KARMA! Bill And Hillary Clinton Just Got The Worst News Possible They’re In BIG Trouble(VIDEO)!!!

KARMA! Bill And Hillary Clinton Just Got The Worst News Possible They’re In BIG Trouble(VIDEO)!!!

KARMA! Bill And Hillary Clinton Just Got The Worst News Possible They’re In BIG Trouble listen to this donations to the Clinton
Foundation took a 58% nosedive when Hillary lost her layup election causing
her to sit in the bubbling puddle of self-pity asking what happened I’ll tell
you what happened is pay-to-play favorite factor he had no more juice so
the money dried up in 2016 when HRC was on the brink of certain nearly unchecked
power the sham scam took in an earth-shattering sixty-two million
dollars in party cash in 2017 just a year later they brought in a measly 26
million oh that’s gonna leave a mark why wouldn’t billionaires and corrupt
monarchs funnel so much dough unless there were guaranteed favors baked into
the gifts the short answer they wouldn’t and once it became clear Villere had no
more power to offer they didn’t the Clintons have always
maintained their foundation wasn’t aboveboard bastion of goodness in a
saintly shop where lives were changed by the Blessed Trinity of shady saviors
when the badness of their campaign became apparent why would the sneaky
thief domes of Qatar and Oman waste their millions on a self-pitying harpy
who was now as useful as teats on a bowl the Justice Department is smelling a
whole lot of bull is the true nature of this game is made plain and now they’re
investigating illegal policy moves by the former secretary of state to see if
she was pinched in whale butts at froggy bottom malli you’d think Hilary would
have more opportunity to do good with all this free time on her hands
if the charity were really that altruistic and effective and with three
essentially unemployed executives ready to roll up their sleeves wouldn’t these
giving givers toss more checks to such a valiant bunch well it is never okay for
politicians to abuse their power for self enrichment and even for has bins
and also Rams there has to be some brand of justice so
present and future presidents don’t get lured into taking crafty well disguised
bribes pretending it’s charity and that’s the memo
during Hillary’s run for the White House it raked in some 62
million dollars but after her loss contributions have been drying up
falling over 40 percent to 26 million our next guest argues this just proves
that Clinton’s monetized their political influence through that foundation here
to explain former assistant US attorney and Fox News contributor Andy McCarthy
good morning Andy what do you say about always well you know I I think grifted
there was a big Mis during the email scandal because there was a lot of
chatter mainly driven by President Clinton but also the Justice Department
the FBI about whether mrs. Clinton intended to harm the United States by
setting up this private email communication system and destroying all
these emails and the thing is not only was that not part of the case against
her not only was that not part of the classified information statute under
which she was being investigated it obscured what the real reason I think
was for the fact that she set up this private system and destroyed all these
emails which is that during her tenure the State Department was put in the
service of the Clinton Foundation which was a scheme to monetize her political
influence and that’s what the lost evidence is upon and that would explain
why she took a hammer and a bleach pit and she was so intent on making sure
that this information never got out because it would not just take her down
it could take down Chelsea and and possibly her husband as well yeah Rachel
think about this there’s a lot of government people we’re learning more
and more who end up conducting some of their official duties on their private
emails sometimes it’s just because of the necessity of a moment in time when
you know you only have your private email with you and you have to respond
to something and most of that stuff is okay as long as it gets as long as a
copy of the emails makes it into the file but this isn’t a situation where
she even constantly conducted her business on private email she set up a
system in which to do it she actually set up a system that was a totally
private framework that was run out of the Clinton family home in New York
which you know is the headquarters of the Clinton Family Foundation what a
surprise what a surprise and you know a lot of
people will you hear more about this we’ve heard a lot about it
well the Clintons ever be held to account for influence peddling hard to
say you know in some ways Pete if you look at it as a kind of a political
society rather than a than a rule of law Society which I tend to look at it as
she has been held to account because I think cumulatively all of this cost her
what everybody thought was a shoe-in election to the White House so in some
ways the public has had it say but you do hope at some point the legal system
will have it say now I would point out the Supreme Court has made it much
harder to do political corruption cases by some decisions that it’s been the
last few years so it’s a tough proof but but you you know the Republicans are
talking about having a hearing on this before they cede control of the house to
to the Democrats I think that would be a really good thing to could point about
the election though Andy McCarthy thank you very much thanks Andy thanks Mandy
thanks Pete thanks guys I’m Goodwin joining me now Sarah Carter
investigative reporter and Fox Business contributor Sarah Wow so much to go out
thank you so much for joining us on this Thanksgiving Eve let’s begin with the
Clinton Foundation probe what has a attorney John Huber been ups it was have
been almost a close to a year now why is this thing being drugged out and taken
so long why can’t we get to the bottom of it well I think that’s a question
that quite a few people have had for some time now Ashleigh one of the things
that they’re going to be looking at and I think Congress is very very adamant
about is what has Huber been doing has he been looking into the foundation the
financial aspects of the pregnant of the foundation the donations to the
foundation whether or not people within the Hillary Clinton Foundation actually
miss spent those funds I know that there are going to be witnesses more than
likely testifying beyond Hueber at this hearing or at least we’ll hear about
them this is very important because this is new information new information that
