Inner U-niversity – Re-building a Solid Inner Foundation for Good Mental Wealth #3

Inner U-niversity – Re-building a Solid Inner Foundation for Good Mental Wealth #3

Hi, Sharon Danley here with another
Two Minute Tip. This week it’s Inner U. Now I’ll be posting Inner U videos
every other week and in between I will continue to post makeup in hair videos.
Now on to our second cornerstone of Inner U – inner foundation. We all need
to recognize the obvious and that is it’s so easy to forget what works and what’s
good for us. We go off track with all kinds of other things that life puts in
our way etc. So that said a look at the major aspects of a good solid foundation
for the inner part of yourself which supports everything. There are simple streamlined and strengthening actions, that if we do them,
contributes substantially to our better sense of self One of the major components in a healthy well-balanced person is a well-oiled machine or body. And we need to remind ourselves that physical health is as important an ingredient as anything else in our mental wealth. Yes that’s right – mental wealth. Doesn’t that have a better ring to it and more empowering? And of course by physical I mean that the best you you can be, or I can be, for the stage that
we’re at with the abilities that we still have. Giving our bodies regular
exercise adjusted for our abilities and in keeping with good sleeping, grooming
and eating habits is essential for oh so many reasons that were all aware of – and
at this stage of the game. It’s a good idea to check in with an honest
appraisal of what you are doing that is working, what needs an upgrade, for where you are now, and your changing body and environment needs. And write it down or record it in some way. Make an action plan and follow it. Here are the main aspects to address. #1 nutritional overview. Our bodies are complex machines
that deserve the very best care. The best food, water and fresh air that we ingest
is vital. These aspects are essential for body and brain survival. Good food with
reasonable servings and consistent ingestion it’s the fuel that directly
affects our body chemistry and therefore our moods and our view of the world and
how we respond to it. Hair, nails and skin are outward reflections of good health. It goes without saying that keeping our weight at a healthy level is good again
for oh so many reasons and of course it gets harder as we get older. It seems the main trick though is to simply eat less and drink more, water that is Now for our sleep rest and relaxation overview. Sleep deprivation negatively affects our moods and our health The body regenerates cells during sleep. We
acquire new skin every 51 days and a complete new body every 7 years. Wait a minute – how did I end up with this? Anyway 8 to ten 10 is considered important and a rising and retiring at the same times approximately, is essential for good body health and mental wealth. And – have a nap rather than a caffeine or junk food hit. Oh and by the way all naps, when you’re retired, are legal. Ya I wrote the rule and I’m stickin’ to it. Physical activity or its overview. It keeps you in shape and directly affects
your view points. Do anything you enjoy three or four times a week that exerts
some energy and maintaining your heart target rate for about thirty minutes if
possible. And include resistance and flexibility in that. This is more
important for the junior senior and the senior senior than what we used to aim
for in our younger years. #1 – and often ignored is deep breathing
that’s diaphragmatic breathing right into your – into your core. Do that 2 or
3 times daily and of course sing to your heart’s content Pilates, Tai Chi, Callanetics, Ballet, Yoga – are outstanding for the complete body
mind and spirit approach and perfect for flexibility. Practice brain gym in daily – these are activities that use both sides of your brain along with your
body and there’s plenty of online brain gym exercises for you to explore and simply have fun with. And of course, something that’s often overlooked is the
aspect of good posture. Yeah, good posture. Remember when mom used
to say sit upright stand upright whatever? Well it still applies today and
especially as we age because if there’s a tendency to kind of – you know – go like
this and especially working on computers that we do. Not only does it support your body better your clothes hang better and your countenance has an air of
healthy confidence which is the #1 most desired state And the final element in this aspect is what I call grabbing some ” Me Time’. It’s part of self-care. Jackie Kennedy used to adhere to a routine of devoting
two hours a week for her personal care regimen. She would enjoy a great soak, facial,
manicure, or reorganize her wardrobe – most likely somebody else did it for her
– and wouldn’t that be a treat. It’s also a time to learn something new – understand
the Black Hole Theory, write an episode for a sitcom learn a musical instrument, break out the watercolors, understand calculus, if that’s your thing, engineering, architecture, or Sanskrit. Your passions will let you know what
excites you and what you’d like to explore. It truly is one of the best investments you can make in yourself, your loved ones, your career, your retirement and your health on all fronts. Those with families or living with other
people – when you want to carve out your “Me Time’ – do it in a way that suits everybody. Two hours a week for self-indulgence, organization or personal space and personal expression and growth is essential for your self-care both physically and mentally. It’s also an
excellent investment in time management. Commit to a specific time and place
every week and then do it and if you live alone well you can do it whenever
you want and as often as you want. Assignment time. Write in your journal
all the fundamental aspects spoken about here that aren’t working for you. Then
the ones you aren’t doing or have forgotten and create a workable plan
that gets you these aspects back on track. OK – closing quote. “We can only be what we give ourselves the power to be.” Cherokee Feast of Days Thanks for listening, considering and pondering your internal landscape and watch again if you’ve missed anything. Remember – our goal is to re-align, re-design and re-direct our way to a masterful life. We’ll see you next time

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  1. Great Video once again. Having a good church and practicing your faith is the best solid inner foundation as we grow older. I need work on the good nutritional eating….I love good tasting foods way too much!! I do forget about the deep breathing also.
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