[KOR CC] Etude House Wine Party vs 3CE Mood Recipe Palette | 2 Fall/Winter Makeup Looks

[KOR CC] Etude House Wine Party vs 3CE Mood Recipe Palette | 2 Fall/Winter Makeup Looks

[Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel this is sandy from I have Deborah’s beauty today I’m doing a exit house palette versus 3c e 3 concept eyes now these are probably one of the more recent palette lately for fall here in Korea obviously if you are big into a tree house you will definitely know about their wine palette which is amazing it’s really beautiful I absolutely love their wine party palette and then recently three concept I came out with their new food recipe palette and this one is in hashtag overtake so these are two new palettes that are pretty popular these days so I kind of wanted to do two different makeup looks one using the etude house one and one using the three concept I so in the comments below tell me which makeup look do you like more and which palette do you like as well obviously there’s pros and cons between each palette but um they’re just fun to use with your makeup and all that but jazz you know so if you guys want to know more about the three kinds of eye shadow palette definitely check out my most recent video on the new collection from food recipe I did basically swatches of all the eyeshadows from this palette and for the third house one I haven’t really done a swatch video yet for this one but I will share more details about it throughout this video so let’s go right into the looks [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] so I hope you guys enjoy those two looks let me know down in the comments which one you like more do you like the more sultry purple esque makeup look from exid house white party or do you like more of the warm tone autumn leaves makeup from three concert bye let me know which one you guys like down in the comments and as always don’t forget to subscribe to my channel thumbs up this video and don’t hit don’t forget to hit that notifications button so you guys know whenever I upload a video and that’s pretty much it for today I see you there bye bye you

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  1. ❤❤Instagram❤❤~

    Which look did you like? Etude House or 3CE? Also, which other eye shadows do you want me to check out? Let me know!

  2. Both look are beautiful. But if I had to choose one, the second one 😍

  3. [KOR CC] 한국어 자막이 있어요! 문법 상의 실수 때문에 미안해요. 저는 한국어를 잘 못해요. ㅠㅠ

  4. I love the overall effect of the second look, but I really love that etude house palette you used from the first look. I have an old Etude palette, In the Cafe, that I use for almost all of my every day looks. They're just perfect for what I need! Little bit of matte, little bit of shiny.

  5. What contacts are you wearing?

  6. LOOK #2 is soooooo pretty
    can try the nature republic 30 color eyeshadow palette

  7. Both looks are gorgeous <3

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