is a trench underneath that’s where you highlight and you highlight
there and down in a triangle shape so to bring this out a little more and it
counterbalances the puffiness of the eyes above okay now I I don’t I don’t go
down that route of all kinds of concealers and things for the under eyes
when they the propaganda gets you concentrating on your bags without any
attention to your brow shape your lip shape the strength of your eyes your
even skin to put do all that stuff first stand back take a selfie and reassess we
are made to feel that wrinkles and bags are the scourge of women
au contraire in my opinion now the other type of bag is the sunken
in bag here now that’s where you would put on a lighter color to help bring
that forward because light does you know it augments or brings forward so what I
would do if my bags were reversed I would use the foundation that’s a shade
or two lighter than what my normal foundation is I would cover the bags
with the lighter shade of foundation and then depending on whether I had a trench
or not I would carry it right into the trench so I hope that that helps there
are other products and things it’s just not something say the thing is talking
about simplicity why would you want to spend a half an hour doing your makeup
every morning I don’t know about you girls but that’s not something that’s on
my agenda and I’m retired I could do it have no interest in doing that I do have
an interest in looking my best but not focusing on bag okay I’ll get up real
close you seen my face before look good I’m good look at all the wrinkles on my
eyes above and below that sort of thing look at the bags that I have you know
the nasolabial folds and then of course you can’t see it but my brows it’s low
and you know all kinds of things but I’ll tell you this is this is just fine
for wherever whatever I’m gonna do wherever I’m gonna go I am NOT going to
look at wrinkles and bags as something to be ah to be concerned about because
they’re not they’re only maybe two percent of what I am not even two
percent of my whole thing that’s that’s we we we have been propagandized to
believe there’s something we need to you know get away from okay let’s see we
have some other question here I think here’s from Cathy Verner
there are some that haven’t signed up yet and you are unable to see them on
here Sharon okay no it’s not the same for YouTube Cathy as it is for Facebook
on Facebook you have to on YouTube you can just you can just make your you can
just make your points okay let’s see we have from Penny McLain here I’ve used
that tip Sharon and I think it works great
ah good Thank You penny thank you um let’s see next we have Jan sunken in
bags are they what others call circles yes it could be that Jan it could be
that so it takes a little bit of experimenting you know the light the
dark the light the dark to figure out what it is and this is we’re living in
an age of selfies really really really really does help us to you know to
really study and improve ourselves just with simple selfies that we can you know
once we finish them we can throw them away
let me see silver dragon tears I’ve wasted a lot of money on products for
under-eye bags did nothing thank you thank you for confirming yes it really
doesn’t do anything and it’s not gonna remove them
it’s like okay here’s an example of how you know that I
I recommend the Borel dual finish powder and if you can’t get that you know Mac
Studio Fix powder foundation I have a video and I’ll put it up here of a woman
who I did Marcella who has example asthma and they are what they are are
white cholesterol spots that many people get on their eyes in fact my darling
Andrea had them now they can be surgically removed but often times they
come back again I only used the Mac Studio Fix powder foundation and it
really camouflaged them beautifully did they do
appear hell no but they took away the red that was behind them and it
diminished them substantially she said she’d never felt better and in fact she
had tears because she was so pleased with how it looked so I’ll put it up and
did I could have used dermablend and all the other things that I have for you
know removing tattoos or covering tattoos and that sort of thing
women on the go or women enjoying their lives don’t want to spend at least in at
least from what I’ve seen don’t want to spend all this time and and money on
unnecessary makeup however we still want to look our best so thank you for that
let me see SD Tom if the correct brow shape does not fit anywhere within your
current brows do you recommend plucking out all your original brows and micro
bleeding in the correct shape a most excellent question and thank you I was
going to put that question up afterwards with but I I don’t need to now in a word
yes now what I recommend is when you get guidelines from me is to remove a row of
hair at a time when you’re changing your eyebrow shape remove a row of hair
that’s a very thin line but it does make a difference and fill in where there’s
bald spots in the guide lines fill those in and remove one hair at a time
and and do that key and take a selfie if you’re on the go and gray page put it up
