Kids Confess Their Feelings About Their Crush

Kids Confess Their Feelings About Their Crush

– I thought the cooties
thing was true, but it’s not. ‘Cause I kiss my mom all the
time, and I don’t get cooties. – Some boys are meaner to
girls when they like them. – Some of them are mean. They pick on you. – A lot of the boys are very shy. – A lot of the girls
have crushes on the boys. – First grade girls are
the nicest girls ever. – I have one crush. – I met him in Kinder. – They have a freckle on their neck. – He’s a little cute. – She normally wears Frozen shirts. – He kinda look like, really cool. It was sun outside so
we put on sunglasses, and that just made him cooler. – Yeah, yeah. Everything
she wears, I like. – He’s a good drawer,
he’s good at kickball. – She can hang out with anyone. Every girl just likes one category. Dani likes multiple ones. – I was playing a game with my friends, and she asked to join. – We went to summer camp together. – When I talk to him, I get nervous. – I feel happy when she’s around me. – We play games, and we play hide and seek, and we were born at the same time. – Sometimes I just know. – I told one of my friends, and somebody was listening,
and they told him. Whenever I try talking to
him, let’s just say he runs. – I have to tell no one. I would never tell her
that I have a crush on her. She would be grossed out. Oh! I got her dollies. I don’t like dollies, but I had to. – I was just gonna make him a notebook. – My friend Greg would play wingman, and he’d find out what
the girl that I liked was interested in. I took all the things that she liked, mashed them up on a piece of paper, and I wrote a book for her. – She told me that she was gonna leave to a different, to Lego Camp tomorrow. And I was like, very sad. And we’re best friends, and I have a crush on her. She doesn’t know it. She doesn’t know that, but… I think she has a crush on me too.

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  1. 0:37 is that the girl in marshmello happier?

  2. Tip from a 7 year old – “you just know”

  3. 0:12 that boy is from hotel du loone!!!!!!!!!

  4. I wanna see one with like middle school and high school kids

  5. He’s a good draawllooor

  6. Me a small Asian:
    A girl just a little smaller that is Asian and she has the cutest smile and whenever we would see each other we would turn and I would blush I don’t know about her but she was cute nice and smart (I think) and I need all of those and most of all she was the same race as me and one time she held my hand and it was so warm and my heart exploded and the next year I had to leave and 2 years later I had a new one that is: cute, had a cute voice and etc but I’m too afraid to ask and I think my cousin that goes to my schools likes her so I’ll just have to have a low profile for now… I’ll update later in like 1 or 2 years

  7. "I think she had a crush on me too,"

    Keep Dreaming..

  8. Omg qhat if all the kids in there had crushes on eachother omg

  9. My crush likes me back 👌

  10. These little kids got more game then me

  11. Notebak 1:41🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. Bro first graders! What

  13. Why is the boy in the jacket so adorable I- 😂😂😂

  14. These kids are younger than me while I'm sitting here not even thinking about asking anyone out

  15. 1:13 "and we were born at the same time"


  16. A Guy asked me out but I rejected. I honestly feel so bad 😭

  17. In my school kids still act like this in grade 8 except me

  18. 0:28 i thought she said tinder

  19. Bruh they’re like 5 years old oof

  20. Does anyone remember the cute girl with the bangs and the big purple bow being in Marshmello's music video "Happier"??

  21. dude 0:55 dani is my sister.

  22. My friend is the wing man.
    How do u even know what a wing man is at that age? 😂

  23. "I thought the cooties thing was true but it's not." I'm done with this video

  24. So the most attractive person list is
    -Freckle on neck
    -Frozen (the movie) shirts
    -Good drawer
    -Good at kickball
    -Likes multiple categories
    -Hangs out with anybody
    -Make people get nervous when they talk to you
    -Join people’s games
    -Go to summer camp with people
    -Play games with people
    -Make people happy when they’re around you
    -Have the same birthday with people
    -Be best friends with people
    -Make people sad when you leave

  25. When your girl goes to Lego camp


  26. U wish she had a Cush n u

  27. At 0:50 I thought she said “he’s good at kidz bop” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  28. Is it bad that I literally recognize half of these kids ;-;

  29. Really short video

  30. "He's like kinda cool and their was sun outside so we had to put on sunglasses and that just made him cooler"

    Me : WOW!

