Japanese concrete water basin making

Japanese concrete water basin making

I used MDF templates and my hot wire cutter to cut the polystyrene disc to make the bowl shape After that I glued the discks together using double sided tape And I used rasps and sandpaper to finish the shaping I used some MDF to make a mold for the plaster I used soap as release agent, but motor oil works better Then I used plaster of paris to make the mold Here I cut some keys in the mold I used some more polystyrene to make the inner mold for the bowl I put a plastic disk in the mold so I can demold easier I paint the mold with solvent based paint I oiled the mold with oil so I can demold the bowl I used a diamond disk on the grinder to smooth the bowl Here I made a mixture of cement water and pigment to finish the bowl Them I sand the bowl

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  1. what its the blue paint you use ?

  2. have you tried perlite to mix with the cement , the basin will be lighter in weight

  3. I tried various material mixed with concrete perlite for weight bronce – grinding lamellar , etc

  4. Here in Puerto Rico its difficult to get granite japanese lamps or zenigatas stone I just made a zenigata stone out of concrete still Im not satisfied 100%

  5. WOW! You're a genius!

  6. Hi, what are you using as a mold release? What type of plaster are you using, seems like it takes awhile to set up.

  7. At the end, you use a "coating" of something (looks brown) that you are spreading with your hand. What is the coating?

  8. amazing
    great work , i love what you do , so much patient 🙂

  9. Thank you, respect, I thought it was easy

  10. What did you use for creating the mold form? Something like gypseous alabaster or clay?

  11. can i buy from you pls?

  12. This one is so beyond my league but it's been such a pleasure watching you work on it. and with such ease!

  13. Paul beautiful work.

  14. Can you reuse the mold? It took so much effort to make, I hope so! Very nice, so symmetrical and smooth. Kudos.

  15. Huge respect for your craftsmenship. Beautiful

  16. Wow, Great work!! What was the black paint you coated the plaster with, any special kind ?

  17. beleza pura arte + arte

  18. Looks great and nice effort. If you're just making one or two, I can't help but think it would just be easier to freehand the shape on top of a ball or other object, which would be made easier and more uniform by doing it on a turntable.

  19. Impressive! Wish I had your patience.

  20. Please Paul, What is the white material that you are using to make the form? Polystyrene??

  21. maravilhosoooooooo

  22. You put lot of effort in you rwork and the final resut is so worth it, respect man

  23. You can probably mix UHPC (ultra high performance concrete) to a clay consistency and form it like clay pottery (leave out the large aggregate like pebbles).

  24. Ova majstorija veoma je pristupacna. I zanimljiva i za neuke naravno Korisan spoj lepog. I prkticnog

  25. Really Super ….. work I loved it…..

  26. Beautiful work but the video could use some text overlays to explain what the heck is going on 🙂

  27. Genius!!!Parabéns!

  28. Wow…… Fantastic, I love your videos…

  29. Wow nice but it's Litle treacky can u make a easy one plss

  30. Hello Paul – Beautiful artwork. And gives a lot ideas for new ideas… The shape is very harmonious and the music to work beautifully and appropriately. This is an exciting and great job.Thank you for posting this artcraft-video! Wishing you all the best! Have a creative and good time!

  31. Love it! you are very talented!

  32. what was the finish you added at 11:28 ? sorry I asked the same question in the other video but would really love to know!!
    Also at 05:30 what material did you use to make the mold? silicone? and the paint at 09:31 is it for demolding?

    Thank you in advance!!

  33. I respect your talent and hard work. To learn this it would take ages for me.

  34. nice, now I want oreos tho…

  35. Of all the beautiful concrete pieces you have sculpted, this seems to be the easiest. Everything you have made has been beautiful beyond words. Thank you for sharing your construction methods. I was wondering though you didn’t use any wire or other thing to increase your basins strength. Was it because of the concrete you used, or something else?

  36. If you please, what is the name of the wire tool you use to cut the mold?

  37. Awesome! What is the pink stuff you were brushing on the form right before you started applying the plaster?

  38. Bello 😍👏👏

  39. sencillamente hermoso, por favor ¿que aplicas al molde para que no se pegue el concreto?

  40. Oh, it really interesting.
    We make pot from concrete and sand. It easier and faster

  41. amazing well done alot of hard work there

  42. tres joli bravo
    j'achete loll

  43. What is the info on the music?

  44. Oh so beautiful.. I wish to have it! 😍 Thank you for sharing your awesome construction methods, brilliant art talent! 🙂

  45. I'm tired…..XD….too difficult to……!

  46. Ich glaube ist billiger zu kaufen als so ein Aufwand

  47. Amazing work… Thanks for sharing… 👍 👍 👍

  48. The styrofoam ball you were working on had me thinking about the Death Star from Star Wars! Great job on the water basin. Have you made any other types of basins or tsukubai?

  49. Wonderful… great job 👌👌👍

  50. Muibooooooooooooonita

  51. Music at 2:45 is Camille Saint-Saëns – Danse Macabre.

  52. Are you using styrofoam?

  53. Beautiful basin…

  54. And I did this:

  55. It is mesmerizing

  56. Precioso trabajo felicidades!!!🇲🇽

  57. Waoo!! Amazing!!

  58. Yes, very interesting. I would encourage you to make more videos. More written comments as you proceed would make this actually achievable by a novice like me. Or just do the music and put a material list and sources in the Info section. thanks.

  59. gostei muito e uma pena que não e dublado em portuques

  60. What a beautiful pot! I'm guessing you make a bunch of these to sell?

  61. Enjoyed the video. Such a nice result!!! That music really built the tension and anticipation: it had my pulse racing!!!

  62. It’s totally different from what I was expecting to see by the thumbnail… the original is made of stone.

  63. how soon can you take the basin out of the mold?

  64. Ingeniously.many thanks.please tell me in the garden so I cement I want to it's leg round convex. what ratio of cement can be used. Thanks

  65. 🖒🖒🖒👏👏👏❤

  66. How do you get a granite-look finish for afterwards?? Paint, stain, then sand it? What kind of paint/stain?

  67. Who makes the music?

  68. Wow very nice but a lot off work . Amazing talent.. thank you for sharing… Your very talented…all the best…

  69. Hi Paul, watching your great video, could you tell me where you got the electric cutter or did you make it?

  70. Божественно!

  71. I'm surprised.
    It is a beautiful and fine work. ( June 2019)

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