Is Metal Roofing Good In Warm Weather Climates?

Is Metal Roofing Good In Warm Weather Climates?

– Today on Q&A Mondays we talk about metal roofing in
hot weather climates. (intense rock music) What’s up guys? Welcome to the Metal Roofing Channel and welcome back to Q&A Mondays. I’m here in Dallas, Texas with Doug Markle from Sheffield Metals. Doug, thank you so much for
being on the show today. Really appreciate it. – You bet. Thank you for bringing the
Metal Roofing Channel to Texas. – Yeah, absolutely. I’m excited to be here. My first time in Texas and
I’ve had a good time so far. So first of all, can you tell me a little bit about yourself? Who you are and what you
do here at Sheffield. – Sure, again I’m Doug
Markle with Sheffield Metals. I’m the general manager
of the Southwest Division. I’ve been responsible for sales for this area for, be
10 years in December. – Okay, very nice. So again, today we’re
talking about metal roofing in a hot weather climate. Here in Texas there’s
humid areas, gets very hot most of the year round. Tell me a little bit first,
is metal roofing popular in hot weather climates
and why or why not? – Absolutely, I think
metal roofing is gaining popularity regardless of climate, but especially in hot climates. You have products like
acrylic coated Galvalume that has high solar reflective indexes. It bounces the heat back off of the roof almost immediately. In your WeatherXL and Kynar paint systems, you have cool pigments in there that help keep the surface temperature
of the roof cooler. The whole idea in metal roofing
in warm weather climates is to get that heat transferred
off of the roof system. Which in turn helps you not
spend as much time and energy lowering the temperature inside the house and it helps you save
on your energy costs. – Exactly, and we’re gonna
talk about solar reflectance SRI values a little bit later. But first can you tell me
about why does the durability of metal roofing make
sense for an area here like Texas and Dallas area? – If it’s installed properly,
standing seam metal roof regardless of paint system, should probably last you 50 or 60 years. So you’re really buying
a lifetime roof system. – Yeah. – I think people are really drawn to that because with your shingle,
your asphalt shingle systems, especially in an area like here, you’re probably looking
at replacing your roof every 8 to 10 years. – Okay, yeah. So I think one thing
that people think about when they think about metal
is that metal holds heat. Is that true with metal
roofing or is that a myth? – I think it’s a myth. It’s probably going to be
a warmer initial surface temperature if you’re up working on it. But again like we talked about
with the solar reflective index and the emissivity properties of metal and various paint systems, whether it’s bare metal or painted metal, the aspects that you’re looking
for in a metal roof system is something that’s going
to push back the heat as it’s coming down on there
and with the paint systems, again, we talked about
lowering the surface temperature of the roof. So, it’s a myth. – And we’ve got a great video
series going on right now, Standing Seam Metal Roof Design, where we talk about this exact topic, cool roofing and how metal
solar reflectance, emissivity, all those different
properties of metal roofing. So, definitely check that out
in the next couple of weeks. So talk to me about UV exposure
in a climate like this. If someone has concerns that their roof will have extreme fading,
what would you say to that? – I would say that is
definitely a concern. Especially in a state like
Texas, where we probably average 310 to 320 plus days of sunshine a year. I would advise that if you
have concerns about UV exposure and how your paint
system is going to react to all of that direct sunlight, consult your roofing contractor and make sure that they’re
installing a system that is designed to be in
that much direct light. Something similar to a silicone
modified polyester system or a PVDF paint finish system. – Yeah, great. And we have a video about PVDF versus SMP. Definitely, check that out as well. So talk to me about what
type of metal roofing system should someone be looking for if they live in an area like, Texas. – Obviously, standing seam is very popular in an area like Texas. Can be done in steel or
an aluminum substrate. There are other metal
roofing products out there. Aluminum shingles, stone coated steel. It’s basically, it’s gonna
boil down to the aesthetic that you’re looking for. The benefit with standing seam
again, if installed properly, the performance characteristics
of it are off the charts. You have superior paint
systems on all of your colors. And you have a variety of substrates. If you’re more inland, you would wanna go with a steel substrate. But however, if you’re along the coast you can get it in an aluminum substrate which helps protect it against
the exposure to saltwater. – Yeah, that’s a great point. Let’s talk about some
other types of weather that Texas experiences
other than just heat. – Absolutely, the other
primary weather concern that we have here in Texas is hail. Your metal roofing systems are designed to be hail impact resistant. Number of panel profiles, depending upon which one you go with, have a class four hail
impact resistance rating from Underwriters Laboratories. And we also have miles and
miles of coastline in Texas. So at various times of the year, hurricanes and strong winds
are a consideration as well. Occasionally in the spring, we are prone to tornadoes
in parts of the state. So again, you need to consult
with your roofing contactor and make sure you’re choosing
the correct metal roofing system that is designed
to protect your property. Whether it’s residential or commercial, against any sort of
adverse weather condition. – Alright Doug, well,
I really appreciate it. I think we covered a lot here. And if you have any more questions, please comment down below. We’d love to get back to you on that. Checkout Sheffield Metals online. Subscribe to the Metal Roofing Channel. We’ll catch you next time. (intense rock music)

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  1. Metal roofing, especially standing seam, is great here in Texas!
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    We provide panels on site for roofing companies via our roll-formers. For homeowners we can deliever panels direct to you and install as well.
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