Investing in Women Founders — A Success Story in the Making

Investing in Women Founders — A Success Story in the Making

[music] In case you’re wondering what separates this channel from Casey Neistat or Cody Wanner —
It’s that I am not a morning person. I’m not a morning person, I’m not a breakfast person but this morning we’re having breakfast with a couple of founders of a
company called The Citizenry. They travel the world
and find local artisans. Buying those products help the communities, and then
selling those artisans products directly online. Chris is picking me up now – it’s
barely light out – time for breakfast. It’s so early it’s starting to feel like a
real job. When did you get involved with this company? I think was two years ago I
was their… I might have been there first seed investor and I invested after just a 15 minute meeting, purely based on my impression of the two founders
Carly and Rachel. They’ve been killing it for two years now and this is the company that should have never worked. And two years ago they were just completely a brand new startup and barely had a website? They had nothing but an idea. [music] We are in the process of closing out our
Series A. So, we launched three years ago, 2015, Chris came in as a part of that
seed round, and we’ve raised about 3 million since then. We’re raising five
million focusing on building out brick and mortar in New York San Fran and LA.
So excited about that. Single point SoHo location? Exactly.
Soho, Nolita. Um, we’re probably gonna be in Hayes Valley in San Francisco, Abbot Kinney in
LA… the majority of our customers are — 60% is New York and California. Texas is
number 3 with about 12 percent. What will you do revenue wise this year, growing from $0 three years ago? We’re a little over $10 million run rate right now, which is
really exciting. Our goal is to do about $21 million next
year. Wow. Conrats. [music] That’s a 15x gain on that investment… considering how much money I’ve lost in our new canvas company…
still technically positive. What do you think? The concept sounded crazy, but I think… well, they’ve proven they can pull it off. The most difficult concepts are the most
lucrative when you’re able to execute. And I don’t think there are a lot of
founders in this town could have executed the way Rachel and Carly have. I
just can’t wait to go on vacation and help them take pictures of products in
Peru. We’re heading into FIXD now. This is our
single largest investment… And our most important. Certainly the one with the
most upside. Welcome to FIXD. [music] Hey how’s it going? Tell us about our
most important investment. Well, we had a couple great meetings yesterday and the
day before. We’ve got an opportunity with a company to potentially partner with
them on a national scale. Both of the companies we’re talking to have large
consumer bases and they have a ton of customers and their portfolio and they
need and want a home warranty product that they can offer to their hundreds of
thousands of homeowners across the country. [music] We have to show this. Keeping it real. What is up with that? The first week that we don’t have a 2% drop in the market I’ll fix that
but it’s staying like that for now. So do you know why we’re meeting with Chris Walters? He’s involved somehow in a RV floor planning concept. That’s right,
that’s right. So evidently he’s raising capital to finance RVs. It seems like a
niche space I know nothing about it or how we can help him but. You blow it out of
the water and then what are you making like five or six percent a year? I just
don’t… He’s a really good guy and he’s been on the fringe… the fringe of… the
fringe of success on and off for ten years and it’s just never hit it big
although he’s been involved with companies that have. I feel like at some
point he’s gonna… it’s his it’s his time so I always want to meet with them to see
what he’s up to. Should we get a wash today after this meeting?
I don’t know if you can afford it after what I’ve seen in the stock market today. [music] It’s been like 10 years since I’ve seen you face to face. We’ve been on the phone a few times. Yeah. So I ran into a guy who was buying, like you know, salvage or
damaged or used RVs. He’d fix them up and sell them.
I started Argyle RV and hired him to come work for me.
Same way you would do a flip house, you’re doing a flip RV. We’re flipping RVs
instead of flipping houses. That’s cool you can we come check out the facility up
next couple weeks? Let’s do it. [music] That was super cool though. Yeah, even
while he was explaining and I was thinking this is way smaller than
anything that we typically invest in. If we could actually scale this to three
times its size with a relatively small investment upfront… I think it could do three to five million a year with a 25% EBIDA. That would be nice… a nice
million dollar a year profit business.

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