surfaced after Huber was appointed so this is not based on an
in previous but new information and I think that’s very significant right now
and joining me now is Corey Lewandowski Trump’s 2016 campaign manager and
co-author of the new book Trump’s enemies out next Tuesday an Antwon see
right former senior advisor to the Hillary Clinton campaign in South
Carolina and the CEO of blueprint strategy thank you both for being with
me tonight hello Lisa so Anton I want to start with you hi Corey I want to start
with you Antoine if there’s potentially new information here it’s oversights
committee’s job is to investigate why wouldn’t they look into it well Lisa
this is a prime example of why the Republicans lost control of the Congress
just a few weeks ago on Tuesday November 6 they have investigated themselves into
the minority here we are once again wasting taxpayers dollars on something
that does not exist they spent so much time focusing on Hillary Clinton that
they have not spent time putting forth a policy agenda that will move this
country forward and the voters respond the way they did on Tuesday night well
Courtney what do you make of wet antwuan just said I mean isn’t your size is it
isn’t it the oversights committee’s job to conduct oversight well I look of
course Lisa and if new information is available mark meadows and hit the
committee have an obligation to the American taxpayers into the Constitution
to do their job to investigate wherever that may lead so let’s be very clear we
all know that the Clinton Foundation was not on the up and up my only
disappointment was that the Congress has taken this long to continue the
investigation that it wasn’t done for the Justice Department prior to now
there is no way that the individuals or those countries from overseas that gave
tens of millions of dollars for access to the Clinton Foundation when either
when she was a Secretary of State or after we’re doing so out of the goodwill
because what you’ve seen now is that the Clinton Foundation is not receiving
those types of donations anymore so clearly it was a pay-to-play scam and
now this should be a much larger investigation to bring it to light
because the Clintons have always operated it’s one set of rules for
everyone else and a different set of rules for them course that’s the truth
you just hold on I want to ask you that I’m gonna follow up on what Cory just
said if we’ve seen a drop-off in donations if don’t
nations weren’t meant to get access to Hillary Clinton why the drop-off
that just means perhaps people have moved on and maybe the Clintons have
moved on and courting those donors Corrie just swallowed the biggest pill
of hip pocket sparkly I’ve ever seen now here we have the president and the
Republican majority trying to put strike fear in the American people about
investigation after investigation if the Democrats take over the Congress and now
you’re saying here tonight Cory that it’s okay the Congress has a
responsibility to investigate so which one is it you can’t have your cake and
eat it too and friend 100 seconds to drive a wedge into the real issues in
this country and separate Democrats four Republicans and that’s what this is all
of it well Congress has an obligation to investigate and they should investigate
Clinton and Comey and mccabe and go into the emails let’s do it hold on Trump
Ivanka Trump did not bleach bit 33,000 emails on a private server or have
classified emails on her own server and say whoops I didn’t know the Secretary
of State or as a former US Senator that I can’t store classified information on
my own private server she never did that let’s go and investigate Hillary Clinton
for putting out classified information onto Huma Abedin server of which her
ex-husband had access to the FBI knew about it and didn’t prosecute any of
them but actually gave them leniency because they claimed that
attorney-client privilege between them all Jerry Mills Huma Abedin and Hillary
Clinton cores read the book or all the informations in there Antoine Antoine
does it so there’s none of this concern you at all I mean you look at it one of
the things that we know the DOJ is looking into potential pay-to-play you
look at things like The Associated Press reported about Clinton donors getting
access to Hillary Clinton with meetings you know that about run bro Grand Prince
went to the Clinton Foundation to try to get access to Hillary Clinton when he
couldn’t get to her via the State Department you look at things like the
International Business Times reporting that arms sales increased the Clinton
Foundation donors how does none of this concern you Lisa what you and Corey and
I both both all three of us know is that if there
was an inch of wrongdoing by the Clintons it would have been headline
front and center all the way through every news outlet and investigation
would have been the top front and center of this network in every other
right-wing network you can imagine you and I both know that there is no there
there and I think we’re going to find this out and this is just a last straw
by the Republicans who are going to make their way to the majority next year to
try to raise the issue that where there’s no issue well Cory we don’t know
that yet do we I mean the DOJ is looking into this we actually don’t have those
answers the reality wouldn’t place well they’re looking into it Antoine Cory we
don’t know what the bottom line is but what we do know is that the Inspector
General is still looking at the crooked members of the FBI whether that’s Comey
over Co here’s your page that’s a fact the IG is looking into those people the
Deputy Director of the FBI has been referred to a criminal referral for
lying under oath on three separate occasions we know that they were part of
the Clinton team that Bruce or Nelly or who was his wife was part of fusion GPS
they’re all tied to the Clinton cabal and we’re going to find out once and for all
what they did to try and subvert the will of the American people and if they
were involved in any way shape or form in falsifying a FISA application to spy
on American citizens because if Donald Trump wasn’t elected we wouldn’t know
anything about those things good one real quick Cory bless your
heart you’ve done a good job of repeating the facts but you know and I
know that that’s a different sailor reality and that’s fact that’s fixing
that fact all right we’re Happy Thanksgiving it’s
a heavy things given to you do my friend Happy Thanksgiving to you both Thank You
gentleman thank you god bless you and God bless america

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