John Wall Crying?! MVP Declaration + Lebron/Boogie Trade Reaction!! Summer of Separation /// Ep 1

John Wall Crying?! MVP Declaration + Lebron/Boogie Trade Reaction!! Summer of Separation /// Ep 1

Boogie going to the Warriors… For real? Yeah.. DeMarcus?!? Yeah…
[laughter] What the… [music playing] [tattoo needle] Oh yeah like he playing chess
like he’s controlling his own destiny. Yeah but instead put your – face. But here look. But look, how he’s looking. Have Webb take a picture of you like doing
that. Like you don’t even know it’s my face neither. No, that’s what I’m saying. You don’t even have to put your whole portrait,
you can only have it be… But if someone looks at it, they might ask. But he’s going to do it where it’s your face. Like you’re going to know it’s you. Yeah, yeah But that’s what’s dope. No one can copy that. Yeah that’s what’s dope about it bruh. You know what I mean, like, me as a little
kid. But now I got all this facial hair and stuff
so like You know what I mean… I played chess with my life since I was little. I basically banked on myself. [music playing] [yelp] [yelp] [yelp] Flave
[laughter] oh my.. Hold on, can you look at me right quick? [laughter] Hold up, hold on, hold up yo. Hold on, I need like a minute break. Real Talk. I need like a minute break yo. I need like a minute break. I need like a minute break, yo. For real. Real Talk. I need like a minute right quick. [airplane engine noise] That’s it, overtime right here. Come on, overtime John. Let’s go!
[hands clap] Check your mind out, let your body go. Don’t even think about it, let’s go. 10 seconds Let’s go! Body working right now! Come on, let’s go! Go! Dig, dig, dig Let’s go! David Alexander, I’m the owner of DBC Fitness
down here in Miami. We specialize in bio-mechanics, human movements,
core performance. So what we try to do is get back to the math
& science of the human body and I think that’s kind of what separates us from what the rest
of the industry is doing right now. This is our first summer with John so he’s
now been a month in with us. He’s already exceeded every expectation I
had for him. He’s set the bar really, really high and he’s
blowing it out of the water. So our mindset is now MVP or nothing this
year. You know, one of the first things I told him
when I met him was very few athletes come through here and are able to learn these movements
as fast as he’s been able to do it. We’ve given him a lot of advance stuff and
he’s able to adapt to it, move past it and get on to the next thing and you just don’t
see that. Some of this stuff is real complicated. There are a lot of complicated movements involved
here and he has that ability to be able to learn it, perform it at a high level and get
to the next phase. No, my goal is to be the MVP. I don’t care about best player in the East. MVP of the whole league? Yeah. What will it take to do that? What will it take? For me, really it’s just staying healthy. That’s the only thing. If I don’t have to have no problems I feel
like i can be easy MVP. I mean, it’s like we always deal with a injury
here and there. Even if it ain’t nothing serious but just
little nagging injuries. Do you think Brad having a good season helps
you with a MVP candidacy? For sure. I mean it makes my job easier. That means, he’s doing his part and I’m getting
my assist, I’m scoring, I’m defending and on top of all that we’re going to be a high
ranked seed. I think that’s the reason James finally got
MVP. They finally got that number 1 seed. If he was the number 2 seed again this year
I feel like LeBron would have been MVP. You know what I mean? Because you still doing the same thing, you
having a hell of a year but still, finishing second. Look at the year Derrick Rose won MVP, he
really only averaged 25. It wasn’t nothing crazy but it was just so
spectacular & electrifying. And then they finally beat Miami out for that
number 1 team in the East. That’s why he got it that year. You weren’t surprised at all about where Lebron
ended up? Na, I wasn’t surprised. You think that’s good for him overall? It wasn’t really for him, it was just for
his family. You know what I mean? That’s what it was for. He did what he was suppose to do for Cleveland
so you can’t be mad at him. He promised them a Championship and he got
it so… He’ll have his jersey retired?
Statue, all that. You’re happy for DeMarcus at the end of the
day? Yeah for sure, everybody want to get mad at
him but that’s my brother. Like, he gotta do what’s best for him. You know what I mean? He banking on himself for one year to try
to get himself healthy. I mean, I know it’s tough for certain teams
to want to want him back because you don’t know if he’s going to be ready right away. I mean some teams in the league want him to
be ready right now. To go to a team like that, to get his confidence
and all that back and he ain’t got to rush his self back, knowing he’s still going to
be in the playoffs. Have a chance to win a ring… He been through a lot. If he keep his head on straight, he’ll be
in the Pro Bowl. That’s what I be trying to tell him cause
you know, Obama Bacon? For real? He use to be around Rashad Lewis that’s like
his uncle. He be wylin’ out. He be having them like that. Hell yeah. He be having them going crazy. He keep his head on straight, he gone be damn
good. Yeah he’s gone be good. You got a 1000 here and then the bike. Dave gone get you damn right! 1000 here and then the bike..?
[laughter] Start with a thousand! Ninety!!! Ninety!!! Ninety!!! You want a shirtless summer, don’t you? Need to put them Doritos down. Huh Dave? Hell yeah
I’ll tell you this though man, not too many guys got a right hand man that will go through
the same – so, I tip my hat to Flave. A lot of these dudes would be tapping out
and just sitting and watching. Flave gets it in. [music playing]
Little #WallWay, #5deep 4th of July Celebration. Bringing family on the boat, Kicking it, vibin’
with my guys. [music playing] Damn, what you on? You missing up my vibe! What you doing? Where your neck at? Where your neck at..? You got braids? They cute. I know I look good. Where you at? Vegas. [gym noises] Let me see it. Give me three chances and I’ll make it. It’s always going to be inline. Foots on the line. Come on, Milt!
[laughter] You want back-to-back? You already hit two in a row man… Bank, and that was a bank! That was your first time on the court this
summer isn’t it? Yeah, – feel like I ain’t never leave the
court. Felt good? Had fun? Yeah it was cool. I be hating I got to end workouts. That – be corny. Spent some time with John in Miami for about
a week and a half, two weeks, earlier in June which was good. Got him set up with David Alexander, who is
Lebron & D Wade’s strength coach. Great guy. Great strength coach. Good to see John kind of work with somebody
who has a different perspective now. Yeah man, I’m looking forward to seeing what
the finished product is going to be after a full off season with David working with
him. It’s going to be good. Yeah mines good, I’m getting my shots up. I’m calibrated, D.A.
I know… [gym noise] [music playing] [Drake playing]

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