and do an assessment and see where you need to go next take it one hair at a
time to you get to where you’re going and if it’s still not working if you’re
still unhappy it’s not quite the right shape then yes Micro bleeding can do
wonders now when it comes to micro bleeding you want to make sure that you
pick the right artist you want to do to research you want to speak to their
clients directly you want to see a gallery of their work you want them to
understand if you’re older and you have gray hair excuse me that they have what
are the what are the colored inks and will any of them turn a bluish color
because you don’t want blue coming through you want me you know it can make
a huge difference in micro bleeding can be absolutely wonderful but something to
consider as we age our eyebrows drop or change or whatever some have it all
happen in the front where they you know they they go low like this and they go
up and arched like that some are higher at the front and they draw up down at
the back and some just drop completely it you know everybody’s a little bit
different so this is where some study and selfies and coaching to get it right
is well worth it once you have that shape it’s it’s magical so first of all
tweeze or thread or whatever works for you take selfies assess get coaching and
if it still needs micro bleeding yes do it
but make sure that you that you get you do all of the work necessary to make
sure that you get a good artist and on the going grey and loving it Facebook
page I can give you the guidelines that you can take to your micro blading
artist and show them that this is the thing that you’re aiming for so I hope
that that answers your question and and and helps you out with that if not
continue to ask every five if I’ve not been clear enough okay Kathy let me see
we have Pam art here if there are bags under eyes does it emphasize them if we
use dark shadow under the eye well you don’t want to go any further
then your lashes p.m. art all you want to do is go along the lash line just and
on the outer corner and blend into the center that’s that’s what generally
speaking that’s what most people works best for them so no you don’t want to
bring it and you don’t want to use pencil no pencil on the lower use eye
shadow and a flat angled brush or a dome brush a small brush that will help get
that helped get that in in the right place for you okay and and if you’re
using gel liner ladies my recommendations are the matte fluid line
Bobbi Brown or Annabelle gel pencil and you put that on the upper lash line make
sure that it’s dry before you close your eyes you know or blink
make sure that’s try and if you want extra just a little bit of eye shadow
over top of it just to help seal it okay so I hope that that answers your
question okay let me see Kathy asks what I shadow
color are you using on your lids on my lids here on the actual lid I’m just
using a combination of my high light foundation yeah that’s all I’m using
actually and I put my regular foundation on first and then I use that as a
highlight now in the in the crease I’m using a Coquette dupe that’s all I
I am gonna do a video on colored eyeshadows because I think a lot of
money is wasted on colored shadows that that is it’s really not necessary and it
really doesn’t do anything in fact I did a makeover of somebody
who was used because she had blue eyes she was using blue eyeshadow at her or
blue pencil as an eyeliner I removed it all and just used the neutrals her eyes
pop more with neutrals than they did with the blue eyeshadow that’s so that’s
that’s coming up soon hope that answers your question okay
Maryann Piper what do you use is a foundation to even your skin Maryann I
use the Burrell dual finish powder foundation and everything that I use or
that’s on the videos I put in the description box below the video so it’s
all there for you with every video that I put up
I love that it’s fast and it’s easy I can pack it on I can put it on with a
brush very lightly I can put it on with a sponge and stipple it in I can put it
on with a brush and push it in or I can use the dampened sponge for areas that I
have maybe a you know a breakout or whatever and I can dampen the sponge and
do that or Cindy Pearson does this she dampens a face cloth rings that really
tight and then puts it on her face after she’s put her powder on and just holds
it there for a second removes it and that seems to set it for her so there’s
that there’s that approach to I love it because if you have to do touch-ups and
all makeup requires touch-ups I don’t care what they say it’s a whole lot
easier to take let’s say something’s collected in your lines okay so I have a
Kleenex here with my nickname so lobule folds won’t don’t you can’t it doesn’t
it hasn’t happened but if I were you know glistening as women do because men
sweat women glisten I would just do this if I was in a hurry now if I had creams
and you know concealers not so you can’t do that you gotta like really fix it up
I’ve got time for that the other thing I’ve done is let me pull this out for
you because I’ve done a video on this before
and I find this the the handiest thing I’ve ever created this is a toothpick
