Japan tells diplomats no decision has been made on contaminated Fukushima water

Japan tells diplomats no decision has been made on contaminated Fukushima water

Japan’s foreign ministry invited foreign diplomats
on Wednesday to discuss concerns over radioactive wastewater from the Fukushima nuclear power
plant. There,… Tokyo said, it’s still looking for ways to
deal with the contaminated water. Kim Da-mi has more. More than eight years after the Fukushima
nuclear power plant meltdown,… Japan still has no immediate plans for handling the contaminated
water amid concerns the water may be dumped into the ocean. Diplomats from 22 countries including South
Korea and the U.S. gathered at Japan’s Foreign Ministry on Wednesday, where Tokyo only said
it’s still considering options for disposing the wastewater. This is the first time in almost a year that
Tokyo has invited foreign diplomats for a discussion on the topic. The plant’s operator said last month that
it would run out of storage space for the wastewater in less than 3 years, which raised
concerns globally about what would happen next. The Japanese government explained that the
wastewater generated in damaged reactor buildings is cleared of most radioactive materials. But according to Greenpeace nuclear specialist
Shaun Burnie, releasing 1 million tons of radioactive waste would increase the exposure
to radiation in neighboring countries, especially South Korea. He said it will take around 17 years for all
the radioactive materials in the waste water to break down. North Korea has also called on Japan to immediately
cancel its plan to dump radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean. Calling such an act a crime against humanity
and a “nuclear disaster” for the Korean Peninsula and the world, North Korea urged Japan to
listen to the global community. South Korea last month summoned a senior official
from the Japanese embassy in Seoul to ask about Tokyo’s stance on dealing with the
Fukushima water. But a Japanese Foreign Ministry official told
reporters that briefings for diplomats on the topic have been held more than 100 times
and that Wednesday’s meeting with diplomats was to share the information from the latest
government panel meeting in August. Kim Da-mi, Arirang News.

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  1. why would even japan dump that nuc. waste in the ocean. What's up with your report, always want to find a flaw in japan.

    patriotism is strong in this news network

  2. Evaporate condense secure and bury you morons!

  3. they don't care because it just doesn't matter. they could sell Fukushima bottled water like Fiji water and it would be trendy

  4. Since ROK is so rich and care so much about the environment why don’t you pay Japan to send the radioactive water to outer space?
    You only need about a million rocket launches and the fat boy has plenty of rockets to play with so it’s the perfect job for you!

  5. They need to get it off their land dump it in the ocean there's no other solution look for remote areas end dump that crap deep deep down

  6. Let's hear from all you anti-Japan geniuses what should be done with all that treated water.

  7. send it to space…ez

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