Juvia’s Place VELVET MATTE FOUNDATION – Dry Skin Approved?!?

Juvia’s Place VELVET MATTE FOUNDATION – Dry Skin Approved?!?

Hey guys, so today’s video is going to be a foundation review slash first impressions And I know I know I know I’m always like going hey purse impressions I’d rather give you guys a review Since my mind changes so often and I feel like I have to use a product like three or four times Before I can really tell you if I love it or not Sometimes first impressions not the best for me, but I’m telling you guys when this foundation came out I got so many DMS comments and tweets asking me to do a first impressions on it not even a review well actually A lot of you guys asked me for a review but several if you guys told me to try it out for the first time On camera with you since I have a very dry skin and this is more of a matte family I haven’t even told you what this is. By the way, I have Invisalign on I couldn’t take them out today Bear with me this is the Jui vyas place. I am magic velvety matte foundation I used to use Juvia splays all the time on my channel like about a year ago I was really really into their eyeshadows their eyeshadow palettes. They’re still really amazing. I really like Jiu vias place a lot So when I saw that they came out with this foundation. I knew I had to pick it up It was really difficult for me to pick my shade online since it is online I picked up like four shades and this is the one that matches me the most So this is what we’re going with I am in the shade of fest 620 I think I hope and this foundation comes in this really Freaking cute like peachy – packaging you get one fluid ounce and it retails for $20, which is pretty good for a foundation I know the juvie s place is a more affordable brand but I think $20 for a foundation is pretty good This also comes in 42 shades and they have a really good shaped shade selection damn, Invisalign And this is what I gather on the website the pictures that they put up they have a pretty big shade selection and it ranges From like really light to very deep which I like. It’s also supposed to be a very Long-lasting formula which we’re gonna test today cuz I’m gonna be wearing it all day with timesI. It is currently 12:20 p.m I wanted to start this a little bit earlier, but It is me. I gotta be honest I have a feeling I’m not gonna like this foundation just simply because my skin is so dry But I’m curious to see how it wears on Someone with dry skin because I do have several matte foundations that I like as long as I work with them I can wear them. So we’ll see if this becomes one of those foundations gonna pick up my hair I’m gonna do a little book II go by long Does anybody else call it that like this hairstyle? I call it book needle battle and everybody makes fun of me but I’ve called it that like my entire life since I was a little kid like even a man’s on my friend who does my Hair for like all my events. She doesn’t speak Spanish or anything, but she’ll be like boogie till pillow Is that what you she knows? I love that poquito Prioleau do only when she does it. I look a lot cuter than this Okay, so yawns real I’m gonna do this side with a damn sponge. This is my flower beauty Sponge and then I’m gonna do this side with my cosmetics. Love is a foundation brush This is my favorite foundation brush of all time and whenever I’m gonna try out a new foundation I like to use a primer that I always use a primer I can count on just so I can give this foundation its best Chance so I’m gonna be going in with my Smashbox photo finish primer Iser This is the best if you have dry skin because it just hydrates the crap out of your face and I always use this Whenever I’m gonna go in with a really matte foundation because it just leaves your skin with a really nice Slip but not like a slighty slip that was a weird word to choose. Okay, so let’s do this I’m gonna pump some on the back. I love that. This isn’t a squeezy two, by the way. I always talk about how Foundations and a squeezy tube are my favorite. I mean sure it’s not the most fancy as packaging. But look how convenient it is So just squeeze your foundation out of a tube. I mean I even prefer this way more than a pump So as you can see, it’s a pretty thick foundation. It’s not like liquidy at all It’s just like hanging out there. I’m not really moving. That’s a little take a little pump And obviously I’m gonna start off with very little product and then I’ll just build it’s like a berry moosie consistency Oh boy. I feel like a little goes a super long way. Anyway, you’re not any luck Oh, this also has very full coverage or claims to have very full coverage feel like this color is good Wow look at me. I mean I had to buy four shades, so I guess I’m not that good, but still I got one right the others or way way too light for me, but Man go ahead and go over the nose and stuff with the sponge even though it’s technically like right in the middle Wow I feel like a little goes a really long way you saw the pump. I applied to the back of my hand it was very small and I still have a bunch of foundation on the back of my hand and My entire face is completely covered on this side. This is full coverage for sure. And you know what? I’m looking at the finish and I don’t know if it’s because I applied it with a Beauty Blender. I’m our Beauty sponge I always call every sponge a damn Beauty Blender, but you know what? I mean I know using a damp sponge Shears out the foundation a little bit and it makes it a bit more natural-looking, but this doesn’t look too dry at all It’s matte, but it’s not like flat Zoom you in so you can see the foundation on the set of my base versus this thing Okay, I really don’t want to use the brush on this side. I just get the feeling that this foundation applies better with a sponge But we’re gonna do it. Anyway, I want to see how it covers my little pinky here. This color