container I carry both my toothpicks and I took an eyeshadow pan remove the
eyeshadow this is foundation my powdered foundation that I put in there mixed it
with with alcohol because that’s how you repair powdered foundations and
eyeshadows and things of that nature I have that flat little thing and my
little handbag here it’s it’s it’s look at how thin it is so it just sits right
there and if I’ve been crying or it’s been really hard wherever I put my clean
finger or a Kleenex in it and just touch up good to go for another few hours so
that’s why I love those products hope that helps you okay Louise be 24-hour lipstick causes
extreme nip drying for me the lip gloss that comes with the product doesn’t help
do you have this problem as well well Louise there’s a couple of things and
thanks for that there’s a couple of things some people that chemically their
bodies can’t wear the Maybelline long wear but they love the Maybelline I
think it’s called ink it’s a matte long wear lipstick and
then there’s also L’Oreal that is long wear lipstick but here’s the trick
here’s something to really think about if you’re an absurd that dry there’s two
things to consider one are you eating a lot of high water content food and
hydrating yourself enough if you’re not that’s something to think about number
two use Vaseline on clean lips every night and I guarantee you won’t have any
trouble now my sister has decided given given her
situation or job and everything else she because she designs what she’s doing
she knows what what she’s aiming for and how she wants to look for what she’s
doing she’s come to the conclusion that she’s just gonna put a little bit of
Vaseline on her tips because she has brunette hair so she doesn’t have that
loss of contrast between darker hair and skin she does her eyebrows beautifully
it and her eye makeup great so she can afford to go with a lighter colored
lipstick so the Vaseline and sometimes she even puts a little bit of blush with
it you can you can do that you can you know powders but you can mix the powder
and Vaseline together I mean they’ve done that on the runway for years so you
can just put a little bit of blush all kinds of things that you can do but of
course it doesn’t stay but in her circumstance it’s not necessary okay so
anyway Louie it’s time for another Mawson try that with the Vaseline and if
they’re very dry do it do it for a week and do it in the morning as well and the
other thing is put it on your cuticles if you you know it’ll soften your
cuticles so that you’ll never have hang nails or anything so I hope that helps
and if not let me know okay PMR if we have bags under our eye should
we use liner under the eye or not does that emphasize the bag I’m not sure I
think you mean should you use liner on the outside the outside the only liner
on your lower lash line that people should use is an eye shadow applied with
a small dome or a flat angled brush just in the outside corner because it’s the
outside corner here as we age we want to bring the the the shape of the eye back
because as we age our eyes tend to become round so you want to bring that
back out here it makes a huge difference on older women to do this and then you
just blend it across to the center blend blend
it’s not gonna have any effect on your on your bags at all so I hope that helps
answer your question let me see having trouble getting rid of there okay Elaine
I just received Braille number 40 to use under my eyes it’s a perfect match not
too light and hides the darkness thanks for all your tips Sharon oh
you’re so welcome Elaine yes and Elaine my friends she’s worked very hard to
eliminate or camouflage her the bags under her eyes and I think she’s done a
great job and it but it’s taken her a little time a little bit of testing a
little bit of figuring and now she’s at the point where it’s all going on
working great thanks for sharing that Elaine ah let me see silver dragon fire
that’s why I’m not a fan of eyeshadow palettes so many colors I don’t use
exactly silver dragonfly exactly it is the biggest waste of money that there is
on the market remember I said streamlined it keep it
simple keep it streamlined keep it easy and I have I think another
live stream and or video showing that well I can show you right here to make
it easy this is a very old Mac they used to be professional palettes and this is
what I keep in my palette this is my work okay this is my foundation this is
my highlight foundation and this is my contour foundation my blush and eye
shadow I’m using as a blush and a white very slightly shimmery that I use to
shimmer or shine anything and here is a pink one that I haven’t been using for
some time and here are my neutrals having trouble finding oh sorry it’s reversed notice my
eyeshadow palette colors pewter dark gray kind of a Coquette AB rune and a
black and that dark gray is like the print and I can make it as dark or as
light as I want that very color of gray right here is what I use for my eyebrows
but I also so and I can make them very very light or very dark this is all I
need and that’s all I’ve been using for some time as well any one of those pans
wears out I simply let me see I simply pop it out and replace it
