Korean Student Interview – Trinity College Foundation Studies

Korean Student Interview  – Trinity College Foundation Studies

Hi I’m Tae Hyun
I’m from Cheonun South Korea Hi I’m Michael
I’m from South Korea Seoul I’m Louis and I’m studying in the in the August
Main Intake I’m currently studying in the February Main
intake In the February Main intake 2016 at Trinity
College My Aunt said that Melbourne University is
the best university in Australia. I tried to enrol in Melbourne University and
I realised that Trinity College would be my pathway through. My father was an exchange student at Melbourne
University and he was an undergraduate. From there I was informed about Melbourne
University and naturally I was linked to Trinity College from there. I spent all my high school years and teenage
years in South Africa and my brother went to Singapore to study at University. We all together chose Australia and we found
out that Melbourne University was one of the greatest Universities in Australia and I found
out that Trinity College is one of the pathways to getting into the University. Melbourne is an English speaking city so I
can enhance my English levels. My first impression of Melbourne was that
it was very multicultural. Melbourne is an international city with different
cultures combined. So eventually I could eat good food from different
countries. All people are living together in Melbourne
and they interact really positively with each other Melbourne is a very creative city so I can
experience a lot of things. People are all polite to strangers and new
people. Everyone would like to come here and study. It is really great to meet friends from different
nationalities like China, Malaysia etc. My favourite subject is Environment and Development
(EDD). It is very interesting because I can actually
use something I have learnt from that subject in my real life. And I believe I am actually learning something
from it. We have the new building, the Gateway building,
and new facilities like Drama studios, Physics labs, Chemistry labs and also the common room
– student common room, that’s really great. My favourite subject in this intake is Physics. Because in Korea there is no chance to have
experiments about Physics, just only note-taking and boring tests. But here we have new Physics lab and I have
many chances to experiment, like with spring constant and velocity acceleration experiments. I am challenging myself with these experiments and I am having such a gorgeous experience here now. So please come here. Let’s have an experience together.

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