John Wall Livin’ HIS BEST LIFE!! Paid in Full Bday BASH & More! Summer of Separation /// Ep 7

John Wall Livin’ HIS BEST LIFE!! Paid in Full Bday BASH & More! Summer of Separation /// Ep 7

You don’t know how to play me, how, how you going to play me? Nobody! I hear this… because – always tell me how they going to play me it never work doe… You still gotta, I’m still going to do what I want to do! Yeah bro, you in the league! you suppose to but I”m saying… that’s my point but don’t use that, you telling me that you know how to guard me Don’t do that! No you don’t… I know how to get there, I don’t know how to… I know how to get right there… You know how to be there, but a lot of – do… No you don’t… If I really play lock up defense bro… you know what I mean, you will not get a dribble off you hate me when you got game point. You hate me, like, it’s like, you see a deer in headlights… There’s my point. I was playing like that the whole game with this – bro. I already know what time it is… This ain’t no fouls, no nothing, I”m real low to the ground and I’m like this and you don’t
want to see that… When I was at James weekend last year… I got no money on either one but you still
is ass. games or has up you say all the They both… that game is all ass. I’m just saying all the games is ass, like I seen him and Flave… I don’t believe in it… Game time! Webb! Come on Webb! Yeah.. everybody has… Na I don’t know about skunked… Na I get to fighting before somebody skunk me… You know what I mean? Last basket, I’m stealing… You done got skunked before. If you played Five, you got skunked before… Played Five? Got skunked before. That’s that grown man – , that old man – . Old man strength… We get up under ya! You get your – ass over here right now! You coaching with Jamie?! I’m coaching with you. Oh ok good I was about to say… Na, Jamie want me to coach with him… Toast to my dog Five man, salute to you bruh, love you bruh enjoy your day, positive vibes, you know I’m saying, without you couldn’t none of this be possible… speaking on our side, without you none of this would be possible and from me, 5 Deep, Wall Way Wall family, Jackson family, Okafor family, Williams family, Grizz family, Best family We going to ride or die for you bruh Toast to that! Everybody eats b! Word. Bruh if you don’t get your hands off that Let me get a swig… A lot of – going on now… I’m thirsty as… One swig but you ain’t chuggin’ my – … We still doing that over the dollar drink… We at John Wall’s 28th birthday bash, Paid in Full edition shout out to the legendary people that paved the way and started the trend… Big Flave know what I’m saying… Double R, Raleigh, Wall Way. Happy Birthday to my brother John, we love you. We gettin’ money out here man… Everybody eat. Happy G day to my brother J-Weezy 5 Deep Wall Way 28.. So great Don’t hate ONLY THE REAL! – THE FAKE! You heard it! Reggie Jak, got… Oh that’s the third change! This man is really bringing Harlem to Temple Hills man… This is the only love I get?? That’s crazy! Y’all gotta give me more love than this baby! Say that – one more time, they got to show me more love out here baby… Can y’all make some noise for the Birthday boy John Wall right now, please?! Mr., Mr. John Wall… Can I get your autograph.. please?

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  1. definitely one of the worst top tier point guards in the league. id argue lowry's better than him

  2. THAT COOKOUT TAT LEGENDAry niggas don’t know fr

  3. Overrated player, idk why Washington keep paying him max $$$

  4. John Wall got so cooked he changed outfits mid video.

    or maybe it's just me

  5. Fattest allstar in the league

  6. jamie foxx look like a ol freak nasty old man

  7. What a fool. You'd never see real champs like MJ or Kobe engaged in this nonsense.

  8. Took all summer but the slutgut is gone. My son looking like he ready to ball out this year.

  9. 37 millions dollars a year. he a different man for sure.

  10. wall has a belly lol.

  11. John walls his own security guard

  12. Wall don't have one white friend..damn

  13. to be honest i like all and think he's one of the most talented in the nba, but seems like he works on parts of his game he is already good at

  14. if you made their contracts on performance n non guaranteed they be training different

  15. wall cam get any girl and he got no titty avg looking girls, common bro, either improve your game or at least pound some 10's not 5s i could get

  16. He got the gold BBS' on that shit

  17. That nigga boogie is one big ass baby i had so much respect for him he was my favorite big in the league but now it's fuck him he took the easy route that ain't it chief

  18. you know damn well Boogie is Rico out of them 3

  19. Gotta love black ppl lol

  20. 7:30 proves he is a blood because he threw up big blood then gang

  21. Jamie Foxx gay asf

  22. On who he had his bday at chrystals lmao

  23. Those tatas at 8:16 are beautiful

  24. Eric Bledsoe wearing the most Eric Bledsoe clothes 😂

  25. That party look lame asf

  26. 7:21 careful Boogie… careful

  27. Did that Boi just pull up in Mitch car and outfit from Paid N Full. Epic Shit right there

  28. Damn he 28 already????!!! Time flies

  29. What's the song at the first pls ?

  30. @ 4:14 why I will never be gay .

  31. Get your fatass out of here

  32. Awesome guy a real winner

  33. I wish cookout wasn’t everywhere now that’s real NC shit

  34. Flave got him some that night lmfaooo

  35. I had be the one who took all the bills on the ground and get the f*ck outta here

  36. Party look weak as hell

  37. 00:53 if u a "stoner"..u clearly recognize a high THC dosage was ingested off camera 🤷🏾‍♂️

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