because it’s a magnetized bottom so Mac sells these now these pallets and they
have two or three different sizes now you can get them in quad packs where you
can use just um where you can use just for eyeshadows they’re very handy just a
small tiny quad pack or with this you open it you have everything there you
know opening closing opening closing story it’s one thing does it all for you
so yeah I’m all for that penny McLean face cloth is a great idea
sometimes I use a tiny bit of moisturizer and rub it on my fingers and
tap gently it works really great too oh great thanks penny
yeah that’s another that’s another way of doing it and you can also just use a
spritz bottle and spritz your face or spritz up like they do with perfume and
then walk under it you know what I mean and for those that aren’t used to a
powder foundation you have to give it a good Oh what should I say ten minutes
for it to to kind of work and you want to make sure you moisturize your face
first this is what’s really important moisturizer not with the serum with a lotion type of moisturizers
serums and all those sort of things should be reserved for the evening where
they can really work on good clean skin to give to to do all the things that
they do in the repair at night but the daytime you want a moisturizing lotion
so you put that on first apply your stuff and either if it’s still a little
bit powdery either spritz use the face cloth tap with you moisturize fingers
you can also if you don’t want to use water let’s say you feel like you’re
really wrinkly or whatever you can dip into a little bit of moisturizer I mean
that’s like a a pinheads full and just tap tap over top that way you’re not
removing the foundation but you’re just adding a little bit more moisturizer
there’s all kinds of ways of doing this all kinds of ways so well it doesn’t
look like we have any more questions so well wait a minute maybe we do yes we do
have one more question here from Kathy kudamon do you use primer before Burrell
well no believe me I’ve tried several and I don’t know I just for me I don’t
see the point in it it’s an extra product now for some people they like it
some people feel that it just does a better job great i I don’t see the
benefit in it myself but that’s getting kind of a you know
that becomes a bit of a personal thing I think see I’m all about if you can get
by with one less product all the power to you but for those that feel that it’s
really important for them then that’s then that’s then that’s what you do
let’s see here penny McLain I’ve saved so much money following your chips and
my makeup is so simplified and easy that I also have a ton of time excellent
so glad to hear that penny yeah a ton of time that you could be doing other
things and then once you get you once we get our hairstyles the way we want you
know you get you get like an extra 1/2 or 3/4 of an hour a day we could write
the great novel that you’ve always wanted to do or whatever it is but
anyway keeping a streamline and here’s the thing when you have a streamlined
simple approach you’ve designed and are happy with your up with your look and
you’ve practiced enough till it’s well honed you wear that in your constitution
as an older person it just oozes out of you it adds to your confidence pot big
time you know it’s I I know myself like in this last six weeks I’ve been really
ill and I you know I haven’t worn makeup much because I’m not I’m past the point
of being ill but a little bit of lip you know stuff would help know that I was
really sick I got a tire when I first put my makeup on and this is the truth I
put some on on Thursday night because I finally went back to choir I got it tell
ya it took me a few minutes to wait a minute cuz six weeks took me a few
minutes to just like oh yeah I forgot I need to do this or angle that or do
whatever whatever whatever seriously if you don’t use it you lose it you know
that one’s the same thing with makeup so um you know keeping it practice and you
don’t have to wear the full barrage all the time I wear you know my foolish
makeup for videos and things of that nature because you know I’m trying to
influence in a healthy way but if I’m just going across the street
to meet someone for coffee maybe I would make I would do my brows a little bit
thinner I would do a lighter lipstick I would
still strengthen my lash line but I might wear a mascara rights still I
gotta tell you I would still even all my skin even if I did nothing else but even
my skin tone and lift the circumference of my hair and fix this one brow
especially that would be it there’s degrees of how you wear your
makeup for whatever it is you’re doing the trick is having one package of
makeup that serves all your needs whether it’s just very light to a red
gala event and anything in between whether you are wanting to influence an
audience of 10,000 or your grandkids you know when it’s simplified when it’s
streamlined when it’s well honed when it’s well practiced you can knock that
off the list is that’s a life skill you have for life that will always serve you
well and it absolutely does feed in to aging with strength aging with aplomb
