Insulating Concrete Block Walls with Injection Foam | Foam University

Insulating Concrete Block Walls with Injection Foam | Foam University

Welcome to Foam University, today we’re
gonna talk about insulating concrete block walls with injection foam. Now I
know what some of you were thinking. Some of you didn’t even know you could insulate
concrete block walls. A lot of you might have thought that the only way to
insulate those type of walls are to put something on the surface of it. And yeah
that can be done, A lot of times it’s an option that most people recommend.
However, injection foam is really the best option to insulate that wall. Here’s
why: One, you don’t have to give up any space. If you had anything on the inside
or the outside that wall obviously you’re going to lose space inside or the
outside of your building. The next thing is, it’s a lot less
invasive. The process of insulating concrete block wall is generally you’re
going to drill a small hole into the block face, and you’re going to actually
fill the core of the block with injection foam and so blocks are laid in
a staggered pattern so that the core is actually lined up. So, if you were, if you
can imagine looking down from the top of that wall, ideally you could see all
the way down to the foundation. Now of course there might be some supports and
things like that throughout those cores, but, pretty much those those cores go all
the way down. And that’s what you do, is you fill those cores with foam
insulation, with injection foam. There are some other materials out there that you
can pour in, usually it’s a granular type material that you would pour in from the
top, or take a block out and fill some in. We haven’t seen much success for those
used in the industry, and a lot of people may not know but that’s actually where
injection foam, one of the early uses for injection foam is filling block cores on
commercial buildings. Most of your Walmart’s, your McDonald’s, your Lowe’s
your Home Depot’s, those type of buildings that are built out of block, a
lot of those are filled with with injection foam. We actually have done
many of those buildings here in Michigan. Something else to keep in mind is, it can
be done from the inside or the outside a lot of times. So if you have a nice
exterior on the outside and you may not want to mess with it, or if you have a
nice interior, you have nicely finished drywall, a lot of things on the inside,
that process can be done from either side, so it gives a lot of options. But
again, if you have a block wall you’re limited to begin with, you have to
realize that but injection foam is really built around that process so it’s
in a lot of ways is specifically designed for that application. That’s
actually like I said, that’s how we got our start in this industry, is filling
commercial block walls. Like this video, I hope you enjoyed the information. Make
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wall. You know, this also applies to houses so if your house has a basement
block foundation or even if you have outside walls that are block walls, leave
us a comment, tell us about your situation. I’m sure we can help you out.
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  1. Who knew! Thanks for the info!

  2. Will filling the CMU cells with foam cause moisture issues? I am in north Florida where moisture and mold are always an issue due to both rain and humidity. It is my understanding that the voids in CMU construction help to mitigate this issue.

  3. Have a small bathroom with outside block wall, about 35 face feet. need a product/kit to insulate this small section of wall. What should I use?

  4. Would like to learn more about insulating cinder blocks for my house and where to buy the product

  5. Can the wall be filled from the top before the roof is installed to keep from drilling holes in each core?

  6. I have a double brick house. Can I fill the cinder block wall on the inside with it. There is also a cavity between the cinder block on the inside and the decorative brick on the outside. I live in Utah. Not sure who does this sort of thing.

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