is so lightly More orange in my natural skin color, but I think it looks pretty good You’re still using the foundation I pumped on the back of my hand I Thought I smelled farts for a second but no actually this foundation doesn’t have a scent at all. I’m pretty sure Cordelia’s work Okay, so this is the foundation on my face And actually it doesn’t look that different on this side of my face than this side The only thing is that I feel like my pores are bigger on this side of my face like they look Larger on this side on this side. It looks more pressed into the skin and on this side It looks like it’s saving on the skin just a little bit, but it’s not anything crazy I was really expecting this foundation to look a lot more matte a lot more dry and cakey But it doesn’t and it has no tackiness whatsoever I mean like barely there, but I’m pretty sure that was the primer I put down I think it looks really good even around my nose I mean, it looks foundation around my nose just a little but it’s nothing too crazy I am gonna take my sponge though And I’m just gonna work it on this side just to really press this foundation into my skin And in fact, I’m gonna add a little bit more to the back of my hand Just a little beat like that and I’m just gonna build this up over my pimple and just to see how it builds Just gonna add a little bit with my finger over this guy Boom okay So this is one last look at my foundation before I go in with concealer bronzer and the whole shebang And you know what so far. I think I really like it. Does it look heavier than other foundations. I’m used to yes I’m more of a medium coverage kind of girl and this is definitely a full coverage foundation but considering its claims It doesn’t look bad on my dry skin at all. I mean at least not yet I think using a brush doesn’t really buff it into the skin as well as a Beauty Blender like the Beauty Blender just pushes it Right into your skin and the brush doesn’t do that So I definitely prefer a damped sponge with this, but honestly, it’s not too bad at all I thought it was gonna look way heavier than this. It truly just gives a flawless base This would be perfect for like really glam makeup days Anyway, I’m gonna quickly get off camera and do the my makeup and I will be right back Okay, so really quickly I did like the bare minimum to my face. I really wanted this video to be focused around the foundation So I just added my bronzer I went in with the Physicians Formula butter bronzer and then I used a blush from colour-pop Then I went in with my I’m Ricci highlight from Anastacio and on my lips I have Pat McGrath done and done with my moonchild lip gloss and I’m wearing the roller lash mascara from benefit and honestly when I was applying my makeup I was just so pleasantly surprised everything was applying so smoothly It was just like gliding on it’s pretty amazing I also noticed that my smile lines haven’t been dented out just a little bit on this side This is like my bad side You can see the line is starting to form there a little bit But I’ve had my makeup on for over an hour already and that’s looking pretty good I know I added some filler to my smile lines like five six five months ago But I did so little that it was almost not worth it. Like it was barely noticeable So foundation still sinks into my lines and this one is looking pretty good. It also feels really nice not tacky at all I just in person looks so Smooth and perfect. Like that’s the only way I can describe my face right now is like flawless The only thing I didn’t like was the way my highlight applied But that is just the case for me when it comes to matte foundations I’m so used to wearing really dewy makeup that whenever. I apply a highlight on a matte foundation It kind of throws me off a little bit it looks a little bit more texture and it doesn’t look as Natural and as wet and as one with the skin as it normally would on a dewy base, you know Like when you apply a highlight to a dewy foundation it just melts with it. That is not the case with this I mean, it looks fine. My face looks highlighted. But if you look up close this looks pretty textured So I don’t like the way that my highlight looks but I also feel like I could fix that with my setting spray I’m pretty sure if I apply this to my face everything will just melt in really nicely and it’ll be fine But I am not used a setting spray for today’s video just because I want to see what this foundation does on its own I might imply some studying spray like at the end of this video. We’ll see how it goes So yeah I would say that’s the only thing I noticed that I didn’t like that and I’m not crazy About how it looks around my nose, but it’s not too bad. Like that’s just me being extra picky Actually, it looks fine on my nose looks fine but anyway I’m gonna leave my makeup on it’s past 1 o’clock already and as you probably guessed I’m not doing much today I do want to plant Some plants outside. I know it sounds really random, but I bought milkweed that’s supposed to like attract butterflies It’s like a plant and I really like butterflies. So I’ll be doing that today. I’m just gonna be home today Well, we’re gonna see how this foundation wears and what it looks like at the end of the night So I will be checking back in in a couple hours. Hello? Hi here for an update. So I had my makeup on for about three hours now And I just wanted to pop on here to tell you a couple things that I noticed because I’ve completely forgot to take a flash photo with you guys here on camera So I took a picture of myself like I always do so we can test if there is flashback in photography So I didn’t take a picture right after I had lunch and I will insert them here I took two pictures actually and while this foundation has absolutely no flashback Like I’m looking at this photo my face looks the same as my neck the only thing I did notice in pictures, is that my