Jeep Wrangler JL 2-Door Barricade Enhanced Rubi Rails – Textured Black Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler JL 2-Door Barricade Enhanced Rubi Rails – Textured Black Review & Install

Hey, what’s up, guys. Ryan here from ExtremeTerrain and today I’m
here with the Barricade Enhanced Rubi Rails in texture black fitting your 2018 and up
two-door Jeep Wrangler JL. Now, this is gonna be for those of you JL
owners that are off-roading enthusiasts and are looking for a little more protection underneath
and on the side that you’re not gonna get in that factory form. Now the Rubicon model is going to come from
the factory with a Rubi rail and it’s gonna provide a ton of protection for those vulnerable
rocker panels. Now maybe you went with a Sahara or a Sport
model and you’re looking for that same sort of protection but with a more affordable price
tag. Now the factory Rubicon rails directly from
Mopar can cost you over $400 and this is a very affordable alternative option. Now Barricade has created these to replicate
that Rubicon rail but they also enhance them a little bit. Now these are made of solid steel and they
have a tubing, they’re fully welded up making them a very strong unit. Now they bolt just like the factory steps,
they’re gonna bolt directly to the pinch weld into the underside of the body and that’s
gonna make this a very strong point. Now for those of you that are off-roading
on those really tough trails and really like to go over those large obstacles this is gonna
provide plenty of protection. Now, these wrap underneath of your rocker
panels and they’re gonna protect that very vulnerable pinch weld. It’s is a very sensitive spot when you’re
going through those really tough trails, those rocky trails and it has a tendency to cause
a lot of damage if something were to hit you in the underbody. Now just like the Rubicon rail you’re gonna
get that full wrap around protection but you’re also going to get this little step that extends. Now this tubing is gonna provide a little
more protection and keep any obstacle that you may come across a little further away
from you or if you’re in a parking lot and you’re looking to just to deflect shopping
carts, this is a great upgrade. This is a great upgrade for any Jeep owner
whether you’re just looking for that aggressive off-road appearance trying to change up the
look of your Wrangler or if you’re actually looking for some protection and functionality. Now these rock sliders can cost anywhere from
$150 all the way up to over $600. They come in all different shapes and sizes
and of course some are do it yourself kits, bare metal, so on and so forth. These are made of heavy-duty steel and they’re
coated in a textured black powder coating that is gonna provide an aggressive look giving
you those rugged good looks and also it’s gonna protect your investment from the elements. Now along with providing that protection from
any trail hazards you may come across, they’re also gonna help to deflect any mud or debris
that you may kick up and that’s gonna protect your body even more. Like I said these are a very easy bolt-on,
they come with brand new hardware, they utilize factory mounting points so we don’t need to
do any drilling or modification required and these honestly are a very solid heavy-duty
item. Now price wise they’re coming in right around
$300 which makes them a very affordable option over factory rails or many other options that
we may have on the site. Now as far as installation goes I’m gonna
give this a very easy one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter. You can get both of these installed in under
two hours just using basic hand tools. Now with that being said let’s hop into the
install. Tools that we used for this install: 10-millimeter
socket, 13-millimeter socket, 3/8-drive impact, quarter-inch drive ratchet. So there’s one thing I’d like to mention before
we get started. If you do have anything on the side, factory
step, Rubicon rail, you need to get this off. All that factory stuff is relatively easy
to get off you only need a 13-millimeter and a 10-millimeter to get those off. Now once you get all that stuff off you’re
ready to install this. Now our Jeep didn’t really have anything. So we’re just gonna get ready to bolt this
on. And there’s one thing I’d like to point out
before we get started. You want to pick the correct side. So you do have a 50/50 shot at picking the
correct side. However our mounting point for the rear we’re
gonna have a little bit extending and we’re going to have this whole edge right here,
this is gonna wrap around. So what I’m gonna do, this is a pretty heavy
item so I’ll probably get someone to help me out. We’re gonna lift this up and we’re gonna install
these studs right here through these holes in our pinch weld and then we’ll slide this
thing on. Once we get this thing on we’re gonna be installing
some hardware. First thing I’m gonna do is install our new
hardware on these two studs poking out. Each one of these studs is going to get a
flat washer and then we’re gonna get these little tiny nylon lock nuts. So we’ll do that for all four of these studs,
the two up front and the two in the rear. Next, we’re gonna do this section where it
goes up through the body. So this bracket is gonna extend. There’s a little threaded hole there. So we’re going to use the bolts that they
provide us. Each bolt is going to get a lock washer and
a flat washer and we’re just gonna thread those up into the body. Same thing we’ll get this one in then we’ll
go to the back, get those installed and then we’ll tighten everything up. After you get all that hardware installed
we’re gonna go around, tighten everything up. Now these nuts right here we’re gonna use
a 10-millimeter socket just like the factory steps would come off and then for these bolts
right here we’re gonna use a 13-millimeter. So go ahead and tighten these up with a ratchet. Now we do have a little bit of play in these
so we want to push them up while we’re tightening them up. So we got our rail completely installed, you
can see we have a very nice gap in between the body and the rail. Now if the gap is a little tighter or if these
rails happen to touch the body, Barricade provides these spacers. Now the spacers are different thicknesses
and those two studs that poke through the pinch weld, these will actually slide on,
that’s gonna allow you to slide that rail out a little bit and give yourself a nice
little gap which is gonna give you some extra peace of mind. However we got this side installed, we got
it all tightened up so you can do the same exact thing to get that other side installed. That’s gonna wrap up my review and install. For more videos and products like this, check
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