  31. 0.38 isn’t that the same girl from the beginning of happier by marshmallow

  32. Of course Youtube got to recommend this video 3 years later

  33. man i have to get myself some sunglasses

  34. These are like 7 or 6 lol

  35. I saw my crush the next day and I literally couldn’t look him in the eye.

  36. Bruh how old are these kids

  37. Damn, these kids are thinking about their crushes. in 1st grade I was concerned on what I got for lunch and who would be line leader

  38. In my school literally none of the girls had a crush on anyone and the boys did

  39. 1:47
    Then he would steal her from you

  40. but you are babies dont think this love things.

  41. "And we are born at the same time"

    Sweet Home Alabama

  42. 0:44 it’s The Girl from The Music video happier
    Did you notice

  43. 0:31 he said "they" which means he has more than one crush 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  44. 0:46 cough cough me

  45. “My Friend Greg Plays WingMan” I died at that part🤣🤣

  46. Sometimes he looks cool and when he puts on his sunglasses he looks cooler 😂

  47. 1:29
    He— i have to tell no one
    Me — dude u realise that this video is getting seen all over the world right?

  48. The guy in the green t shirt is the john cena guy

  49. Is that the john cena. Boy?

  50. 0:15 Is that the girl in Happier By: Marshmello??

  51. Why does that boy in the blue hoodie talk like Kevin Malone from the office lol

  52. She knows, And actually has a crush on me, Which is like, the best thing ever

  53. who just gets youtube recommendations from old videos

  54. was that the girl from happier lol

  55. i mEaNt HiM iN KiNdEr

  56. Yo the girl. At the first 40 seconds looks like the girl from happier music vid

  57. The one with the blue jacket 🧥 is very cute and really 💕 loves his crush

  58. The boy at 0:57 looks like a young frodo

  59. Luckily for me I don’t have a cru- forever alone

  60. "I met him in kinder"
    I never knew kindergarten worked better than tinder. If I knew maybe I wouldn't be single now.


  62. 0:49 I thought she said “he’s a good driver and good at tik tok”.😂😂

  63. I HAVE TO TELL NO ONE!!!Mood

  64. Mines through a mutual friend.

  65. My crush is bi what do i do

  66. One of the boys are on fbe kids react

  67. “And we were born at the same time” 😳

  68. Did you notice that one of the girls is in the song happier

  69. 0:07 If u didn’t laugh ur amazing

  70. 1:46 u kids okay wingman

  71. Blue Sweater is adorable and so mature.

  72. Is that the girl from happier?

  73. She looks like that girl from the song "Happier" 0:16

  74. "He's a good draler"

  75. "Hes a good *drawler*"

  76. 0:34 hE nOrMaLlY wEaRs FrOzEn ShIrTs
    me looks why does it say she then

  77. 1:13 whispers “And we were born at the same time”

  78. This is so cuteeee my heart was like “AWWWWW”

  79. He’s good drawler

  80. I don't get nervous when I talk to my crush because he is my best friend

  81. 0:17 that’s my classmate right now! Lol
    Her Name is Carmen the one with vangs

  82. Thumbnail: 😏

    o no.

  83. buzzfeed done it again

  84. Why do kids love girls at their age??

  85. “I feel happy when she’s around me” 1:07 😂😂😂

  86. Her: "He kinda look like really cool"
    Me: Ok…
    Her Again: "It was sun outside so he put on sunglasses, and that just made him cooler"
    Me: Logic 101
    Edit: and yes I got this recommend to me in 2020

  87. 0:47 whats a drawlar?

  88. Man when I was their age I didn't even know what having a crush means

  89. 0:01 I feel like he will grow up to be a boomer

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