aging with confidence okay let’s see silver dragon I thought it was the only
one that didn’t see the point of that primer was ah well yet you’re not alone
Eileen thanks for your make bettors they are helpful to all of us oh you’re
welcome Eileen I’m glad I’m glad they are I think they are they’re a good
teaching tool aren’t they see Hensley I’ve tried finding a hairpiece that
works for me I have bought at several places online
and nothing works do I need to get my hair dyed um well I’m not sure what you
mean by that um tried to find a hairpiece now depends
on what you want your hairpiece for do you want it like I use temple to Temple
single weft extension do you want a hair scrunchie where you pull the hair all
back and put it into a either in chignon at the back at the base of the
neck or maybe a crown piece that you can use it for or use a couple in the crowd
and slightly down I’m not sure is it a topper that you need because
many women do thin out and a topper is the way they make them these days ladies
is fantastic I got a tire they’re synthetic keep friendly fibers that
they’re using for toppers now is a may zing they’re light they’re not like a
full wig they just sit on the top of your head from a boat here to here and
just go back to just below the back of the crown but they help fill in and they
are using you know monofilament tops so it looks like your scalp wonderful stuff
so I’m not really sure what it is you need but here you have another question
here so let’s see I’ve tried finding a hairpiece okay know the story that was
the same question so anyway I hope that helps I need to have a little bit more
information on that okay let me see we have what you say here I have strange
colored gray hair it is still light brown and darker brown mixed with two
shades of blonde color than grey at 67 I’m not wanting to dye my hair well
first of all don’t dye your hair secondly is the blonde color coming from
old dyed hair is any of this old dyed hair in any way shape or form
great great with great you can get lighter gray let’s say if you want to
lighten up your hair like let me see if I can show you here yes for those that
haven’t seen it before there’s there’s my extension okay now I’ve got this one
that matches my hair but I also have them where they’re darker so that if I
want to have a little bit more contrast in my hair I put a darker one in and I
get a darker look so there’s that approach
depends on which way you want to go if you what is the most predominant color
of your gray and then maybe get some extensions to match that and and and go
from there I hope that that helps I’m not still not
very sure if I’m getting your point but if I don’t just let me know
Patricia hunter keep inspiring us it helps so many I’ll say a prayer for your
complete recovery and continued out oh well thank you Patricia that’s very kind
and very appreciated I see Henley scrunchie sorts the scrunchie you want
okay so you can buy scrunchies in various different colors so maybe get to
ones a little darker ones a little lighter and then use the two together Patricia says I love a silver white hair
but it’s taking forever I’m not 71 years old with long brown
hair in great condition Patricia if that’s what my nature has decided for
you my nature usually knows best when it comes to these things
however you can help my nature a little bit by getting like I said an extension
to put in your hair to just blend in and give you some you know some yeah this
isn’t a good example because the same color is my hair but you can put it in
something that’s a little darker or a little lighter and it will it will give
you some different shading and tones that give that a try think about that
and see if that will help okay Maryann Piper can you give me some names
of good I Cho eyeliners Annabelle smooth line gel pencils I recommend Mac
fluidline gel or Bobby Brown gel I like those stay in place they don’t
move around and and they work very well I hope that helps penny McLain you helped so many women
share and selflessly share your expertise thank you so much it makes the
difference ah thank you very much penny I appreciate that very much thank you
thank you thank you well ladies it looks like where we’re
coming to the end now if you haven’t had your your answer answered or your
question answered here or you’re watching the playback afterwards make
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wonderful and for those looking to have a mate better to help them you can come
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danly beauty now for this week’s quote a classic timeless look always serves you
well what’s on trend always serves the beauty industry well so remember it’s
not about the beauty industry it’s not about the propaganda it’s about you your
healthy self-esteem your healthy strength your healthy sense of self and
your well-presented foot faced and frock forward to the
world. That will help you age beautifully wonderfully – however you age you’re gonna
carry something wonderful with you. Thank you so much ladies for watching and
we’ll see you in two weeks time next week next Friday will be a video. MWAH

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