Introduction to Concrete Mix Design

Introduction to Concrete Mix Design

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  1. Hi there
    I want to mak a diy concete kitchen coutertop in a melamine mold about 2 inch thick reinforced with rebar.
    Quickcete 5000 is a wery popular mix for this aplication.
    Unfortunatily where i live (in Romania) these kind o concrete mixes are not avalable.
    I did find two kinds of potland cement, one with intitial high strenght the other with high final strenght.
    Also i found a liquide aditive for concrete. The label sais it is used to encrease workability. reduce amount of water and make it water resistent, along with dosage.
    I found some proportions for the kind of concrete for a slab, pawement and structural beams or pillars.
    I need some help figuring out the corect recipe for my aplication.

  2. I enjoy your presentation and methods of teaching.

  3. Thanks for your videos Sir.
    I am a visual learner and your videos make everything on paper make sense. I just started a new position as Concrete Technician and this is so helpful. Thanks again

  4. It is so good how you presented it. It makes all the difference when someone with practical experience is teaching! Thanks a lot.

  5. wow amazing explanation.

  6. A Doc, your a concrete lover… as am I… An idea for a video for you, fiber vs metal fiber and the disadvantages of metal fibers as points of rust and expansion in those metals… as they cause ''failure"…
    Especially, in salt and freeze thaw cycle areas… I am just sharing, as I know we need ideas as Youtube creators.
    (As I am stuck on stupid with the FIU Bridge collapse — it is owning me right now… )

  7. This is how Engineering is learnt!!👍

  8. Nice and Informative!!! Please make a Video on Life Cycle Analysis of Concrete and Durability of Concrete.

  9. Fantastic explanation on concrete. What can I use with a superplasticizer that will make pencil thick cement rod not break if dropped? Maybe something that gives it more flex?

  10. I do not speak English very well, but with the subtitles I can understand everything, I have not found in Spanish a video like that, fantastic.

    I would like to ask you a question, I am interested in looking for more information the method of fineness module of the combination of aggregates or optimal fineness module, through tests this method gives more workable concrete. Will not you have some biographies in English that you can recommend me about this?

  11. Ok.. if I am using a general build type, such as 1:2:4 and want to add fibers and water reducer, for use in forms for walls, how much fibers, how much reducer, and how much can I reduce the water yet get flow? Area is using hand mix or small mixers, sand, and 94 lb bags of cement… so need to figure it…

  12. Creep is my neighbor

  13. 1/2 aggregate for line pump truck through some old plasticizer left over from a previous pour helps.
    I poured straight simple plasticizer in the pump truck before pumping and added in my mix to help push through 3/4 inch aggregate.
    Line pump trucks hate larger than 1/2 inch aggregate.
    Doesn't pump well.
    I have had many inexperienced pump truck operators who ran lines up hill then to reducer line to make their job easier.
    But clueless about how hard the pump truck has to work to flow that mix through.
    Trust me, living in Metro Vancouver, I have seen this many times.
    Pumping up a steep driveway, then pump truck operator put on a reduced hose line for last 40 to 50 feet.
    To get it through, it would have to be a 6 inch slump, concrete would fail a test.
    I have had many arguments with contractors and pump truck operators.
    No problem if they sign a waiver.
    Leaves my company guilt free
    Funny how nobody wants to do that.
    Customer always right, hardly in the concrete business.

  14. Your the best for sure always rescuing me

  15. I've just discovered that you can not only add colour to concrete (oxides) but glitter too, just before you seal it, both available from a company called 'Hemway'. I loved concrete before, but now it sparkles, I'm obsessed.

  16. This video is so clear and educative

  17. I am not an engineer but just curious are you guys still memorizing these things? Who does that in the era of automatic calculators that work together with databases and cloud services? I am guessing many engineers don't even bother to memorize these things and maybe simply use a specific software that easily calculates everything for you by taking all the inputs you provide and in return gives you a list of all the material and even the steps and procedures to be followed by even connecting to global services to find the lowest cost products in the current markets that helps you to prepare the best and most cost effective concrete you need. If that software doesn't exist yet what a pity for humanity and what a shame for all the brains wasting their energy in silicon valley. Please someone tell me that this kind of software exists..

  18. Dr. Tyler, is there away to get in touch with you for advice on making a formula that suits a very special need?

  19. You had me at "Welcome concrete superfreaks" 🙂

  20. 1:51 It looked like you said it, realized what you said, and kept on trucking like it never occurred to you that you may be talking about penis… lmao

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