foundation Looks a little bit heavy like if you zoom in and you see it up close The area around my mouth and like on my cheek. It just looks a little heavy and you can tell that I’m wearing foundation So that’s the only thing I noticed in photos, but besides that it looks pretty good I just like I said earlier. I’m not used to wearing foundations that are this full coverage So it’s not my favorite in photos, but I’m glad that there’s no flashback and you can take pictures with it It’s fine another thing I’m noticing like Said it’s been like three hours and it’s starting to fade a little bit on my chin like I’m seeing my chin breakouts come through now before they were completely covered and now the redness is peeking through but that’s definitely Because I touch my face a lot. That’s one thing I don’t know if I mentioned that often in these videos, but I’m constantly touching my face. My dogs are constantly licking my chin So that could have been Cornelius for sure. So obviously keep that in mind I I touch my face a lot and I am noticing that my smile lines look pretty good I mean they’re there you can see them but they’re not as bad as they would normally be by this time for sure They look pretty decent and I haven’t even been tapping them in which usually I’m like this all day But I haven’t done that at all. So pretty impressed around the mouth in terms of smile lines. I have like such an urge to put this all over my face, but I won’t I Won’t anyway guys that’s all I have to say for right now. That was my little mini update I will check back in with you guys later Hello folks, it is currently 1143 p.m. I think I finished my makeup around 12:00 or 1:00. No, no, no. No, it was definitely like one Supporter, yeah, pretty sure he started my makeup around 12:00. Anyway point is I’ve had my makeup on for over 10 hours I would say it around 11:00 and this is what my makeup looks like now I will say that no matter what foundation I put on if I’m wearing my Smashbox primer underneath I will look dewy at the end of the day that’s why I have a little bit of a shine coming through like a little bit of a glow and honestly, That’s the primer. I’m curious to see what this would look like at the end of the day with one of my other primers It’s just every time I’m gonna go for something matte I always use a primer like this because if not, it would have been a hot Cakey mess, which leads me to the conclusion that I think I like this I mean, it has completely disappeared on my nose and on my chin like completely after about 6 hours I was really noticing it faded on my nose but again, like I told you guys earlier my dogs lick my face all day my chin my nose like Pretty sure they ate somebody today so I can’t even get mad at that. My pimple is still covered I thought by it now. I mean, it’s been 10 hours. I thought that was gonna be bright and just Really shining through but it has remained pretty covered I’m also still pretty impressed with my smile lines Even though they do look a little bit dry like the area around. My nose is looking a little dry I think it looks pretty good for being a matte foundation. I mean this stuff is full coverage I thought my face was gonna be a lot cakier than this. I’ve gotta be honest I think I really like it. My face looks dewy but it’s not tacky at all. Is it my favorite foundation in the world? No, I have several foundations. I like more just because I like a light to medium coverage. I like a dewy glow I like a more sheer foundation. That’s just my preference for something that’s matte in full coverage This doesn’t look horrible on my dry skin. I actually am pretty impressed. I’m gonna continue to use this I’m gonna use it with several different primers different concealers. I’m gonna add setting spray right now actually I’m gonna try to use it in several different ways to see if I still like it overall So be sure to follow me on Instagram because I will be updating you guys on this bad boy in the near future. Oh, no I was supposed to zoom in and show you guys my face before the setting spray and I haven’t done the zoom in yet Right. Well, whatever now you can see up close With a setting spray on Wow, let me tell you though adding that setting spray Completely fixed this dry issue. I had around my nose like publicly I looked a little bit dewier and a little bit healthier now, but I feel like my bronzer blush and highlighter is still there I mean I didn’t apply a lot to begin with. Listen. It’s pretty lucky love in hours. This is not bad at all Oh you guys well that completes this video. This was my review on the brand new I am magic foundation from Julia’s place. I would say for the price and for what it is. I think it’s pretty good I know that my first impressions kind of always end like this like yeah But I actually thought I was gonna hate this. I thought this was gonna be a bad review I thought I was gonna say like fail on the thumbnail or something because I really pictured this like super matte super dry I didn’t think up the concealer because I honestly didn’t even think about it Let me know in the comments below if you want me to try out the concealer and I will update you guys Or did you guys pick up the concealer? Do you have it? Let me know how you feel about the concealer in the comments below because I don’t want to buy it if I don’t need to Buy it. So I want to know what you feel about it first. Anyway, guys that completes this video Let me know if there’s another foundation out there that you want me to do a review or a first impressions on I love you guys so so so much. Thank you guys so much for watching Please subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you in my next video. Bye I got so Why are men great till they gotta be great It’s okay you ready Ahmadi? Yeah, it’s fine. It’s fine. Oh, except I got coffee everywhere

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